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Samsung LE-40C750

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    2 Reviews
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      26.09.2012 14:40
      Very helpful


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      Overall, an excellent television, especially with 3D and net connection for the price

      First and foremost, this is a good television. The picture quality is very high, it handles DVD and Blueray, and HD television with a sharpness that you can appreciate. I do have issues with this television, but do not for a minute regret my purchase and at least at the time, represented the best product in my price range.

      General issues if you are thinking of getting this television:

      The screen is shiny, which can lead to annoying reflection. My television is at a right angle to some French doors and on particularly sunny days I have to close the curtains because of the glare on the screen's shiny surface. I wouldn't buy this television if it was going to be located somewhere with a window or bright light behind it.

      For a modern flat-screen television, there is a lot of space taken up at the back, so it sticks out from the wall. From the edge of the screen to furthest back piece of the television is 3 inches, which isn't too much, but not good if you want the sleek, hung like a picture look.

      This is small for a 3D television, which I don't personally mind but there are those who insist you must get close to 50inches to appreciate 3D. I suspect if you are really going to get into 3D one of the larger/more recent TVs on the market may be for you.

      I have a Panasonic 3D Blu-ray player, and the 3D effect is very good. You can set the television to produce 3D pictures with non-3D formats, such as DVDs. I have done this a few times, it does work to a degree in that it tends to show foreground vs. background rather than a full range of depth, although you loose a lot of background detail in this mode.

      When you are using this product as just a television, it occasionally miss-sets the aspect ratio (how wide-vs.tall the picture is) as you switch channels. You can re-set this in the menu system, but unless I am watching a film with an unusual aspect ratio I don't find the effect distracting.

      This television uses the 2100 model 3D glasses, and ships with a single pair included. Unfortunately this particular model has not come down in price although the models that work with later models have.

      Annoyingly, Samsung did not include a wireless receiver in the television itself, and set a high price for its proprietary USB wifi antenna (looking like a standard USB pen drive). Fortunatly Hama produces a compatible WiFi device, which cost me £20, and maintains good signal with a router at the opposite end of my small, modern house.

      The SmartTV application is easy to use, though the selection of applications is a bit disappointing (I suspect there is much more on offer in US markets). I use lovefilm instant, which streams very well on this television. Unfortunately there is no option to use Netflix, as there is no plan to add the application to this television, although newer Samsung TVs are supposed to have that capability.

      The only totally negative point I have about this television is that the sound quality is no where near as good as the rest of the products features. I plan to get a sound bar for this television when I have the spare cash


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      28.06.2011 20:46
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An amazing TV with excellent features, great price and I have now fallen in love with Samsung

      I fell in love with this TV when I saw it online.
      I paid for it straight away, it was very cheap for a 3D TV, and for a budget 3D TV it excels at everything.

      The picture quality is great, you wont even need to configure it out of the box.
      The sound is good, but TV's like this always cry out for external speaker systems.
      Virgin cable TV looks pixelated (only because I do not have the HD set top box)

      But the TV does its best to clean it up as good as poss.

      The Xbox 360 on and off "Game Mode" looks awesome the colours are vibrant and you get engrossed in the game or movie you are playing.

      The Xbox 360 upscales to 1080p so I put in Batman Dark Knight DVD and WOW!
      The upscaling is very impressive and now I watch all my DVD's upscaled, you can tell on older movies that the upscaling is occuring such as on Planet of the Apes (Charlton Heston).

      I connected the TV to my computer network via the connection on the back of the TV and it found my laptop and my PC and the folders I am sharing on the network.

      I can watch/listen/view videos, music and photos from my computers.

      I have some HD Video on my PC as I film and edit wedding movies and I can watch a 3 hour wedding movie without any buffering or skipping or slowing down through the network.

      Some types of video formats cannot be played so I use a piece of software called Serviio to stream them.

      There is a lot of great supporting software available to do this.

      I am a big fan of BBC iPlayer and use it all the time.
      But now I only ever use it on the Samsung TV because the picture quality is just 10 times better than via a browser.

      The apps on the Samsung apps are kinda cool, but not something I have really used apart from the iPlayer app.

      The 3D feature is one of the best things about this TV and is great watching old films and TV shows in 3D.
      The television converts all and any signals to 3D.

      A nice supprise was to find out Freeview HD is included

      I would have to admit that the 3D is nice to have and I use it many times, the picture quality of the TV is more impressive and I tend to use 3D less and less


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