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Philips 37PF5520D

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    1 Review
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      08.03.2008 15:05
      Very helpful



      Best telly I've had.

      Phillips 37PF5520D/10. Catchy title for a telly or what? Why do these guys do that? There must be a reason. It's probably got something to do with mass production. One brand, so many variations - can't name them all. I now have 3 children but if, following a miraculous reconnecting of my Vas Deferens, I were to have another, I would not be calling him or her Jones 45Fy23d. It's too hard for teachers.

      Anyway, this is a rental job. I gave up buying after 2 went kaput a few weeks after their respective warranties. Imagine Asian workers smirking whilst programming the self-destruct circuitry. It just seems sensible to let someone else worry about the built in depreciation. Having said that, I've never actually had a rented telly go pop so they must know which wire to snip - red or blue - to disarm the mechanism. Cunning chaps.

      Apologies to the audiovisual expert brigade. Alas, I am not a member of your club. I turn it on and watch it. There are ports in the back which I'm loath to describe as my ineptitude will surely leave my manhood in question. Sod it. I'll have a go. If I'm wrong shoot me. Or look at the website having first mocked me. I can't hear you anyway.

      Woah - it's a wopper. 37 inches. This is an upgrade from a 26 inch job. At first it seemed to totally dominate the room and leave the need for windows a mere throwback to a darker age. Strangely you get used to it in about 3 seconds and now, after 2 months I don't even notice the size. I like it though, sad as that seems. It's kinda cool.

      The façade is mostly black with silver speaker panels down the side. No buttons on the front either, their all on the right side of the 'box' out of sight which I think lends itself to a leaner look.

      Picture quality
      Don't ask the details, I haven't a clue. Suffice to say I have been really impressed. It is LOADS better than the 26 inch we swapped it for and I thought it would be worse. Mind you, that was made by Humax. Which is a made up name and probably doesn't even have a head office. The shading and clarity don't exactly blow you away but it does do the job effectively, even when you sit really close like a zombie. To be honest, most of the time I only get to watch Ben10 or Richard and Judy (big isn't good in the case of the latter) but it is noticeably sharp and colourful. The last telly had awful shading and you could see each shade as a separate band almost but this one blends the shades expertly. God effort Phillips.

      Stays good even when loud. Don't ask for the watts per channel stuff, check it out on the website but I can tell you it is undistorted and very clear. By my underdeveloped standards. Apparently it has Dynamic Bass Enhancement (DBE), Incredible Surround and Virtual Dolby Digital. I don't know what any of that means but there are lots of words and one of them is 'incredible' so enough said. The kids have actually started watching the music channels because it's so much better now. Unfortunately.

      The TV come with a sleek remote with many buttons, including the interactive ones. You can do a lot more from the remote than you can using the buttons on the actual telly which is dead annoying I think because we always lose the remote and then can't do anything until someone can be arsed to actually look for it. It's pathetic that actually isn't it. We trot back and forth to the telly for a week to use the buttons when all we had to do was lift a cushion. Weird. Anyway, the controller is good and does good things in a good way but you know how they work so I'll shut up.

      Setup was very easy indeed and did all the tuning and channel surfing at the touch of a button from the remote using the on-screen display (OSD).

      Changing to the sky channel seems a faff as when it gets turned off and then on again, it defaults to the terrestrial channels and you have to go and change it to the AV channel the scarts on. That's probably just a setting thing that could be solved if I could get past the 'cant be bothered looking under a cushion for the remote' philosophy.

      For want of a better word. There are 2 scarts and a port for the PC as well as a dvi audio in. Even though this is HD ready, there is no HDMI thingy. I might have got that all wrong but basically, I can't see where you can plug an xbox in. There are also composite and s-video sockets. This is not a great range at all and if you're a gamer, run away. I think. I don't actually understand half of what I just wrote. Better check the website!

      I like it. It's big and it's been easy to use, That's all I want. Well actually, some half decent programmes to watch instead of the usual bilge might be good too. It is not a telly for someone who knows his telly. If you want further proof, check the website at:

      By the way, if you check the site, phillips are selling reconditioned versions for £499 which seems quite reasonable.
      Any questions, please don't ask.

      May also be on other review sites.

      Cheers for reading!


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