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Sony KDL-40W4500

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    3 Reviews
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      12.02.2009 20:09
      Very helpful


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      Highly Reccomended

      I bought this tv last year as i needed a new tv for my front room. I was reccomended to buy the Sony Bravia KDL-40W4500 from a friend who said it is a must have tv for my home. I must say i have never been a tv fan, i let my bf deal with all the electronic items so once i looked up at the price tag, i was in two minds before making my mind up!. I bought the tv from my local currys and amazingly the kind assistand knocked £30 quid off after a quick negotiation, i know its not that much but atleast it's better than nothing!.

      This is a fantastic HD LCD television and it brings out its full colours. I have always prefered sony as it is a japanese company which is reliable and has never let me down on any sony brand tv i have bought so far. They also make some fantastic tv's. Before buying this sony bravia tv, i decided to read up some reviews and most people gave the thumbs up which made me go ahead and purchase it.

      The sony KDL - 40W4500 model is 100Hz which also features a new motionflow picture processing technology and like all the new Bravia models it uses a powerful bravia engine 2 picture processor which gives out a clean clear smooth picture. I knew when i bought the tv that the performance of the tv will last me for many years to come, and so far it has not let me down. I fell in love it as soon as i set my eyes on it and i give it a thumbs up to all those people who are planning on buying this particular model.

      The HD (high definition) picture quality is the finest i have ever seen as yet and the amazing picture clarity it gives out, has amazed all the guests that has come to my house. It goes without saying that the sound is very very clear which boasts out fantastic sound clarity output, this is all thanks to the new s-force front surround speaker technology built in.

      The contrast levels and its sharpness is very impressive and does not glare into your eyes as much unlike all other LCDS. I have full confidence that this sony bravia model is ONE of the best ones that i have owned.

      Thanks for reading =)

      Nicole xxxxxxxxxx


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      12.12.2008 18:17
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      One of the best sub £1000 sets available

      This is the TV I've been waiting for, for over 2 years.

      The problem with nearly all sub £1000 High Definition, (HD), sets released to date is that they have poor Standard Definition, (SD), output. In fact some of the really cheap, (sub £200) sets are so bad at showing SD content, you are actually better of with a ghosted analogue signal on a 20 year old CRT.

      The TV I've had for the past 5 years or so, is a Sony KD32DX100. This is a SD CRT with a built in digital tuner. It also features 100hz processing that helps reduce "flicker". It has one of the best SD pictures you'll ever see. I'm constantly disappointed by friends so-called "modern" LCD sets that look okay showing 720p video, but look absolutely terrible when using Freeview. As 90% of the media I watch is SD, be it DVD or Freeview, it is essential to me that a HD set can still produce good quality SD pictures.

      I considered the Sony KDL-40W4000 for quite some time. However even though this is towards the top end of Sony's range, (only the flagship X range is significantly better), it still doesn't produce a SD picture that I find good enough. On the other hand, the HD performance of the W4000 is amongst the best in it's class. In time I will be watching more and more HD, so it is also very important to me to get class leading HD pictures.

      Luckily Sony seem to agree. They have come up with this, the KDL-40W4500. It's basically the W4000 with some enhancements. The main ones being 100hz scanning and improved motion control. The HD picture is improved over the W4000, making it the equal of sets in the £2000-£3000 range. But more importantly for me, the SD picture is vastly improved over the W4000.

      The "motionflow" electronics seem to really help out fast moving images in SD. The picture is close to a CRT. The W4500 has improved up-scaling as well. The result is good, even watching live football in SD, (something that is not very pleasant on most LCD's), is enjoyable. Very few artefacts are present, and MPEG noise is dealt with well by the new improved Bravia 2 processing engine.

      The set is capable of 1:1 mapping, which means that a 1080p video signal is mapped pixel for pixel onto the screen. This results in the highest picture quality as no scaling is used to "fit" the signal to the screen resolution.

      Another improvement is the film mode. The set can output 24p to match film stock. It does this well without any of the "judder" that I've seen on other LCD's.

      For PS3 and Xbox360 owners, there is a Game mode. This simply reduces the lag time from roughly 30-50ms down to 0-10ms. Gamers will understand the benefits of faster response times.

      I've been using this TV with a PS3 as the Blu-ray player, using HDMI to connect. I'm using the sets built in Freeview tuner for Regular TV. To watch DVD I normally use a Pioneer player that ouputs analogue RGB. The up-scaled picture from DVD in the PS3 is better than the analogue RGB signal straight from the Pioneer, however I'm not sure how much of that is the PS3's up-scaling and how much is down to the TV.

      I've done some experiments to see how good the KDL-40W4500 is at SD compared to my old TV. I've ranked the results based on my personal opinion:

      For DVD playback:

      1. W4500 + PS3
      2. Old CRT + Pioneer
      3. W4500 + Pioneer

      For Freeview playback:

      1. It's a draw

      The TV has the following connections:

      1. 3 HDMI
      2. 2 RGB capable SCARTS
      3. USB2
      4. 1 Optical Digital audio
      5. 1 VGA
      6. 1 Component
      7. 1 Ethernet
      8. Analogue audio
      9. 3.5mm Mini Jack
      10. Composite


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        02.12.2008 16:00



        This is a TV for gamers! Probably for PS3 since the console is also made by Sony! 

        At first, I needed to get used to the new format compared to my old CRT tube. After a few weeks, we are finally getting used to it. The look distance is around 3.5 / 4 meters. The installation was very easy and done in an hour. The sound is neither good nor bad. The picture quality is excellent. In particular, the promo HD channels (National Geographic and Eurosport 1 and 2) are beautiful to see. After seeing that, you know that you have bought a great TV. This applies also for example Little Big Planet on the PS3 with the 1080P output or standard DVDs with upscaling to 1080I. However, there is one big disadvantage that annoys me: the sub-pages are not preserved in Teletext. I think that this must be in every standard television.
        The USB photo display is funny. When I tried to display pictures with a lower resolution, then the picture was depicted a little smaller and it was also not filling in the whole screen. I haven't tried the network option for streaming photos and music yet. Although the TV has a separate game mode, with the game LBP (Little Big Planet) through the PS3, I haven't noticed any difference between this game mode and the standard setting.

        This review can also be found on Ciao.com under Womaninpink


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