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Sony KDL-52X3500

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    2 Reviews
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      03.11.2011 18:03
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      The best TV I've ever owned.

      Price I paid 7.000Euro that's around £6.012 (please bare in mind that this was four years ago)

      When I first got this Sony KDL 52 X 3500 it was a top of the range tv. It was one of the first FULL HD, 24P, LCD TVs on the Market. And the X in it's title told you the buyer, that this was the best TV Sony had to sell. They still use this method today, the further into the alphabet the letter in the TVs code goes the higher the spec of the tv will be, and with each letter the tv becomes more expensive.

      At the time X was as high as it went.

      I no longer use this as my main tv anymore it has been moved / downgraded to a bedroom tv.
      But let me tell you about what makes this worth buying or not.

      This model is the 132cm / 52 inch version. It feels bigger than this because of it's designer frame. This is one of it's nicest features. A lot of TVs today are trying to minimise the front of the tv to only have the screen visible in front and the speakers in the back (these look great, don't get me wrong, it's just this ones a little different) This one has a brushed gun metal bezel with the full length speakers in the front on each side. It's then incased within a clear "floating glass design" frame edged with a stainless steel trim.
      Not many TVs have had so much effort put into making them look this good and when it's wall mounted like I have it this tv really comes into it's own.

      The X 3500 was also avalible in a fantasticly big 70 inch version. I would have loved it but it would have been too big for the house I was in at the time.

      The features of the 52 inch version where great for the time. But you will notice some stand out discrepancies when it comes to comparing it to todays large screen LCD, LED and Plasma TVs. Most notably the app like features, built in wifi compatibility, for video streaming and so forth.
      These my well be missing, but if you can get this tv for a great price, don't let the lack of these features put you off. With the HDMI connections you can link up blue ray players and games consoles that have these "Internet on TV" features built in. So you're not loosing out on anything.

      The picture on this four year old tv is better than my new 2011 TV. That says a lot when it comes to the quality of the picture and colour
      Maybe it's something to do with Sony's BRAVIA Engine Pro. This promises greater picture definition and it delivers.
      Its Live Colour Creation and x.v.Colour technology produce vibrant colours the way nature intended them to be viewed. No overly saturated or pale washed out colours on this TV.

      The "Built-in S-Force Front Surround speaker setting" produces stunning full surround sound effects from only 2 front speakers.

      The "Voice Zoom feature" is great for altering the volume of voices without changing background volume. This is really good when watching football and you don't want the commentary to be so loud, but still want to experience the atmosphere of a live match. This also works great when you are struggling to here voices, turn it up and the problem is solved.

      The "BRAVIA Theatre Sync" enables you to operate your TV and entire home cinema system by pushing one button ( as long as everything is a Sony )

      Motionflow +100Hz shows fast-moving sequencies with precision and smoothness. This is ideal for sports and can be turned on and off as needed. This setting compensates by adding extra pictures to the fast moving image, you don't see these extra images it just results in a strangely 3D effect. There is a depth to the picture when motion flow is set to max. I love this setting ( however if the tv signal isn't of the highest quality the picture can start to jitter )

      The 24p True Cinema setting automatically switches on when viewing a high definition blue ray disc or game. This means it's being shown as the director intended, with twenty four frames per second right in your home cinema setting.

      The "Photo TV HD technology" is great for viewing high-resolution digital still photographs in optimal quality.

      Or you can always use the "USB Photo Viewer" to easily display your digital photos on a big TV screen.

      It's full HD 1080p compatible to display High Definition signals in the highest quality, i.e. Playstation 3, Blu-ray Disc, etc. It also supports all signals up to that.
      The supported video signals are
      576i - This is the standard resolution (analogue tv, VHS)
      1080i - this is HD. The "i" stands for interlaced. This is two steps down from Full HD. Sky HD uses this resolution.
      720p - this is HD. The "p" stands for progressive. This is only one step down from Full HD. Sky HD also uses this resolution.
      1080p - this is full HD. 1920 by 1080p. Sky HD does NOT support this resolution.

      It comes with some accessories too.

      *In the box*

      1 AC Cable.

      1 Coax Cable.

      1 Operating Instructions.

      1 matching gun metal Table-Top stand.

      *Wall mounting details*

      VESA mounting holes.

      Wall-Mount Bracket SU-WL500 (optional)

      *Connection inputs*
      3 HDMI Inputs

      1 PC Input (15pin D-Sub) + Audio In

      2 Component Inputs

      4 Pin (Y/C) In (S Video)

      MiniJack (Head/Earphone) (3.5 mm)

      1 PCMCIA Card Slot

      1 RCA Audio Out

      1 RCA AV Input

      1 RF In

      2 Scart Inputs (RGB)


      With table top stand (W x H x D, cm) 141.5 x 89.0 x 38.4

      Without Table Stand (W x H x D, cm) 141.5 x 82.7 x 12.5

      *Weight Including Stand*

      49 (kg)

      *Weight Without Stand*

      42 (Kg)

      One of the nicest little touches found on this TV is that the Sony Logo Illuminates at the bottom centre of the screen, appearing from nowhere in electric blue. It magically appears on the clear glass frame when turned on, this function can be found in the "Tools menu" and vanishes when turned off.

      The Dynamic Contrast ratio Is 18000:1 this is the rating from the blackest black to the whitest White. This makes all the difference, always look out for this when shopping for a new TV.

      *Picture Modes *

      Vivid, standard, and custom. Try and always use the custom setting for the best picture as all setting are then adjustable.

      14:9 Mode

      16:9 Mode (this is the wide screen setting)

      4:3 Mode (this is best suited for viewing movies or programs that where made before wide screen,otherwise the picture will be starched. This puts wide black bars at the sides of the screen mimicking the old square screen shape and size)

      Picture In Picture? (yes)

      Picture & Picture? (yes)


      Analogue Terrestrial Tuner - watch all of your analogue tv channels (while they're still available)

      Digital Terrestrial Tuner (MPEG-2) watch all of your favourite digital free view channels with it's built in free view box. Seven day EPG (electronic program guide)

      Digital TV Cable Tuner (with supported operators)

      One last thing to mention is the remote control.
      It's a good size and feels comfortable in your hand.
      It matches the TV perfectly with it's colouring and design.
      It has a handy illumination button to illuminate the keypad for ten seconds. This is the same electric blue as the illuminated Sony Logo on the glass frame this is a nice touch.

      I loved this TV when it was pride of place in my Home. And I still love it now.
      As I said earlier, if you can get this TV for a good price (seeing it's an older model)


      You won't regret it.


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        26.09.2009 10:25
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Great set, class performance across the board, plenty of features, lovely design, bit pricy.

        I thought I would make this my first review as there seems to be very little text on what is a premium product.

        I bought this TV almost two years ago and I've been overjoyed with it.

        Out of the box you get the TV, a robust table-top stand and the remote control.

        The first thing that strikes you about the X series is the aesthetics. It doesn't have the bog standard piano black finish that is featured on 95% of flat panels. What you get is a nice, refined brushed gun metal bezel, housed in a clear plastic frame with metal casing. The Sony logo lights up blue on use of the set, which is a nice touch. It is an original and pleasing design.

        Also included within this are the two speakers.

        Now on to the most important part, the picture. What convinced me to buy this particular model was the standard of SD (standard definition [Freeview, DVD etc]) processing. Prior to this, my experience with flat panels was limited and what struck me was the poor quality of SD signals. I found it strange that these new panels had poorer picture quality on SD signals than their CRT counterparts.

        This TV however, produced an acceptable picture quality for SD. The final outcome is dependent mostly on the channel you're viewing, so it does fluctuate, however all channels are acceptable and some do excel. The acid test, football viewing, was passed as the display handled fast moving images with little to no blurring.

        It comes with Freeview built in, however I have yet to test this as I have cable tv.....sorry!

        I cannot speak for all the added picture enhancements as I tend not to use them, but there is an array of colour tweaking options provided in the menu, so for the more enthusiastic video fan the picture can be manipulated much further to your tastes.

        As you would expect, the high definition performance of this set is fantastic. Out of the box, the colours were vivid and rich (watching BBC's Planet Earth blu-ray), with the set producing a clean, pin sharp, finely detailed image. I have yet to experience any judder or artefacts that is associated with many flat panels, it is a consistent performer over an array of images.

        As built-in speakers go, the X series are top notch and much better than the tacked on ones that befall many flat panels. They are more than adequate, however, as you would expect a dedicated surround sound setup will comfortably out perform them.

        The remote is a typical Sony remote. Big, chunky with an array of buttons. It could be more user-friendly but it's well made and durable and does what it is supposed to.

        If you're looking for a top notch flat panel set, then the X series will not let you down. It is expensive (at least it was when I first bought it) and you may be able to find similar sets for less. The new Panasonic (V/G sets) and Pioneer Kuros offer the same ballpark of performance, generally speaking, but could cost considerably less. It is also quite chunky at around 5 inches deep.

        What I do know is that this one is quality through and through and comes recommended.


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