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Sony Bravia KDL-32BX320

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    3 Reviews
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      05.03.2014 23:31



      Quality Sony TV

      I use this Tv in my bedroom and is mainly used for watching Tv but i also connect the IPAD to it occasionally to watch youtube videos and use particular Apps.

      The TV itself is very good but i do think that you are paying an excessive premium just for the Sony name. You can get the same quality TV for a much cheaper price.

      The picture is of good quality, delivering a vibrant colours and deep blacks. The sound quality is also decent. Reliability is never going to be an issue with Sony.

      Connectivity is great, with a wide range of inputs and outputs. I connect my iPad via HDMI which is great for viewing and using iPad Apps.

      The remote control is of decent quality, but not the greatest feel and design I've seen.

      Overall, I would recommend this TV if you can get a really good deal on it.


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      12.01.2012 22:49




      This has an amazing display. If you select "THEATER" on the remote you get a richer sound and picture quality. It also makes flicking between the Wii/ XBox easy. Easy to use with analogue, digital and freeview. Compatible with the up and coming digital switch over (if you are a resident of the uk!)
      Sleek design, at its thickest probably the same as the spine of two yellow pages. Great guide, easy to see channels, set reminders, see previews, and can go (if I recall correctly) about 7 days into the guide, so no problem setting reminders for eastenders every night! Overall, a really nice tv which is suitable for pretty much everybody. Easy to set up and use, it is worth the money. I would definitely recommend this television to anyone who is looking to buy a new one, whoever they may be. A really great buy, I love it.


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      01.12.2011 13:23
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      One super tv from Sony

      I had been wanting a new television for my bedroom for a little while now just for watching TV and movies, especially with the cross over looming. So a few months ago I decided to bite the bullet and impulsively purchase one. This is my first television review, so anything that I may over look just give me a message.

      Sony Bravia LCD Digital Colour TV KDL-32BX320:

      What's in the Box:

      Table top stand
      Screws for stand
      Remote (plus 2 x AA batteries)
      LCD Digital Colour TV

      This Sony Bravia is all black with a slight glossed looked to the black a lovely looking modern, sleek device. The speakers run across the bottom of the television in a small strip which is in keeping with the unit itself. Stand matches perfectly with the TV and the Sony logo is small and doesn't distract from the set.

      My findings:

      I purchased my television back in August of this year and so far I have really been happy with my purchase. It has ticked all the boxes for me and more. In my eye Sony Bravia is most definitely one high quality TV.

      The box in which the television comes is quite large so there is little chance of you hopping on the bus to pick one up. You will certainly need a car or have it delivered.

      First off, getting this home and removing it from the box on my own was a little tricky with the foam padding, so I would advice an additional person to help set this television up. If you plan on following the instructions, the next part is to set up the TV stand (unless you want it on wall mounts). This part is nice and easy and is just a case of slotting the items together.

      When the stand is ready you can then put the television on top into the slot provided. You then need to add the screws provided to secure the television to the stand itself. Once that is done the set is very sturdy and shows no signs of tipping over in anyway.

      Once I had set up the stand and TV it was time to plug in and tune in. Again I found this to be a very simple process. At the back of the television on the left hand side you have all the compartments for the cabled needed. To start with I just plugged the aerial cable and power cable in and turned it on as I couldn't wait to see the screen quality. There is a button on the right side on the television in order for the TV to start, once that has been pressed you will see the power indicator light go green - you're alive!

      When you turn the TV on for the first time it comes up with the language menu, so then you can select your preferred language. Once that has been done you can then follow the on screen instructions to set up the rest of the TV. At this time it will also ask you for a PIN/code in which any code can be used apart from 0000 (doesn't give a reason why you cannot use that though).

      During the automatic set up you can either "auto tune" or do a "manual tune" for the easy option I opted for the auto tuning. In less than five minutes my Freeview channels where all ready and available. Please note the Freeview channels do vary to which area you are in.

      First thing I did was flick through all the channels, and I was amazed of the crystal clear picture quality compared to the box I had before. This really did blow it out of the water so to speak. All the channels were already in order so there was no messing around trying to set them correctly. With the TV guide button on the remote there is no more need flicking through all the channels to see what is on, the guide is always up to date and you can even see listing for up to seven days in advance.
      The power cable for me to plug the system into the wall isn't the longest I've seen but it was just long enough for where I wanted it in my bedroom. However if needed extensions leads are not expensive if one was needed. (appox 50 inches long)

      At the back of the TV you have the USB port where you can plug in a memory stick. This is ideal for viewing movies, photographs and listening to music, etc. This really has to be my favourite feature on this television as it eliminates the need for an external component (DVD player, games console, etc), so any digital media can easily be transferred. When you plug in the memory stick, the menu screen will start up automatically and you just tab left or right to select what feature you want to use. (Memory stick not supplied with the TV though, so you would have to purchase one if you wanted to use this feature).
      When watching or listening anything from your memory stick you can pause, stop, play, rewind and fast-forward via the buttons at the top of the remote just like using the remote from a DVD player really.

      The remote control is straightforward and does what it says basically, no fancy buttons. Buttons are easy to press not tiny, so someone with difficulty when using there hands wouldn't find this to tricky.

      Picture Quality:

      I have never had a Sony television before however if the picture is perfect just like this is, why I waited so long to get one is beyond me! The images are crystal clear, no horrid blur, no shadow images just crystal clear viewing. I did notice when watching an old B-Movie where the picture quality can be a lot dark this TV automatically made it lighter, with out the need of me playing around with the menu buttons - Perfect!

      Another bonus I found out was that this television has a "Sensor Technology System" which means if your rooms becomes very light or very dark in anyway the TV sets the colouring/contrast etc accordingly this is also a energy saving system. You don't need to do a thing as the TV automatically does it for you.
      You also have what is called Cinema Mode where there are two different settings which is supposed to give you an authentic movie experience. Personally I don't see much different about from the colouring seems to be brighter.

      Sound Quality:

      In the past I have found that some televisions can distort the sound if taken to the maximum volume level. However if you raise this one to the max, it doesn't distort in the slightest and still bends your ear drums to the tune of whatever music channel you have on!

      Adding a DVD player to the Sony Bravia:

      Like with most televisions when setting it up with a DVD player you need to plug the scart lead in, going from DVD player to the TV. The scart port is located on the back of the box on the left side same place for all the other ports. When you turn the DVD player it automatically start on the television. So again nice and easy to set up and no tuning needed.

      If you want to go from watching a DVD to watching the TV you need to press the button on the top left hand side of the remote. From that button you can then chose what you want to select, USB, DVD or Freeview.

      Price and Availability:

      I paid £249.99 for my Sony Bravia from Tesco's when it was on offer, and most places now you can pick this television up for around £249.99 - £349.99 so always worth shopping around for the best offers.


      There isn't really anything I can fault when it comes to this TV apart from it gets dusty very easily!, my favourite feature has to be the USB port as I can just add movies to my memory stick plug it into the TV and away I go. If like me I normally fall asleep in bed while watching TV you can easily set a time for it to turn off via the menu button.

      Huge five out of five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading

      Additional Information:

      You can also use this television as a computer monitor via the HMDI cable port personally for me I would find a 32inch for a computer screen to big. However if you were in a company that needed to do slide presentations I think this would do an excellent job. You can also connect this TV to your laptop if needed.
      In the set up instructions it does state that this television will only be suitable for bedrooms or living rooms. As it doesn't perform well in hot or very cold conditions. So not suitable for the likes of gyms, kitchens, outdoors etc.

      HDMI Interface with HDMI Manufacturer Sony
      Screen type LCD Full HD with Full HD (1080p) HD
      HD Ready
      Screen Format 16:9
      Screen Size in cm 81 Screen Size in Inches 32 International
      Product ID cm3088
      EAN 4905524736083
      MPN kdl32bx320bu


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