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Samsung LE-40M87BD

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    2 Reviews
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      08.02.2010 13:35


      • Reliability


      A great TV for both SD and HD signals.

      My Samsung LE-40M87BD is about 3 years old now and by today's standard's with only a 15000:1 contrast ratio and dodgy remote is perhaps a little behind feature wise. But, I love it!

      This was my first and so far only Sammy. The design is stunning with a Silver bar across the bottom and a beautiful glossy black surround. The TV simply is a piece of art and Samsung have carried this template through to their most recent television sets.

      Out of the box the settings are a bit dodgy but a bit of research and some minor fiddling sorts that out. Tips: don't even touch the Noise Reduction or the movie plus because it makes the picture look like everything's been filmed on a home camcorder and because we are naturally used to motion blur it just feels wrong.

      The TV will handle 24fps for blu-ray and with a modest refresh rate of 100hz handle Sky standard def well. Blacks are deep and the colour rarely looks 'washed out' The TV however comes into it's own with high def from a blu ray PS3. I was blown away with the clarity and depth of picture when I bought the set and still feel the same today.

      The remote and sound quality are a bit dodgy but most audiophiles listen to their audio for movies through an amp. The set connectivity is good with 3 hdmi's(one on the side for quick camcorder hook ups), 2 scarts and an phono and optical out.

      Freeview which is integrated into the tele is as good quality as standard def sky and the menu system whilst not being as intuitive as sky holds its own and gives you a pic of you current program whilst picking what next to watch.

      I feel one of the best feature is the picture-in-picture feature which puts a small picture of an av feed into the bottom corner of your current av. I tend to play on my playstation and have the sky feed on the pic-in-pic and take my sky audio straight into my amp.

      All in all, I love this television and would recommend any Sammy above any other make and model.


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      16.09.2009 19:20
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A brilliant samsung HD TV

      This is a fine HD tv. A beauty to behold in fact. Anyone thinking of buying a large HD tv will know its an expensive business and not one you should just jump into willy-nilly.
      Being sensible and prudent, I did alot of research before i spent my money.

      Every review I read had nothing but good things to say about this Samsung TV. I was semi-wary, as I had never had a Samsung product before and was loyal to Sony. However, the price was good.
      Anyone who knows about HD TV's knows there are a few important points to consider.

      Firstly, you have to think about whether you want Full HD (1080p) or are happy to setlle for something less? (720p) Standard tv's are 420p.
      These numbers refer to the number of pixels which run horizontally on the set. The more there are the crisper the image. So in the case of 1080p the number of pixels is 1920 by 1080. Hence the name. I was sure that if i was going to get an HDtv, i wanted the best. As in, i wanted 1080p. This TV ticked that box.
      Secondly, you need a good contrast ratio. This is the difference between the lights and darks. The better the ratio, the darker the blacks will be and you will notice a crisper, more pleasant image. Again this TV is a cut above the rest in that department with a whopping ratio of 15000:1.

      Thirdly, at least for me, was the number of inputs. Especially via HDMI. For some odd reason, most HDtv's only have 1 HDMI input? Which is lovely if you only have one HD source, but what about the future? I knew that I wanted to get a PS3. My DVD player also had an HDMI output for upscaling DVD's. We only have SKY+ box but might be getting a SKY HD one at some point. Then there's my PC, which also has a HDMI output. So that's potentially 4 HDMI outputs and only 1 input? Which means changing the leads constantly. Not much fun. Luckily, Samsung have put not 1 but 3 HDMI inputs on this tv. 2 on the rear one on the side. Very very handy. There are also a number of other inputs, including your classic SCART (x2) and even a VGA pc input.
      So, on all that basis, this TV looks like a bargain and it is too.

      But be warned, out of the box, the settings are fuzzy and garish. Its best to visit www.avforums.com and search there for the best settings. Tweaking them to perfection doesnt take long and before you know it you will be dribbling at the beauty.
      The tv comes with a stand, but splash out a bit more and buy a wall mount. There is nothing nicer than this TV on your wall. Its a beauty.

      Buy one, your eyes will love you.


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