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Luxor 22in with Built-in DVD Player

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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2013 00:04



      budget tv, as you would expect

      I have to admit I never had high hopes for the TV to begin with given its lower price. Where to start. Well it turns on, and the freeview does tune in as long as you have a signal. However should you have a lowered bed, and the TV stationed even 5cm higher than your head, the screen is very dark. Not much of an issue when watching a cartoon, but really annoying when trying to watch a thriller or something darker, as you can't actually watch the film when lying down.

      Then there is the dvd player built in. I found this to be very noisy when used, almost like it was struggling to play the dvd. As a result you had to turn up the volume on the TV which didn't help the viewing experience.

      It is a budget TV though, and it does provide freeview, it does have some extra connection ports which are quite helpful, but next time I would perhaps splash a bit more money and get a different model


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      07.10.2011 14:54
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Excellent TV at a great price!

      Recently got this 22" HD ready digital LCD TV which contains an in-built-TV DVD player (which is on the right hand side just behind the TV screen which makes it less visible making the TV look better) with a remote from Asda at good price (at about £150- its cheaper now).

      A relatively big LED orange/red light comes up on the bottom left hand side of the TV screen when the TV is on whereas when you switch the TV on standby then it goes blue.

      Some features:
      -HDMI and scart
      -PC input (use the TV screen as your computer monitor when connected)
      -DVD player
      -Its wall mountable, has sleep timer and childlock too

      ============= Advantages =============

      Speakers are just behind the top of the screen instead of the side of the screen which is very good because it saves space as it does not take up as much room on my desk unlike my old TV which had a similar size screen but took up way more room.

      The TV has freeview which is important now since all the analogue channels (channels 1-5) are switching off in the UK soon so freeview is important if you haven't got sky etc otherwise you won't be able to watch any channels and it is very easy to scan these new channels (on remote click on menu > set up > installation > then either automatic channel scan or first time installation etc). Installing the TV was also very easy. The amount and quality channels that you receive can depend on your Ariel.

      The picture quality is fantastic as it displays 16.7 million colours and the sound quality is great.
      Its very easy to switch between TV, freeview and DVD etc (just click on source > freeview or DVD etc).

      The TV remote which contains the features for the DVD player aswell- so its convenient as you don't need 2 separate remotes for the DVD player and TV and the remote is very easy to use. One of the advantages of this remote is that when on teletext it allows you split screen so you can watch the TV on the left hand side whilst the teletext displays on the right hand side. The remote comes with batteries so that's very convenient. You can also set reminders of a programme that you want to watch on the EPG (the electronic programme guide- which displays the programmes that are on the freeview channels for today and the coming days which you can see by clicking on 'EPG').

      Another great thing about this TV is that it has channel memory- so when you switch your TV on it puts the channel that you were last watching on automatically which is great since it means you do not have to keep on switching between channels if you are middle of watching a film but had to switch the TV off for whatever reason.

      ========= Disadvantages ============

      The disadvantage of this TV is that it has no buttons on the actual TV (excluding to play/stop and eject the DVD buttons on the side next to the DVD player which is on the right hand side of the DVD player which is not visible when watching the TV) so if the TV remote breaks or run out of batteries then there might be a problem (unless you get a new TV remote or batteries quickly).

      It also takes time when switching the TV on (roughly 5 seconds for the sound and another second on top of that for the screen to display).

      One of the problems that I have discovered is that I cannot seem to find/scan the channel for what's on downstairs on sky, so for example if someone was watching Comedy Central on Sky downstairs I would be able to receive the channel on my old TV on channel 6, for some reason I cannot seem to find it on this TV.

      Another disadvantage in my opinion is that in order to find out about a programme you cannot click on 'info' whilst watching the channel (like in sky digital) but rather you have to go on EPG.


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