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Samsung UE-40D6100S

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2012 21:43
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      A TV that does exactly what you would expect

      Just before we headed off on Holiday to Mallorca in September we began to discuss whether or not we needed a new TV. I'd had our current one for about 5 years and although it was still working little things started to go wrong with it. As a result we came home from our holidays and promptly headed into Curry's the next day to purchase a Samsung UE40D6100 1080p Fully HD LED 3D television. Now the biggest debate we'd had prior to buying the TV was regarding whether we really needed 3D, but as the 3D version was only £30 more it seemed silly not to get it anyway.

      In The Box

      The TV comes with a stand to fix it onto as well as the required fixings should you have a wall hanging bracket, the TV and a remote control (batteries not included). Now being a 3D TV we had expected at least one pair of glasses to be included, however it doesn't come with any. Thankfully the sales assistant in Curry's liked giving stuff away and gave us 2 pairs of Samsung 3D glasses worth £100 for nothing.
      Set Up And Ready To Go

      The set up procedure on the Samsung is relatively easy. Once you've got it on the stand and plugged in it guides you through the basic set up procedure, to tune in the channels and set the clocks etc. Our TV reception is all routed through our Sky HD box and as a result the connection is simply via one of the 4 HDMI points on the back of the TV and you've got picture and sound. Compared to my old Hitachi TV it is far easier to get up and running.

      How Good Does It Look

      Once the TV is set up and sitting in the corner of the room its slick black design with the backlight LED trim looks really impressive. Once the TV is switched on the first thing we noticed was just how sharp the image was. The picture quality is enhanced even on the regular channels with depth and detail added to programs filmed in standard definition. It's a factor of the TV that has drawn comment from anyone who has visited. They expect us to say we are watching BBC HD, when in fact it is regular BBC due to the quality of the image on screen.

      Having experienced the regular channels you turn it onto a HD channel or watch a Blu Ray the picture quality becomes even sharper with every detail really standing out. It adds even more definition to the picture that makes HD channels look almost 3D, adding depth and enhancing the colours really well. Whether it be on standard channels or on HD input the picture is amazing. The colours are really crisp and the picture looks more realistic than anything I've seen on a TV screen.

      The final mode to test out was the 3D option on the TV and whilst we've only used this a couple of times for watching TV, I have used it a lot with the PS3. The quality of the 3D makes the purchase of the TV justified. We debated quite a bit whether we really needed 3D and I'm glad that we spent the little extra to get it. The picture definition is fantastic whether we are watching films, sport or I'm play on the PS3. The clarity and depth perception is taken to another level with really high quality 3D technology.
      I have to admit to being a little wary when we bought the TV but it has more than proved its worth from the quality of all three viewing modes. The TV more than lives up to its price tag and given the features it boasts the £638 we paid for it back in October was a very reasonable price compared to the Sony and Panasonic alternatives with the same features.


      Whilst the TV has the speakers built into the back of it, the sound quality is very good. The Sounds are crisp and clear and the volume doesn't need to be too loud to be able to enjoy a program. As the volume gets higher it doesn't seem to distort and the quality of the TV's speakers really shines through.
      Other Features

      Along with being fully HD and 3D, the TV has another two features that really impressed me given the price. The first is access to Samsung's Smart TV feature where through an internet connection you can access a number of very useful features by using the internet. This includes access to the BBC I player, lovefilm and even facebook. You can connect the TV by either using the Ethernet port on the back or by purchasing a Samsung wireless card. We've got it connected on the Ethernet port at the moment and the quality and speed of the content all depends on your internet connection. this feature does allow you to access additional 3D content and is one of the most impressive additions to the features available on modern TV's.

      The other inbuilt feature on this model is a Freeview tuner that allows you to tune in and access the wide variety of Freeview channels available including the HD channels. Having sky we haven't really had need to use the Freeview feature on our TV but it is a nice added bonus for anyone who doesn't subscribe to Sky TV.

      Quality and Cost Effective 3D

      For the price of this TV, it's now retailing at £599 for this 40" version, it certainly crams a lot of very good features into it for the price. Since we bought the TV I have been very impressed with both the quality of the picture and the amount I've used the 3D aspects. Having doubted whether it was worth it prior to parting with the cash, I'm quite glad to be able to say now that it really was. This is a quality TV that will last us for years. The colours are sharp and the screen offers a very high quality of definition, whilst the set itself is very slick and stylish. If you are looking for a 3D TV then you could do a lot worse than buying the Samsung 6100.


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    • Product Details

      The Samsung Series D6100 thanks to major advancements in viewing technology is an amazing Smart TV. You will be stunned by natural colour tones and outstanding picture quality LED 6100 uses 3D HyperReal Engine for vibrant and crystal-clear Full HD images. Wide Colour Enhancer Plus deploys complex algorithms to make colours more vivid and reveal tomes and hues usually invisible. With Hub Smart feature you can enjoy full potential of the internet through your TV. It is easy to find TV-related online content and share movies, photos and music. With additional Samsung TV Apps and Social TV you will have a lot of fun from your new world of entertainment and communication. AllShare allows you to connect your TV wirelessly to all your compatible digital devices and access all the music, movies and photos that you have stored there. You can download AllShare PC software and search, stream and play back all your PC content on your TV. With High Definition Multimedia Interface you can directly connect up to four devices. Additionally the Anynet technology enables you to direct all of your HDMICEC-compatible digital devices ? whatever their manufacturer ? with a single, stylish remote control. Connect Share Movie transforms your TV into a home entertainment theatre. Plug in your USB device or hard disk drive and enjoy the movies, photos and music that you have there.

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