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Panasonic TX-L42D25B

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    4 Reviews
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      02.10.2011 22:48


      • Reliability


      good allround tv and would definately recommend

      This tv has great picture quality. Watching in HD is so much better than before. Kids us the tv for the wii as well and its easy to connect from the front. It is also good value for money. We mounted ours onto the wall in quite a large room and the great thing is that there is no glare which we had with our previous lcd despite being sited in the same place. The only bug I have about the TV is that if you switch it on and you have not pressed the sky remote for 5 minutes then the tv switches to standby mode. Checked with panasonic and apparently not a fault but it is really annoying! Apart from that it is a great all round tv. You get good value for money, excellent picture. I have other lcd tvs which are cheaper and you can tell and I would definately buy another panasonic after having this one.


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        12.06.2011 22:48


        • Reliability


        Great TV, highly recommended for it's sharp picture

        At approximately an £800 price tag, this wasn't the cheapest purchase. It's true you can get a TV of the same size for much less, but with this Panasonic, I think you get what you pay for.
        On the outside, the TV looks good, it's very shiny and sleek. Though that might not justify the money you pay for it, the picture certainly does!
        One of the most outstanding things about this TV is easily the picture, which (as I currently am watching a Pixar animated film on blu ray whilst writing this) is amazingly crisp and sharp. The colours really stand out beautifully but in a natural way, making it very pleasing on the eye. In fact I've found watching other TVs less satisfying now because of the quality of my own!
        Regarding the sound, I have to say it isn't outstanding (unlike the picture which really is special) but there isn't any wrong with it according to my ears!
        This TV is pretty easy to use, I've never had any problems setting up the TV or connecting any extra devices such as the Xbox to it, it's also quite easy to find the appropriate channels for the different cables with the remote control.
        Overall, though a bit expensive, a great purchase which I'd highly recommend.


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        23.04.2011 02:21



        Brilliant TV

        For the past few years i've bein longing for a plasma TV but haven't had the money. I decided to keep back £30 a week from my wages and had soon accumilated £500 and decided that would be my budget for a new Plasma TV.

        My grandma actually has this TV so me and my boyfriend decided to go to Currys and see if they had any in stock, as the picture quality is so good and it's a decent size. They were £499 in Currys with no guarentee, so we went to a local shop that's family owned. We told the guy who worked there what we wanted and to put a long story short got this TV for £450 with 5 years guarentee - bargain! It was delivered and fitted the next day, we were given the option to take it home ourselves & fit it but due to the weight of the tv (32kg), and lack of technology knowlege decided against it!

        After bein used to a 24 inch old sony TV it seemed absoloutly huge! I soon got used to it though and now wouldn't be without it! I wouldn't reccomend this TV if you have a small living room as it may dwarf the room.

        It's 42 inches and is HD ready. We don't have a HD box right now but even so, the picture is clear and even looks 3D at times! Physically it's very neat, the screen is nice and flat and it takes up a minimal amount of space. I've found it looks better when sitting further away but it looks great closer up too.

        The sound is amazing and can go extremely loud! It's extremely clear and i don't struggle to hear it whatsoever. Watching films on it is great and like bein at the cinemas. Music videos also look great on the TV aswell as my usual soaps, such as eastenders. They all look clear as a bell and the clearness makes it look so much better.

        Connecting my DVD player and virgin media box was a doddle and took 20mins max!
        Freeview is built into this tv but i can't comment as i have a virgin media box so haven't experienced it.

        The instruction manual is simple and includes lots of info about the product including the ability to register your product online in which you automatically get entered into a competition to win £1,000 which is a nice little bonus!

        I'd reccomend this TV as it's amazing value and not too big but not too small. Although £450 is alot of money i feel the tv was great value and worth every penny!

        *42 inch
        *VIERA Full HD LED LCD TV
        *Freeview HD & Freesat HD Built-in
        *IPS LED LCD
        *Intelligent Frame Creation Pro
        *Dynamic Contrast 2,000,000:1
        *Wide Viewing Angle with IPS Panel
        *24p Smooth Film/Playback
        *V-Audio ProSurround
        *VIERA CAST (For access to the internet)
        *VIERA Image Viewer (Photo and Video)
        *DNLA compatible
        *4 HDMI inputs
        *PC input
        *2 x USB


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          14.01.2011 16:45
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          This is an easy to use LCD TV that I thoroughly recommend

          We had been using an old style Hitachi analogue TV for the past 10 years, when we finally decided that enough was enough. It had to go! It had been blanking out on us every now and again but once it became frustratingly more frequent, and often in the middle of my favourite soaps at crucial moments in the script, it was time to replace it.

          I am technologically challenged at the best of times so I write this review for those of you out there who use a TV primarily to watch TV programmes and DVD's although this TV has many other functions.


          I bought this TV about 4 months ago for £999 at John Lewis so it wasn't exactly a bargain. However a panasonic blueray dvd player was thrown in so that softened the blow a bit. It also comes with a free 5 year guarantee which is primarily the reason we purchased this at John Lewis. Not only do they offer this warranty on most of these types of products, but according to the experience of others I've spoken to, they do (unlike some others I've heard of) fix or replace your tv without a quibble if anything goes wrong with it. We also paid another £60 to have it delivered and set up. A hefty cost but again, peace of mind for the technologically challenged. I have since read reviews elsewhere that mention that set up is easy peasy with this particular model so unless you don't have a scoobie about these things, you might be better to save yourself some money.

          This model of panasonic LCD TV is now available much cheaper although I have seen prices vary from £700 to over £1,000. One of the cheaper deals at the moment is online at Dixons for £714 and includes free delivery. However John Lewis are offering it for £817 with their free 5 year guarantee although I don't know what they charge for delivery.



          Format 16:9
          Screen size 42" (107 cm)
          Contrast 2,000,000:1 Dynamic
          Resolution (horizontal x vertical - in pixels) 1920 x 1080
          Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical - in°) 178

          Audio Audio Power 2 x 10 watt speakers
          Noise reduction Yes
          Mono/Stereo Sound Stereo
          Speakers Built-in speakers (x2)


          Connectivity 4 x HDMI
          2 x SCART
          2 X RGB SCART
          1 x SD Memory Card Slot
          1 x S-Video Connection
          1 x Composite Video Input
          1 x SVGA Input for PC Connection
          1 x Headphone socket
          SCART connectors 2
          DVI Input No
          HDMI Input 4
          PC Input Yes, SVGA
          Audio output 2 x 10 watt speakers, V-Audio ProSurround with Dolby Digital Plus

          Standard Digital Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuner
          Double Tuner No


          General Power consumption Standby: 0.3 watts
          Remote control Yes
          Accessories supplied Remote control, stand, documentation
          Dimensions (mm) 655 x 1032 x 77 mm without stand
          Weight (kg) 18.5 kg without stand


          As you can gather from the above the features and functions of this TV are endless. However, I will weed out the basics for those of you who like myself don't need it for anything much beyond watching your favourite soaps
          and viewing a DVD now and again.

          The picture is crisp, clear and very realistic with a matt finish that cuts down on annoying reflections that you often get with TV's. The screen is 42 inches which is very large......although we did go from a tiny TV to this size. This model also has a very wide viewing angle and can be swivelled so that it can be viewed from any part of the room. This cuts down On arguments on who is going to sit where as we have found that the sheer size of the screen and flexibility of the viewing angle means everyone in the room has a great view now.

          It comes with 2 x 10 watt speakers built into it which I have found gives it a more than adequate sound. However, I am a person that does not like my TV blaring and even find the noise in the cinema far too loud so I
          am perhaps not the best person to comment on sound.

          I have used the TV to connect to the following gadgets -

          Bluray player......via one of the 4 HDMI connections which are clearly labelled at the back of the TV.
          DVD player.........we use it with the old AV3 cable (red, yellow and white plug one) which plugs into the side.
          Games Console....we also use an AV3 cable, and have found it easy to interchange as we use.

          There are many more gadgets that can be connected to this TV including your camcorder and PC but I haven't ventured into that territory yet and may never get round to it unless one of my more technologically minded friends comes to visit and gives me a demo.

          It comes with an integrated Free View HD tuner and Free Sat HD tuner. The former is what we have been using via the TV Guide button on the very simple to use remote control......no more pressing the wrong button and mucking up the TV. There is a BACK button that rescues here and can at least bring you back to where you started.

          MEDIA PLAYER:
          I have used this function.......well ok, it was my husband who accessed this to view photos. This can be done by slotting in yor sd card from your digital camera into the SD card slot at the side of the TV. I viewed my family photos in the form of a slide show while lovely background music played along. I go quite emotional, seeing all the baby photos of my now 4 year old.....I am sure it was something to do with the music, rather than that she is not a baby any more, honestly!

          Other features include the VieraCast feature that allows you to access websites such as YouTube and Picasa by connecting the set to the internet. This sounds useful although we have yet to try this. LED technology also means that it is extremely slimline and consumes less power than similar sized traditional LCDs and are mercury free all of which has pleased my eco friendly teenage daughters.


          I highly recommend this TV to everyone, but especially to those of you who are technologically challenged like myself as it is very easy to use and everything is clearly labelled on the remote control and at the back of the TV. The picture quality is fabulous and the functions endless.

          Thank you for taking the time to read my review and hope it is of some use to you.


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