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Samsung UE37ES6300

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    1 Review
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      11.02.2013 17:13
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      A good television with a reasonable price tag

      I never liked to spend much money on products but last week I had to buy a new television after my previous one decided to not work any further. This television was the one I came up with and it was a worthwhile investment.

      == Design ==

      This television is designed by Samsung who are a great company in electrical goods and this television is one of those which looks stylish and sleek just by the pictures online alone.

      The television is done in a black finish and is very thin and the weight is in my view superb for this item but there are a few flaws on the design when it comes to the back.

      You have four bolt holes to help you either wall mount this television or to place it on the stand provided. The problem is the wall mount because my previous television was thin and glued right up to the wall I assumed I could do the same with this television.

      The problem is where the plugs are located so you have on the left hand side a scart connection, HDMi connections and finally USB connections.
      They are not at the side but behind the television and for me this presents problems because you have to buy a wall mount which will cost more money overall and you need to get it perfect so to me they could have done with placing the connections at the side of the television.

      There are no buttons so if you lose the remote you're in a bit of trouble with this television. You have a red light which indicates when the screen is on or off and that is roughly it overall in terms of design.

      == Features ==

      This television is LED and I am not 100% sure on much difference between LCD's but the viewing graphics seem superb with an awesome back light which must be the difference between the two.

      The frame rate for this television is 200 MHz which is actually very good the more frame rates you have the better but be warned to many can result in having a television which seems to skip scenes (this is what I was told by a specialist).

      The screen format for this television is widescreen and the size of the television is 59cm in height, 86 cms in width and 4.5cm in depth, this shows how thin this television is.

      The weight of the television is 10.3kg which to me is superb and viewing resolution is 1920 x 1080 which is kind of standard for most televisions.

      The screen size is 37 inches which is not tiny in my view it is one of those television which when you open it up appears a smaller television then it actually is but when wall mounted it looks pretty good.
      The television is Freeview enabled which means you can scan across the country looking for those free television channels and use them to tune into your television.

      This television is also 3D enabled which means you can view the 3D movies should you have them enabled using glasses so you can watch those brilliant 3D scenes in great clarity.

      This television also has Smart TV which means you can log onto the internet and view applications on your television which you can use later on such as Twitter and Facebook.

      You have an Allshare DLNA which means you can view your files such as pictures and movies and use them on your television. If you have a Samsung Galaxy or download the computer program via Samsung you can share files from your own computer and send them directly to your own television.

      == Smart TV ==

      When I first read about this I did not really care about having it because this is a feature which benefits you if you want to use the internet and have certain applications on your television.

      When you view Smart TV on this Samsung you have the Wi-Fi built in so this means if you have got a modem with a USB connection you can plug this into the television and log on to the internet.

      If you have a wireless router like I do you can actually log into your wireless router via the television and use your own internet and this is done via the television.

      There are applications you can get to use such as fitness and social applications and there are some really good ones like Facebook and Twitter but my personal favourites are the ones you can use for your own amusement. I like to see the football scores live from various countries and these are displayed from free applications you can download.

      The internet speed on your television is usually determined by how fast your own router is. If you have a good speed internet connection you get excellent results usually on your television and you use the remote to type in internet webpages as well.

      == My Experience ==

      When I got the television the problem was with the wall mount it was a troublesome issue to find a wall mount which would fit the television due to the thickness of the scart cable sticking out the back.
      Once I did manage to wall mount the television the smart television system which is enabled via a single button began to update my box for me and these updates were in regards to new applications such as Netflix and also updating other ones with new information.

      Once this was done I began to explore the features I had with this television and some of there were easy to understand others were not. When you use the internet you can use a web browser and open up many pages but the problem is the speed to which you move around the screen.

      You use the arrow keys on the remote control and this enables you to move a mouse icon to the area you want and if you want to type in a website address you need to use the keypad on screen by moving your slow mouse to click every letter individually.

      The problem with this idea is that it got boring so I plugged in a keyboard into the USB slot and the television instantly knew what it was and I was able to type in a website address with this method and it worked very quickly.

      I found myself enjoying the various websites and the graphics were superb. This is an LED television and it means it has a backlight and it showed me perfect colours and if you stood up close it looked hard to justify the huge price tag. When you move away and look forward you can view some stunning colours which look amazing.

      The ability to change the various angles and features on the television were very easy to do. The way you can program the television to change the screen type to fit the genre of show you are watching is very good as well. The first example is movies and when I click on this option the screen makes the back light dimmer so the view you have in the movie is much better.

      I like the speed to which the television did various things such as downloading applications the smart hub on the screen and when it comes to searching for Freeview channels this is done rapidly as well.

      When I was looking at 3D on this television in the store I found the view fantastic I have always had issues with the 3D televisions on the market due to how some make everything look fantastic whilst other models try but fail in this area. This television does an excellent job at making sure your viewing experience in 3D is excellent.

      == Final Thoughts ==

      I like the fact this television has got the 3D capabilities and that if you want to have 3D movies you can view them using this system but the glasses are not provided so you have to go and buy this yourself separately.

      When you view the smart hub and are using applications you can still watch television by a nice 7 inch screen in the corner showing the program you're watching live whilst your exploring your hub which is a nice touch as well.

      I think the fact you can plug in your keyboard to assist with the internet very good and this helps you feel you can use the internet without getting frustrated trying to type in the web address using the horrible remote control.

      I like how you can share files from your mobile device or your computer direct to the television. If you have lots of photos instead of putting them on discs to view on your television you use the Allshare option and view them directly from your television.

      This television has plenty going for it with a great size, good speed internet, the ability to see 3D and Freeview and the weight is superb. I paid £499 for this television and got five year insurance free which is a super deal in my view.


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