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Philips 22PFL3207H

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Brand: Philips / Diagonal Size: 22 in / Display Format: 1080p (FullHD)

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2013 16:02
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      An average televisual experience.

      Psychology plays an important role in the setting of prices for goods and services. Everyone likes to feel that they have bagged a bargain. It gives the buyer a warm glow. Unfortunately, the companies that sell products and services are only too aware of this and are ultimately in control of the game.

      Although I like to think of myself as a canny consumer, I am clearly not immune to the lure of 'the bargain.'When the Philips 22PFL3207H 22-inch 1080p Full HD LED TV with Freeview was offered at £139.99 as part of the Amazon Black Friday deals last year - a huge reduction on the previous selling price of £229.34 - I saw the chance to purchase a quality, branded television for a rock bottom price. I was on the lookout for a replacement television for my bedroom and the deal seemed like a no-brainer.

      When I received this sleek, black, stylish product, I set it up with high expectations of getting something a hundred times better than the rather ugly and outdated CRT television that I was using in the bedroom at the time.

      Let me interject here with a quick note about my bedroom viewing habits. It's DVD viewing only for me, I'm afraid. Where I live the Freeview reception is very weak and unless you have a serious aerial upgrade you can't get the channels. Even with a booster, my last television only managed a very fuzzy picture. I have Sky and Netflix on the main TV downstairs so I've become accustomed to the lack of services upstairs. In short, in this review I can't comment on the reception capabilities of this product.

      The product promises the following:
      * Full HD TV with Digital Crystal Clear which aids depth and clarity
      * Brilliant LED images with incredible contrast
      * 100Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) for superb motion sharpness
      * 3 HDMIs with EasyLink and 1 USB
      * 'A' energy rated

      Experience of the product:

      Set up:
      This television was very easy to set up. The menu choices are clear and simple to follow. For example, on the quick picture set up you are presented with a series of pictures in split screen format. One side of the picture is presented in a different mode to the other side and you have to choose which side you like the look of better. If you follow the series of pictures through, you should get your most preferred settings for colour, brightness, contrast etc. I found this set up very user friendly.

      For my own purposes (sitting up in bed and staring at the screen face on) I find the picture quality very good.
      The specifications of this TV boast a range of innovations: Digital Crystal Clear is supposed to optimize picture quality in terms of contrast, colour and sharpness. 100Hz Perfect Motion Rate aims to give motion clarity even with rapid on-screen action. Dynamic contrast 100.000:1 is supposed to increase the contrast to give a lifelike picture with high contrast and vibrant colours.

      Overall, as I watch it straight on, I would say that the television picture is sharp, clear and the colours true to life. However, when the television is viewed at an angle - although the picture remains sharp, the colours become altered as they take on a washed out look. Bearing this in mind, I don't feel that this television would be particularly good as a main television set which might be watched by several people from varying angles.

      The sound is truly the weakest link on this product. It is pretty awful. The spoken word sounds distant; music is tinny and dreadful. I pondered on whether or not to send the television back when I first heard it and it was only the fact that it was so near Christmas and I had a hundred other things to do that it wasn't returned on this specific point.

      At first I suspected that it was my particular set that was at fault - but having read several Amazon reviews on the product, it seems that many people had the same gripes about the sound as I did. This poor quality seems surprising, since this television has Clear Sound which is meant to significantly increase the comprehensibility of the voice and ensure you hear every word. Well, it's true I suppose, you can hear 'what' people are saying - it just sounds like they're saying it from the next room. When music is played on this television - I inwardly cringe at the tinny sound. It is surely not a television to enjoy pop videos on.

      After having the set for almost a year now, I have become used to the sound. Used to - in the same way I am used to the way my Dad clacks his dentures - but it doesn't mean I am ever going to like it. I have reasoned that it is tolerable for the bedroom but as with the picture quality, I think the sound quality of this TV would make it a very unworthy candidate for a main television set. I feel the social embarrassment would be too much to bear.

      Other features:
      Connecting the set to my DVD player was easy. Apparently, you can also use this set as a PC monitor if you use the appropriate cabling. Its good to know it has multi-functionality should the need arise.

      The A rated energy usage of this product is pleasing. The television also starts to shut itself down if you have not waved the remote in its direction for a long time. This is a great energy saving feature if you nod off whilst watching TV at night - not so great if you are watching a lengthy blockbuster movie, the timer starts to count down and you can't remember where you put the remote.

      Final thoughts:
      To me, this is a television which provides a good overall picture, poor sound and has some interesting quirks. It might look sexier than my old CRT but all in all it's a very average television chiefly suitable for a bedroom or kitchen, and in my view not worth a penny more than I paid for it. Certainly no bargain. I expected more from a Philips brand product.

      Currently available on Amazon for £164.00


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