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Samsung UE-19D4003

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2012 19:06
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      A television that thinks it's a computer monitor..??

      Televisions, we all have them, although there's never really anything on them that's worth watching, even though there's more channels than we can shake a stick at, so to speak.
      Anyway, there are many different size televisions from a mass array of companies all claiming to be the best. So when it comes to buying a television you do have to make one or two decisions, such as where you are going to put it, what you want it to do for you, what colour, whether you want it to have one or more sockets for external attachment and so on. And once you've answered those questions it then a simple matter of buying the thing and getting it home.

      This is what I did a few months ago when I decided to buy a smaller television for one of the rooms in my home, mainly due to the fact that the one in that room made its way into my daughters bedroom after she 'accidentally' broke hers.

      Anyway, after a browse around the shops, both online and trudging along the shops in the rain, I ended up opting for a 19 inch model with a well known branded name on it called Samsung, with the television being called the Samsung UE-19D4003, (nice name indeed..???").

      Why did I choose this Samsung television then..?

      I could say it was for its looks, being slim, black and very stylish indeed, but as most televisions on the shelf this seems to be the standard style these days.
      The main reason I went for this was actually the price, and the fact that it was the right size for the purpose that I wanted it for.
      The other reasons were the fact that it had all the little slots and gizmos that I needed a television to have, such as...

      19inch backlit LED panel
      50Hz refresh frame rate
      USB connectivity
      Stereo speakers of 3 watts each giving Dolby digital pulse audio
      HD ready
      Headphone socket
      DVI socket
      AV socket (rear)
      Less than 0.3kw of power consumption.

      Other features include...

      Auto channel search, and also manual search too.
      Clock and timer

      It has a now and next feature plus an 8 day EPG so you can scan the channels to see what you want to watch over an 8 day period, setting reminders for your favourite shows.

      For those that want to add more channels, although this is down to a subscription, the is a CI module slot.

      Parent control child lock
      Sleep time
      Picture in picture

      It also claims to have something called Samsung Hyperreal engine technology'...? what ever that is..?
      And for those eco friendly people, this has a power rating of B, which is not that bad really, with a power consumption of 15w/h when switched on and less than ½ w/h when on stand-by.

      Plus, as this has got a socket for a PC TFT lead I have used this as a computer monitor as well as a television, which is a bonus as it saves having too many screens in one room, although I don't use mine as a monitor as yet.

      My opinion...

      I'm pretty impressed with this television, especially as it looks perfect on the wall in the room.
      The front of the television is taken up mainly by the 19inch screen, with a few buttons along the bottom right. Those buttons being the Source, menu, volume, channel change, power indicator and the on/off switch. These buttons are cleverly camouflage and are out of eye sight, making the television look very nice indeed.
      The sockets are mainly on the rear of the unit, out of the way, those being the HDMI, video/audio and scart sockets, plus a headphone jack.

      The whole unit is a good size in all, being just slightly bigger than the screen itself, the actually size being about 278mm high (3125mm with stand), by 448mm wide and 124mm deep, and weighing in at less than 3kg, which is a good thing for attaching to the wall, with a bracket of course, you can't screw it onto the wall without one.
      The speakers offer good sound quality, with several options to scroll through, including a Dolby Digital +SRS theatre sound HD sound system.???? (don't ask?? I read this in the manual). The picture is crystal clear, with something called 'Hyper Real image enhancement'? (again, something I read in the manual).
      The EPG, or channel view as the instructions call it, is well laid out with the channels and programs along the bottom and the channel you're watching along the top, with this channel having a small image of the program that's on plus a bit of a description of what the program's about.

      It has a remote control of course, which does take 3 AAA batteries that are actually supplied this time... yippee.
      This remote is like any other television remote, having all the standard buttons on it that you need to use the television whilst sat on the settee with you bag of chocolate and fizzy pop, or beer and crisps if you're anything like me.
      The power and source button are on the top, with the usual numbered buttons below them. Then there's the volume and channel change buttons with a cursor below these ones.
      Underneath this there is a cursor with several little buttons around it. Then right at the bottom there are controls for the USB connectivity unit.

      All these buttons are explained very clearly in the instruction leaflet that come with this television, so there's no need to panic about all the bits and bobs and what they do.

      For me this is an ideal television for such rooms as bedrooms, study's, spare room and even offices, in other words, your smaller rooms as the screen is the perfect size for viewing in those type of rooms, giving a clear picture from many angles, filling the room with quality sounds from the built in speakers.
      And you have a choice of either putting it on a table, using the rather good size and very firm oval shaped stand, which is lightweight yet manages to keep the television in one place, whilst allowing you to turn the whole unit slightly, getting it into the best position.
      Or you could choose to have it on the wall using a bracket as there are pre-drilled holes in the rear of this television for that exact purpose. But do make sure you get the right size bracket as there are a lot to choose from.

      As for the price of this television/monitor.
      This 19inch model sells for around the region of £120, which is not too bad at all really.
      You can get it from most electrical stores and even in such shops as argos, plus on line shops such as amazon as well. So there's no trouble locating it if you are interested in buying one.

      In all, a fine looking quality television which is ideal watching your favourite shows on when the misses sends you out of the living room for wanting to watch the football. Plus, as it double up as a computer monitor you get two goods for the price of one, which is not bad at all, considering that some PC monitors of this size can actually cost you more.

      © Blissman70 2012


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    • Product Details

      Samsung Series 4 LED TV, with HyperReal Engine, Clear Motion Rate and the Wide Colour Enhancer, delivers outstanding and true-to-life picture quality and takes your home entertainment to a truly new level. With additional features like the Anynet+ remote control, Connect Share Movie and HDMI inputs, and SRS Theatre Sound, everything comes together seamlessly for your out-of-this-world entertainment. Cinema Black gives you theatre-like movie viewing experience by adjusting the letterbox-effect lighting Additionally the Anynet technology enables you to direct all of your HDMICEC-compatible digital devices - whatever their manufacturer - with a single, stylish remote control. Connect Share Movie transforms your TV into a home entertainment theatre. Plug in your USB device or hard disk drive and enjoy the movies, photos and music that you have there. With HDMI inputs you can speed high-definition digital data from several devices straight to your TV and enjoy more high quality content on screen.

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