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    2 Reviews
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      07.05.2011 14:59
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      • Reliability


      A superb tv that will give other competitiors a run for their money

      When we decided to upgrade our 32" CRT television my husband was keen to see what what be the best version for our needs and would offer longevity.
      As we only have a small living room we didn't want a TV that would take up most of the room and we quickly decided to get a 37" as although our current tv was 32" it had quite a large frame around it taking it up to 37" so we were confident that this would be the right size.

      My husband spent months looking out for just the right deal and after missing out on a real bargin for an LED tv we set about searching Hot UK Deals on a daily basis to keep looking for the best buy at this time and 6 months later I go a phone call from my husband asking me to look at Amazon at a tv he had found which he said suited all our requirements and it was the LG 37LE5900.
      We purchased this television from Amazon for £399.99, I was also able to use some of my Amazon gift vouchers so I was able to get the television for less always a bonus!

      The TV was delivered in just the manufactures packaging and there was not excessive packaging as you can get with some items.

      Inside the box was the 37" Screen
      Owners Manual and operating discs.
      Polishing Cloth
      2 x AA Batteries
      Remote Control
      Component Cables
      Cable Tie
      Protection Cover
      Screws for stand fixing.

      After removing all of the products from the box I was impressed at how slim the screen was. Our previous TV had been a samsung slim CRT and that had the appearance of a flat screen TV but this was a whole new experience in our small living room.
      The screen itself is ultra glossy but we were suprised when we removed it from the box that it was a very deep glossy purple colour and we have since learned that you can purchase this television in various colours.
      When we placed our order it was not stated anywhere about the colours and what colour we had been sent but o look at the television from a distance it just looks black!

      To install the stand we placed the tv flat down on our tv stand on the protective covering and assembled the stand.
      To assemble the stand we had to slot the stand body onto the stand base and fix the screws securely. Next we slotted the stand body to the tv and added the protective stand cover and screwed tightly ensuring we did not push down on the tv screen.

      On the rear of the tv is a cable holder, this is where the cables can be secured.
      Once we had the TV secure we then connected it to the mains. We do not have an external aerial so our TV is connected to Sky via a Scart connection and manually tuned the television which took hardly any time at all to do.

      Once the power was turned on the television automatically went into standby. The standby is illuminated in bright white LED light to the far right side of the screen.
      To turn the television on you simply touch the standby button and the television will power up. With a bright white light where the circle will get larger before the additional menu options will light up from right to left before finally illuminating the LG logo in the centre of the frame.

      When you turn the tv onto standby it does the exact same but from left to right before the frame goes completely black, great if you are spending the night on the couch as there is now light to catch your eye!
      I do however find this a downside when you are trying to power the tv up without the remote control as it can be difficult to touch the power point in the correct place.

      37" LED HD TV with Freeview HD
      DLNA access
      100HZ Tru Motion Technology
      1080p Full HD
      Resolution - 1920 x 1080p
      Contrast Ratio - 5:000:000:1
      HDMI - 4
      USB 2.0 (DivX HD: MP3: Jpeg play) - Yes
      Scart - 1
      The Television has a Swivel Stand, and once we had secured the television to the stand we were able to adjust the tv left and right until it was at the correct setting for our living room.

      To turn the television on we simply used the remote control and we received the on screen display which allowed us to adjust the language, mode setting and power indicator.
      The television was set up in a matter of minutes and then we were able to fiddle around with all of the features and find out exactly what this television could do.

      The television has Netcast which in all honestly I cannot say how beneficial this is to have. On the Netcast menu there is:
      Accu Weather
      Google Maps
      BBC iplayer
      You Tube

      To access this simply use the Netcast menu option on the remote control. I have to say that when we ordered the tv and saw that it had this option we were quite excited but now we have it we really don't use it all that much, the only beneficial option that we use is bbc iplayer and the weather which I have to admit are handy little features but we would not buy this television specifially for this reason as it can be quite slow to load up.
      100hz trumotion is a minimum requirement for us when purchasing a new television as we enjoy watching Formula 1 and a lot of action movies so we wanted minimal image blurring when we purchased a replacement television.
      When we first began to watch the television we were disappointed to see that the picture was a little blurred, something we were not expecting but once we watched a clip in HD the difference was unbelievable.

      At present we do not have an external aerial so cannot receive freeview HD and cannot justify the added expense to our Sky bill by purchasing Sky HD so for now we will just have to enjoy watching our blu-ray dvds in superb quality!!
      When you turn the television on you have to select which output you wish to view and the options will be accessible.

      We have the sky connected to the television via the scart connection, and our surround sound system connected via our playstation which is connected via the optical cable and the HDMI cable which means at present we cannot view DVDs on our surround sound system as we do not have an alternative cable to use but as we use the playstation 3 for playback of dvds it suits us fine.
      The remote control is very long and contains a light button which when pressed will illuminate the keys which is ideal when you are watching a film and the lights are dimmed down.
      The buttons themselves are very clicky when pressed and are a clear plastic colour, to me this is where improvements could be made. The buttons remind me of my very fist Nokia Mobile phone all the way back in 1995!!

      There is an energy saving button which allows you to adjust the energy saving on the television and probably the most used button on our remote as we have to use this to select the playstation or sky. On our previous tv we did not need to use this button simply switch sky on or off and we could then view the alternative device that was on.
      A very nice feature of this tv is when you adjust the volume it is increased/decreased via an illuminated circle to the right of the television screen rather than a bar going across or up the television.

      You can also connect with a USB and view photographs which is something we do quite reguarly via the playstation so this is a nice extra to have.

      The list option is good on the remote control if you are unsure of the channel number that you wish to type in, in terms of freeview when there are more than the standard channels 1,2,3,4 and 5.
      You can also scroll through the channels with the programme button when operated up and down.
      We have noticed that when we are playing on the playstation we can actually read a lot of the messages during game play that we couldn't on our older television screen. Namely when we play GTA we just could not make out the messages on the mobile phone but now they are as clear as anything.

      This television is White LED Edge Backlit which means it uses less power and has better heat dissipation with a brighter screen. Most LCD screens use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps and compared to this White LED Edge provides a higher brightness and improved colour, they are more desirable compared to LCD televisions as they offer longer life and greater efficiency this tv boasts to use 40% less energy compared to standard LCD Televisions.
      The sound on the television can be quite "tinny" in my opinion and although there are settings for specific programmes we find it better used with our surround sound system when watching a film.

      The picture quality on the tv is superb it is sharp and clear, if you have HD freeview or Sky HD it is a truly superb picture for HD and when we are watching Blu ray discs the picture is unbelievable and you can really experience something new and different.
      There are many features this television has but I have summed up the main points that attracted us to purchase this television and we are glad we waited for this offer to come our way.

      Also if you do purchase an LG tv and cannot match to sky remote try 0206 and this should work!


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        08.07.2010 20:17
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        An excellent buy - lots of functions & superb picture quality,thoroughly recommend it.


        ~~Why did I buy it?~~

        I have had my old SONY TV for 16 years. It was one of the first Home Cinema Dolby Digital Sound TV's & the biggest TV I had ever owned. It was however a bit outdated, the colours were not so good & the Dolby sound had long since deteriorated to the point where I had to purchase a sound system. It did well though & I only ever needed one repair. I will try to find it a good home as I'm sure it will do someone a good service for years to come.

        My partner had been trying to persuade me to buy a new & bigger TV for over 2 years & I suddenly decided on Saturday to do so. He still keeps saying he can't believe I actually bought one, as I am so cautious about buying new things & feel I have to justify everything, while he is the opposite. I decided I could justify the big outlay as at the moment I live alone & my partner is mainly only here at weekends & holidays. I watch quite a bit of TV on my own so everyone felt I deserved to treat myself. My partner is a telly addict, so when he is here he will get enjoyment from it as well.
        My son looked up all the various sets for me, as I rely on my sons to sort out the technological things. I wanted to be sure of what the various sets had to offer. I had set my heart on a 42" screen & Sony don't do one, so I had to look at others. I wanted everything that was the latest, but not 3D. As my partner & myself both have defective vision in one eye, we are unable to watch 3D anyway, so there was not much point going for that. This TV is a backlit LED not just LCD, which means it is much slimmer-there's no back to it at all, better definition & uses less power.

        ~~Where did I buy it?~~

        I purchased it from Richer Sounds, who are excellent & claim to be the UK's flat panel TV specialists.
        They have one price in the shop & another on their website. If you arrive at the shop & quote the price you have seen on their website they will match it. They also claim to match any price you have seen on any other website as long as the item is in stock etc. I have found this to be true on previous purchases with them; however I was in for a shock with this one. They said with TV's over 32" they had to take into account the cost of the 5 year insurance. As the firm that was selling the TV for the cheapest online (£56 cheaper) charged about £200odd for their insurance cover they said that their own total price was already cheaper. Also, Richer Sounds insurance is an exceptional one in that it is cheaper than everyone else is plus if at the end of 5 years you have made no claims on it, then you apply for a full refund. But as with the comparison TV price, anything over 32" wouldn't receive a refund on the insurance even if it hadn't been used. I wasn't a happy bunny, but it was shown to me in their terms & conditions so I had to accept it. When I said I would buy it from the cheaper online company however, they miraculously found they could give a further discount! I'm only telling you all of this as I don't know if the same may apply at other shops or online stores.

        They wanted to charge about £40 or £50 each for the necessary cables /leads/ connectors. On the gadget show they did a comparison & came to the conclusion that cheap ones did the same job, as with Digital it is either on or it's off! I suppose it's possible that a miniscule difference may be seen by enthusiasts/professionals, but for the majority of us it is so infinitesimal as to be not worth the extra expense. I got the HDMI lead from Tesco at £5 & the component leads for £1 each! We already had a scart lead, aerial cable & video connector.

        Description, setting up & appearance

        The box is white & huge as you would imagine. It shows a picture of the TV on it's stand & a football match showing on the screen. The information that the TV has LED plus, Tru Motion 100Hz, Net Cast, & Wireless AV link is written down the left hand side, with a sentence in several languages describing each of these functions.

        We got the set home & my son & my partner proceeded to take it out of the box. I would never have managed it on my own. It definitely needs two people. The set was wrapped in soft protective film &further protected from bumps etc whilst in its box, by lots of polystyrene blocks. They had to carefully lay it down & make sure the screen didn't come into contact with anything damaging. The booklet tells you to lay it down on a cushioned surface. Then came the job of assembling the desk type stand with the stand base of the TV using the bolts provided.
        Next is to fit the cables/leads with their holders on the back of the TV. You will already have decided what things you want to connect & what cables/leads/components you will need for this.
        Decide if you actually want to use the desktop stand to have your TV on a table or unit of some sort, or if you would like to wall mount it. They always used to say that you should look down on a TV. These days they are often wall mounted quite high up. Personally, having spent time at my daughter's house where she has two 37" TV's mounted on the wall in two different rooms, I don't find it comfortable to look up to a TV.

        Appearance wise, this LG 1080p set is very attractive very slim only 29.3mm! It also has a slim frame finished in gloss black.

        In the box with the TV & stand is CD manual, paper set up & troubleshooting booklet, remote control, 2xAAA batteries, Nero MediaHome 4 essentials CD, cleansing cloth, screws & bolts, power cord.

        Having got it securely where you want it, turn it on & start the initializing set up which is clearly described in the owner's manual. Tuning in of all the stations is automatic.
        That's as much as the manual tells you, apart from a bit about troubleshooting! Very disappointing as I like to have a manual/booklet I can read on my lap as I am trying different things etc.
        A CD is supplied so you have to put that in the computer & look things up from there. As there is so much that this TV does, it's infuriating not to easily be able to see how to do it.

        ~~Experience of use~~

        The ON/OFF button shows as red when not in use. You can either touch it to turn on or use the remote control. It is very modern; you don't even need to press it, not like my old TV which made a loud clunking sound after pressing the ON button. This one you just have to touch your finger on the spot & it turns on! Alternatively it can be done with the remote control. A white light then takes the place of the red, this is fascinating as it lights up as ever increasing circles, then there follows beside it a line of little white lit up symbols which quickly go out, then the circles disappear to leave a single white light.
        When you turn the TV off, the opposite happens.

        When you first turn it on a large clock appears near the bottom of the page together with the LG logo.

        There is a programme guide with all the relevant information. You just click on it to view the current programme of your choice. There is also a facility to help with recording. Click on it & it will ask if you want to record - what it means is that it turns that programme on & off at the appointed time, but you also need to set the video or whatever you are using to record with for the same time..

        When you turn the sound up it shows a large circle with the volume shown as a number according to that chosen & a sort of arrow which is a dot followed by a zoom symbol going whichever way up or down, and a loudspeaker symbol.
        The sound is excellent on it's own Nicam stereo, but I also have a sound system fitted. To be honest I have not even thought to turn the sound system on as I am happy with the sound from the set.

        It has HD Freeview, which is actually proper HD, not just HD ready.

        Luckily for me I happen to be in an area which can receive Freeview HD. My son who lives half a mile up the road does not! It will of course get to everyone eventually.

        It also has Motion Flow which LG call TruMotion 100Hz. This means you can watch sport or fast action movies - things which are moving very fast with little or no blur.

        I have been used to using my FreeSat HD box (same as Sky+) to view as my old TV was analogue & we were switched to Digital in May last year (2009). As my old TV was not able to receive HD, I have never been able to view HD through the FreeSat HD box - I was one of the unusual people who had a HD box but not a HD ready TV! Now I have both - I'm spoilt for choice which way to view it!

        The set has 4 HDMI sockets
        When you turn the TV on a lot of boxes appear.
        Antenna, AV1 component 1 HDMI.1 USB 1 USB 2
        AV2 AV3 Component 2 RGB HDMI.2 HDMI.3

        The ones you have not connected to anything remain greyed out but visible.

        We have the aerial connected, the video (we only have it set up for playback as I don't use it for recording anymore, having the FreeSat box with hard drive, but we do watch old box sets of old TV series such The Thin Blue Line which we have) the sound system which is also my DVD player & The FreeSatHD box. I also have a DVD recorder but I have not worked out connecting that or if to bother with it. It seems obsolete now as I can transfer recordings from the Freest box hard drive to DVD. One day perhaps I will buy a Blue ray player so that will need to connect to something. You may also wish to connect games consoles etc.

        The remote control appears to do just that, controls everything.
        It comes with batteries you just need to slip in.
        Along the top are the buttons for ON/OFF & light - which lights up some of the controls on the remote control, rather like a phone.
        Underneath those are Energy Saving, AV mode, Input, TV/Radio
        Below that are the numbers to change channels. These are like a phone in that they have the alphabet, 3 letters on each number key. I started to try & change channels by using 101, 102, and 103 etc., but realised that you only need to put in one number, so BBC1 is 1, BBC2 is 2. ITV1 is 3 etc.
        There is a List button which shows up a panel on the right of the screen with channels listed.

        There is an up & down volume, an up & down programme/channel changer - these are in blue like little panels for some reason.
        Between these blue panels are favourite's button, ratio button, & mute button

        Then there is the usual square with arrows up, down & side to side with OK in the middle.
        Around this are 6 more buttons. Menu, NetCast, Q.menu, Back, Guide, Exit.
        I find it a bit fiddly pressing any of these buttons as it's easy to press the arrows instead.

        The bottom set of buttons are for Text, T.OPT, subtitles, Info, AD, & App/* & (s)implink. Various arrows & stop play & pause button in between.

        Another novelty thing for me is with this big clear screen I can actually see things I didn't know were there before. For example, when getting the recorded programmes list up on the Sat box there is a little blue symbol beside the ones that have not been watched yet - I have now discovered that on that blue symbol it says NEW!

        My old set was a square screen. Although it could be changed to widescreen, it made it a much smaller picture so I kept it on square. Now I can see whole words that used to be cut in half on the square screen!
        Everything looks bigger & better! In fact watching Coronation Street the first night, it was like watching a different programme.
        Only drawback to that is I can now see everyones wrinkles & spots etc! Every little blemish shows up! But on the plus side of that, you can even see the blades of grass on the HD picture with this LED set.


        The price - Richer Sounds £789.95 plus insurance at £78.99
        A tried & tested company with good after sales & customer service

        We also found it at various online stores for £733.52 or less.
        But personally I don't really trust these little known online companies for such a big purchase & their insurance cover was a lot more, thus bringing it to the same total price as Richer Sounds.

        ~~my opinion~~

        The picture quality is superb, razor sharp outlines & excellent colour.

        I like the screen saver, which is the LG logo inside a spinning cube that resembles an ice cube.
        Always like to have a screensaver on everything to save the screen - as the name would imply!

        Apart from the clicking noise on the middle arrows, the remote control covers everything & is easy to use. There is in fact little need for a manual as it is very straightforward with the remote control to do everything.

        I am thrilled with this new toy. It does everything I wanted, the picture quality is superb, it uses less power & it looks attractive.

        I would thoroughly recommend it.


        The remote control makes quite a loud clicking noise when the arrows are pressed. It's OK if on your own, but I should imagine it would get annoying if someone else in the room was using it.

        When you press the input button to choose one of the boxes, the backlight does not stay on for long enough so you have to start all over again. Maybe it's me that is not quick enough; I expect I will get used to it.

        No instruction manual. There is a CD but sadly I have not succeeded in getting that to work on the computer so far. I need the men in the family to do that for me - they like to feel needed!

        PS I still keep finding new things about this TV!
        Have just discovered that it has a disability function menu.
        You can set it to turn on subtitles for hard of hearing.
        You can set it so that if you are watching a drama or film say, there is an extra voice which speaks (not at the same time & over the actors of course but in between their speech) & tells you that so & so is leaving the room, or picking up a gun etc. This must be so useful for the visually impaired.


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