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Sony KDL-55EX723

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2012 01:43
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      One of Sony EX723 series 3D HD 1080p compatible televisions with an outstanding amount of features.

      The Producer of the Product:

      The Target Audience:
      I would say a family Television as it is such a big, feature packed television, but as the need for televisions in bedrooms is now growing would probably suit a teenager as well.
      Not suitable for anyone under the age of 11 years as it could damage vision

      £1198.90 at Tesco.

      Is the product for you?:
      If you are after a TV that completely wows even yourself upon entering a room, which comes complete with every feature for your, is extremely light a durable and is stylish enough to suit any decoration in any room then this is the TV for you. This TV literally has anything you could want with a TV; it is HD 3D ready, which goes to true HD 1080p. It has free view and a 3D Transmitter built into the TV, it has a built in web surfer for browsing the internet, which unfortunately (I don't know if there will ever be an update, but it doesn't play videos in WebPages). Being a smart TV, you have access to Widgets & APPS like face book, twitter & Skype. You can watch TV and use face book at the same time, not sure if that's a good thing as a lot of people I know are addicted to face book!
      For Skype you will need the Sony camera (see specs above for details) however I will connect my Microsoft webcam to see if a generic camera can be used. It may be a long shot but if it works will have just saved £93 as Sony's peripherals are quite expensive.

      The Set up:
      This product was perfect upon even looking at the box. I had it delivered to me which is useful as a lot of the time I am busy at work and don't really get round to going shopping. Now this was a massive upgrade from my previous bedroom TV which was a 22" Goodman's HD television and let me just say how pleased I am I upgraded. As I slid it out of the box I was thinking to myself I had been ripped off with a hollow TV, it was so light, and it actually weighed less than my 22" television which when next to each other looks half the size. I quickly set the TV up on a stand (Until I bought a bigger wall bracket), plugged everything in and turned the TV on ready to go. After the initial switch on of the TV it becomes even easier to set up as the TV loads with Sony's setup wizard which helps you set up your terrestrial channels and save all of the channels you like.

      The product in one:
      This TV is simply just WOW! It has so many features that I don't even know where to begin with it. It's capable of surfing the web which to be honest isn't the quickest browser you will ever use but it's not too bad, a major drawback of the web browser is you cannot watch videos in the browser it's self it's more for just informational purposes, which if you are too lazy to turn on the PC is pretty useful. The browser is also good for searching the internet whilst watching your favourite programs. Some of you might be thinking I bet the typing in URL's and text on the browser is just dreadful, but Sony been the Geniuses that they are have started teaming up with Apple giving IPhone/IPod Touch and IPad users an advantage been able to download an application to be able to become the full remote for the TV which means easier typing. For those of us without an Apple product then I'm sure (Untested) that a plug in keyboard into the TV's USB socket should work, I don't see any reason why not.

      On to the subject of a USB embedded into the housing of the television, this TV gives massive alternatives for any type of recorder such as DVD or any hard disk drive based recorder as if you have an external hard drive, or even a USB flash drive (My 64gb works perfectly), just simply connect it to the TV through the USB port, mount the drive in the home menu, and once you have done this your TV will record any digital TV program you want it to and just save it on to your USB stick or Hard drive. One big drawback for this I guess is that the TV will only support hard disk drives up to 1TB which is an awful lot of space, but I guess been humans we always want more, oh and the TV will reformat the hard drive so make sure you are using a spare and have backed up all of the information from the hard drive.

      The picture is very sharp, the blacks are pretty much spot on and the motion (200Hz) is fluid and very smooth,

      On to the 3D features with this TV, let's just say its outstanding! The TV comes with a demo to show you how good it is (which I have to show off to my mates ;) ) but we all have some good fun with it, they'll bring round there 3D compatible games for the PS3 and we will make a pretty boring night a good one. The 3D isn't quite as expected with things coming out the screen at you, which they do, but it creates an affect as if say you're in the scene itself, like you can jump into the television and explore around, it's kind of like creating a virtual reality kind of effect, which I do love, I think it's a pretty good feature to have.

      The TV has a whole host of Internet music and video options available to us as well, which include services from Love film, Sony and you tube and BBC iPlayer (which is handy for the late workers.
      However At present Channel 4 OD and ITV Player isn't available via the TV which is odd because I have them on My PS3 however I'm sure they are coming (As they work with Sony). Despite this drawback the TV has built in free view HD giving us the access to BBC 1 HD, BBC HD, ITV HD and Channel 4 HD. I have a terrible aerial at the moment but the picture is still pretty crisp and clear .
      Other features include remote streaming of media from a windows PC, connect your media to the USB sockets for direct playback! I.e. USB thumb drives, MP3 players and IPODs. I haven't had much success with track names connecting an iPod to the TV via usb as the TV just addresses the iPod as removable storage but I'm sure Sony will fix that in an upcoming firmware update.

      The biggest downside to this TV is how expensive the 3D glasses for it are. The 3D glasses are expensive, well made but pricey, they are your active glasses not the passive glasses which do offer a better 3D experience. The glasses themselves retail at £100 a pair and to have fun you're going to want to buy at least 2 pairs, so I guess this is how Sony makes the extra pounds from us.

      How does it compare to other Products?:
      This product tops any product in the same category to it in my opinion; it has every feature available with a HD 3D Television, is built solidly, has excellent picture quality, has safety measures to look after the screen over prolonged periods of time so you don't have to and just looks fantastic. Don't get me wrong there is obviously TV's on the market that come close to this or might even be on par but this is definitely worth its money.

      Does the Product Achieve its Purpose?:
      This product definitely achieves its purpose in creating an ultimate choice, action and feature packed television for a realistic price. It works out in every way for the whole family or for those greedy ones ;) a person television.

      Breaking it down:
      · *Screen type : LCD; Backlight type : Edge LED; Resolution : 1920 x 1080; Screen size (inch) :55; Frames Per Second : 200 Hz; Aspect ratio :16:9; Full 3D : Transmitter built in; Sony Active Shutter Glasses required (sold separately); Sony TDGBR100B 3D Active Shutter glasses (requires 2032 cell batteries); Sony TDGBR250B 3D Active Shutter glasses (Rechargeable) - I'd recommend buying from Amazon.
      · *Using 3D, i.e. From Play station, Bluray or Sky Box a high speed HDMI 1.4 spec cable is required per 3D device
      · *Speaker type : Invisible speaker (with Sound Elevation)
      · *Audio power output : 20W (10W x 2); Sound mode settings : Dynamic / Standard / Clear Voice; Surround mode settings : Cinema / Sports / Music / Game; S-Force Front Surround + S-Force Front Surround 3D + S Master; Dolby® Digital / Dolby® Digital Plus / Dolby® Pulse
      · * 4 x HDMI; 1 x Scart; 1 x Component; 1 x PC (15 Pin VGA); 1 x Optical Digital out; 1 x Standard RCA Video In; 1 x Stereo RCA Audio In L/R; 1 x Standard 3.5mm Stereo Jack Input; 1 x Headphone Out; 2 x USB; 1 x PCMCIA; 1 x COAX (Aerial) Input; 1 x RJ45 Ethernet connection
      · *Wifi capable, requires Sony UWABR100 USB dongle
      SKYPE requires Optional Sony CMU-BR100 USB Video Camera with Mic

      How to Improve:
      There is no way to improve this product other than to include the active glasses in with the TV so you can have fun straight away.

      Product Rating 5/5 from me.


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