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Technika 19" HD Ready LCD TV

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14 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • Good picture
  • Iffy sound
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    14 Reviews
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      19.04.2015 00:29
      Very helpful


      • "Good picture"


      • "Iffy sound"

      A Good Bargain TV

      My Technika 16-912 LCD TV was a rare Ebay bargain which has been a super tele from day one, we bought it to take out in our camper van and it has since been placed in the kids' room while they were ill and now it resides in my bedroom as I've fallen in love with Game of Thrones and want to catch up with the boxsets (my partner hates that sort of stuff so best for me to watch it upstairs than have him moaning all the way through it).

      The television is HD ready and has a built in DVD player which is very simple to use, the only time you need to touch the TV itself is when you change the DVD - everything else can be done with the remote control (which is also very simple in layout and design).

      The picture has always been good on the Technika TV but sound can be iffy - it struggles to keep to the same volume throughout a single programme and can become muffled and tinny at times too. This can be a nuisance as if I'm watching a DVD quite late at night I don't really want the volume bursting out to wake the kids' in the next room.

      I'd recommend this TV if you can get it at a decent price, it has been discontinued now so isn't available new but comes up here and there on Ebay and the Amazon Marketplace. I only paid a few pounds for it but would imagine a comparable television would cost roughly £89, as with most discontinued electrical items however I wouldn't necessarily suggest you hold out for this one even if you like the sound of it as the ones which have been released in the meantime will be just as good (if not better).


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      28.10.2013 12:52



      If you want a small TV for a room then this is great!

      I bought this TV for myself when I was going to University. I wanted something to watch the TV on and to play by games on. The screen isn't huge but I think it's just right, and I havn't felt the need to upgrade to a larger screen!

      The built in digital is easy to use and I like the way it works, it's not too complex and my friends could easily work out how to use it!

      After the digital switch over, this TV is now no longer TV friendly, hardly any channels work but this is due to the fact theres alot of trees near me so I do suggest you trying this out at home when you buy it as you may have the same problem!

      I connected a HDMI cable to this tv for my xbox and the pictures look great on the screen! I havn't found any issues with the brightness and it's not a really glossy screen which is great as I do hate gloss which just reflects everything!!

      It does attract alot of dust which is easily fixable and it's pretty light for a TV (which means I can put my xbox under it with no problem!)

      This is a great TV and I would only upgrade if I wanted something with a larger screen, this really is a bargain!!


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      09.11.2012 01:42
      Very helpful



      Bargain TV/DVD combo

      This Technika 19" TV is a good TV for your bedroom or study and it has the added bonus of having a built in DVD player if you can't find anything to watch on the many freeview channels available.


      Screen size: 19in
      Resolution: 1366*768
      Contrast ratio: 1000:1
      Aspect ratio: 16.9
      Type: LCD
      Flat screen: Yes
      HD ready: Yes
      Sound output: Nicam stereo
      Built in dvd: Yes
      HDMI connections: 1
      Scart sockets: 1
      RGB enabled scart sockets: 1
      CI slot: Yes
      Component input: Yes
      Headphone socket: Yes
      Memory card slot: No
      PC input: Dsub (VGA)
      USB port: Yes
      Energy efficiency Class: B


      For such a simple and affordable TV, the Technika has various useful features, such as a 7 day electronic programme guide, auto tune, parental lock, sleep timer as well as good old teletext (for now!). It also has the option of being wall mountable.


      Height with tabletop stand: 37.2cm
      Height without tabletop stand: 35.2cm
      Weight with tabletop stand: 5kg
      Weight without tabletop stand: 4.9kg
      Width: 46.3cm
      Depth: 17.8cm


      While it's fair to say you won't be expecting stunning performance from the Technika the picture is excellent although it is recommended that you have a half decent aerial, or like me you can get it fitted to an existing sky dish and if you have a viewing card this will let you view a whole host of channels.
      The built in dvd player is an added bonus and has worked fine for me (apart from once when it jammed) although I have heard some horror stories about the dvd player!
      A little tip for you here is that if you are unable to retrieve a dvd from the machine then push another one onto the edge of the one in the machine and it will pop out. Not a major problem but if you have the facility, you should be able to use it!
      The TV is easy to tune with the auto tune mode, simply plug it in and follow the prompts and it will be set up in a few minutes.


      The Technika brand is predominantly found in Tesco and you should be able to pick one up for around £100 although if you are lucky it can be cheaper when it is on offer.


      The Technika is a good little telly as an extra and it won't break the bank either although take care when using the DVD.


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      26.08.2012 23:08
      Very helpful



      A decent and reliable TV, at a decent price.

      == How and When I Got This TV ==
      My parents actually bought this TV for me a few years ago as a birthday present. It's certainly served me well and I was most recently using it as a PC monitor substitute.

      == Quality of Build ==
      Starting from the 'ground up' (metaphorically speaking); let's start with the quality of the build...

      This TV has a fairly solid build with a thick, sturdy plastic base and frame. This is the kind of thick plastic that is layered and relatively hard to break, giving a stern feel to this TV's outer-structure.

      == Quality of Display ==
      Quite obviously, one of the more/most important things regarding a television is its display and screen quality, and I can tell you that this one is very good.

      This TV has a 19 inch LCD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and it's HD ready.

      If you're looking for a reasonably priced TV to play games on, or watch movies on, at a fairly high-quality; this TV is certainly a worthy choice, and does the job.

      == The DVD Player ==
      This TV has a built-in DVD player which you will find on the side of the TV which comes in great use; you simply insert your DVD in to the side of the TV and press play (controls on top or via the remote).

      I've read quite a few people saying that this DVD player breaks and has broken for them; and whilst with my particular model it did not happen, my parents actually own one themselves and I believe that DVD player has broken, or is iffy. So quite clearly, there appears to be something to this claim and I definitely think you should bare that in mind if purchasing this TV.

      == Build-in Freeview: Any Good? ==
      This TV is one of the many new televisions to have a build-in freeview capability, and for the most part it works lovely. If you find yourself a decent aerial (I'd recommend an internal one for best results) then you can pick up a good amount of digital channels and if you don't watch much TV on a regular basis - it can be a very handy little alternative to paid cable.

      == Is This TV Value for Money? ==
      Overall I would say this TV is good value for money.

      You'll find this particular television for around £100 online (I'd recommend searching for and buying this; and actually any technology items - online) and I'd say that's a very good price and that this TV will last you a good while, and be a good companion for gaming, channel surfing and movie watching.

      I've read a handful of horror stories regarding the quality of this TV and other TVs from Technika such as the DVD player breaking (something to look in to, and bare in mind) but I can honestly say that I've had no issues with mine, and it's lasted me about three years so far.

      If you're looking for a cheap, decent TV, this is a good option.

      I hope I've done a good job at giving you some honest and clear insight and opinion on this product; and thank you for reading!


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      10.07.2012 22:55
      Very helpful



      Let's get technikal!

      I got this TV in December 2011 after my old computer screen kicked the bucket. I saw how people were able to use their computer screen to watch TV and play ps3 at the same time as being connected to the computer! Being the lazy guy I am, I just had to get this!

      Ok pressing menu on the remote this is basically what I can see:

      Picture - Allows you to change the basic colour, contrast, brightness and PC position. That kind of thing. Nothing too special in here!

      Sound - Volume, Equalizer, Balance, Headphone, that sort of thing. Once again there isn't much here of interest appart from the Dynamic Bass, that's pretty neat!

      Settings - Conditional Access: Errr... I don't have a clue what this does when I click on it it says No common Interface module required. I did a little research though, I think this is to be used in schools e.g. where channels can be blocked or digi can be restricted

      Another thing of interest in the settings is the parental access, parents have the liberty to limit pretty much anything on this TV making it suitable to be left in a childs room or in a school. It's the little things that make a television better than standard ones.

      On the remote you can also access the channel options which allows you to reset the channels installed and also add new ones manually. This built in digital system allows you to have a complete TV system sitting compact on your desk. If only there was a DVD player! That would make this thing the king of all mini televisions. One little thing that really annoys me is that if anybody turns something on/off in the house the TV screen disappears for 1/2 seconds. What's with that? I don't know if it's my dodgey power source or the TV but it will remain a mystery.

      This TV is pretty solid if you're like me and can't afford a big 32 inch for your living room. It does the job and provides excellend graphics in stunning HD. You can't go wrong by buying this, probably why tesco decided to stock hundreds of them!


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      29.04.2012 13:53


      • Reliability


      Overall, this product is worth the money paid for it. It does the job

      I bought this in my first year at university because it was one of the cheapest I could find for its size. I was slightly wary at first because it was a Tesco make but 3 and a half years on....it is still in perfect condition. The TV comes with built in Freeview which is ideal for any student as no space is taken up by any digital boxes. The quality of the actual screen is faultless.

      It is great for technical people that love plugging in their laptops to the TV as this product allows you to do so. I usually put films and tv shows on my USB and watch it on the big screen. The only downside was that the TV would not register my external hard drive even though it had the same modifications of the USB stick.

      I have spilt all drink over this TV over the last few years and it still works perfectly and the stand is easily wipe able, as is the screen.

      The only problems I had with this TV, was that I didn't really get to tilt the screen like some other TV/Computer monitors whilst lying in bed so the image would be darker than usual. The DVD player is good but sometimes I forget which way the DVD actually goes in as the instruction bit is just beside it at the back so can't really see it.

      I paid around £120 for my TV set and I think that was the cheapest around at that time. However there are more reputable companies selling similar sizes at the same price but I have to admit, I am becoming quite fond of the Technika ranges.


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      09.11.2011 18:08
      Very helpful



      An okay television and DVD player

      I think I've had my Technika 19-228G television long enough now in order to write a review on it so here goes.

      Technika 19-228G

      Earlier this year, my sons' television in his bedroom decided to stop working, it was quite an old one anyway so I was expecting it to lose the will to. So as promised he had the television out of our bedroom, he always knew he would get it; it was just a case of when. We had been after a T.V with an integrated DVD player for a while but had decided to wait until we really had reason to buy one. So this was our opportunity. We purchased this television from Tesco directly from the shop itself and we paid around £120.00 for it.

      At first we couldn't decide on what screen size we wanted, we had been used to quite a small screen so we didn't want to go too big. The screen of this television we decided on is actually 18.5 inches but the box stated that it was a 19 inch. This didn't really bother us because we think the screen is plenty big enough for our needs. Along with the actual television we also got a remote control, which to be honest makes no sense to me whatsoever. I usually only care where the off button is anyway. Two AAA batteries also came in the box, as did one RF cable, the stand for the television and the user guides.

      There was no problem connecting the television to the stand, the television actually looks quite nice, it's a shiny black gloss finish very slim and sleek looking complete with a wide LCD screen. It looks a lot better than our old thing used to do that's for sure. The real plus for me is the DVD player, it's so much better not having to have a separate DVD player, taking up extra space, and the lack of wires everywhere makes the whole area so much neater. The DVD player is situated in the top right hand side of the television, if I didn't know it was there, I wouldn't even know that it had a DVD player, it's all so compact and neat. It can be wall mounted and the user guide tells you how to go about this, but personally we prefer ours stood where our television has always stood, on the chest of draws in the corner of the room.

      The television itself has free-view built in and this enables us to receive many extra channels. When we first got the television, we could hardly pick up anything, we couldn't even get the normal analogue channels, but to be fair that wasn't the fault of the product, it was in fact because of the digital switchover. I'm not sure how many channels exactly that we can pick up now, but we do get a fair few. We went through the usual scanning for channels which it did fairly quickly, it's not a difficult thing to do, and it is quite easy to understand what is needed to be done in order to set the television up. If you struggle the user guide is there to tell you everything anyway.

      Along the side of the television are several buttons, I won't list them as they are just the general buttons you would expect to see on any television, all these buttons can also be accessed on the remote control, which is another thing I won't go into too much detail about, firstly because there are so many buttons I wouldn't know where to start, secondly it's self-explanatory anyway and thirdly I really don't have a clue, all I know is, it works and is very responsive with the television. Now along the other side of the television are several different connections, I will list these as I personally was interested to know about these (even though we don't use them) before I decided to purchase so...

      The buttons down the side...

      Headphone socket-- self-explanatory, not something we use.
      Ariel input socket-- again obvious what this is.
      Audio input-- to enhance the sound by giving the option to connect speakers, we don't bother with this though. Although the sound is not perfect from this television, it is bearable and good enough for us to watch the odd DVD; we wouldn't want stereo sound booming round the bedroom anyway, so the sound that the television gives out is good enough for us.
      HD input-- there is also the option for component HD input, I'm not really up on what all this HD business means so I can't say too much about that.
      Video input-- what I imagine to be the connection for a video camera, like I have already said, we don't use any of these connections but it is handy to know they are there should we choose to use them.
      Coax out-- this is the digital coax output
      CI card in-- you will have to excuse my ignorance because I don't know what half of these things are for I'm just noting them down for those who may be interested to know.
      Scart, one scart socket, I think one is all this television needs.
      VGA (PC) Audio in-- no idea!
      VGA (PC) VGA PC input-- if this means something to do with connecting a PC to it, then I am totally out of my comfort zone!
      HDMI-- I know a little about this, not much though, all I do know is, and on our other television we use a HDMI cable to enhance picture quality for our XBOX 360 games. But we don't use anything on this television.
      USB-- I know what that is because my laptop is full of them, or should I say the USB connections are full, but anyway that completes the line-up of buttons presented down one side of this television.

      The quality and my personal problem with DVDs...

      The picture quality is not the best and neither is the sound quality, but they are good enough at least for us anyway. The DVD player works well, only problem I've found with it, unless I'm missing something, is the way I can't get back to where I was watching straight away, for instance if I have been watching a film then decide to turn it off half way through, I always have to scan through the film to the place I saw up to, the next time I turn it on. This disturbs me and I feel I must be doing something wrong because even the old VHS video recorders let me pick up on a film where I had left it previously. I think I may have to have a play around with it because I'm sure I must be missing something.

      I learn something new every day...

      Overall the television does offer quite a lot for the money I paid for it. On reading the actual user guide for the first time, I have discovered that the television can be easily set up and used as a computer monitor, I didn't realize this, but then again I was really only ever interested in watching the actual telly and the odd DVD anyway. So I apologise if my review has not helped those who connect lots of different things to their televisions, but I can only review what I know and have used myself.

      In all, not a bad television for the price, we're happy with it anyway.

      Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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        03.11.2011 20:24
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        An easy to setup, easy to use, and easy to pay for LCD TV

        About 6 months ago I had an estimated electricity and gas bill from Scottish Power which stated that I was around £600 in credit. After getting the actual meter readings to them over the phone it turned out that I was actually £490 in credit, and so I asked them to return £400 to me, which they did via a cheque in the post. This came as a nice surprise, and my wife and I decided to put a little of this money towards a new television for our spare room.

        Our spare room is quite small, and only really gets used by visitors a couple of times a year, so I was on the lookout for a fairly cheap LCD TV which didn't take up too much room, and would fit nicely onto the chest of draws at the end of the bed.

        After looking around in shops, and stores and on-line, the best deal that I could see was on a Technika 19-228G from Tesco on-line, costing £100. I ordered it on-line, via Topcashback, where I received a further 3% cash back on my purchase, and with the Tesco club card points taken into consideration it basically cost me about £95. I arranged to pick it up from the Macclesfield store as it is close to where I work, and didn't incur any delivery charges.

        ~~~~~ The Technika 19-228G TV ~~~~~

        The Technika TV is quite a nice looking bit of equipment. It has a 19" LCD screen which is surrounded by a slim, black, glossy frame with the 'Technika logo at the bottom. It comes with a small, neat little stand, and also has a built in DVD player, which came as a complete surprise to me, as I must have somehow missed this bit of info when I was looking at the TV on Tesco Online. The TV is HD ready and also has built in freeview which was the main thing I was after when selecting it.

        ~~~~~ The tech Spec ~~~~~

        The screen has a resolution of 1366 X 768, and a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

        In terms of inputs there is:

        1 x SCART
        1 x Video,
        1 x Component
        1 x 3.5mm jack for PC audio input
        1 x pair of RCA shared for Video and Component
        1 x Coax Audio Output
        1 x Headphone Output
        1 x HDMI (up to 1080i)

        It has dimensions of 463 mm in width, 372 mm in height, and 178 in Depth this is taking the stand into consideration, but without the stand the depth is just 70 mm.

        ~~~~~ Setup and Installation ~~~~~

        The TV was very well packaged in a nice strong cardboard box and was tightly packed into polystyrene inside and wrapped in a thick plastic bag. Included in the box along with the TV is:

        A Stand
        A RF cable
        A Remote
        A Pack of 2 x AAA batteries (for the remote)

        There is also a very handy 31 page user guide which is written in English language only, and gives full details of the TV, setup, guarantee, remote control functions, TV menus, DVD menus, technical info, as well as a small but useful section on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Along with the user guide is a coloured A4 sheet which has an illustrated quick set-up guide, which is what I used.
        After removing the packaging I found that this TV was exceptionally easy to set up. From opening the box to having it all set-up and tuned in, must have taken me less than 10 minutes!
        The setup basically consists of attaching the stand to the TV by lining up the grooved sections of the TV base and the stand, and twisting them together. Inserting the batteries into the back of the remote control. Connecting the RF lead to the TV and the Ariel socket on the wall, and plugging the power lead into the wall, and turning on. Pressing the power switch on the TV, and then the standby button on the remote are the final steps.
        At this stage the TV comes on, with a message about what number to call if there are any problems with the unit, and then the language can be selected, with English being the one that is already loaded up. Once 'OK' is selected after choosing the language the TV then starts to automatically tune itself in, which takes about 3 minutes, after which the set-up is all completed!

        ~~~~~ My thoughts and comments on the Technika TV ~~~~~

        Having owned this TV for about 6 months now, I have been surprised at how much I have used it considering it was just purchased for the spare room, mainly for use by the occasional guest.
        The main reason it has been used by me so much is because of the built in DVD player, as we do not have a DVD player upstairs in our house, and the one downstairs is old and unreliable, and a hassle to connect up to the TV.
        The DVD player can be heard each time the TV is turned on, regardless of whether you are going to use it or not, it can be heard initialising itself, and is quite noisy as it does so for a few seconds, after which the noise dies away. The DVD player is controlled by the TV remote, and can also be controlled by the buttons to the right hand side of the TV unit. All the menus are simple and easy to use, and the reaction speed of the DVD player to the instructions from pressing the remote are pretty quick.

        The TV also is controlled mainly from the remote, with a couple of buttons to the right of the TV unit also allowing the control of simple functions such as channel and volume selection. The menus again are very simple to use and follow, although they can be a little slow to react, especially if flicking through the TV guide at a rapid pace the menus can start to fall behind a little.
        Whenever the TV is on standby a little red flash of light is visible just beneath the screen, and once the TV is powered up properly the red turns to a nice soothing blue / purple colour.

        The freeview on our TV provides us with 34 channels, which is impressive considering that I do not have a proper Ariel installed on my house roof. Instead I just have an old Ariel hanging up in my loft, which always struggled to get a decent picture on our old TV pre 'digital switchover' days.

        I generally always watch the TV via the full screen settings, as the screen is just 19" and so I do not want to make it any smaller, but there is the option of selecting (via the remote control) between full screen, Auto, 4:3 or 14:9.
        The picture is very good in my opinion, as is the sound quality. The TV is positioned just at the end of our bed, and so I am generally viewing it from about 6 feet away, and at about the same height as my head is at when I'm lying on the bed. If I try to watch the TV from a radically different angle, then the picture does become a little difficult to see clearly, which I suppose is to be expected with a model priced in this range.

        As mentioned above set-up of the TV was very simple indeed, and the batteries included in the packaging are useful, as I would have had to go out and buy some otherwise. The stand gives the TV a nice solid base which sits very well on my chest of drawers, and shows no sign of wobbling as the draws are pulled open and pushed close. Along with the stand, there is also the option of wall mounting the TV if required as there are 4 large screws to the back of the TV that are used to fasten it to a wall mount frame.

        In summary, I have been impressed with this little TV from Technika. For around the £95 price that I paid for it, it gives a decent picture and has been totally reliable up to yet. I have not experienced any overheating of the TV unit, or any reduction in picture quality. It did come with a 12 month manufacturer's guarantee which also gives me some piece of mind for the coming 6 months.

        Thanks for reading.

        Copyright © L500589 2011


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          31.07.2011 16:45
          Very helpful



          A good, little model overall, but its DVD player hiccups cannot be forgotten

          I got this fairly recently as a nice addition to my bedroom, and the size is just perfect for that. It's pretty handy, already coming with a built in DVD player and Freeview, being easy to mount and having the mechanism to swivel. I've had no trouble what so ever with getting the Freeview to work and I was quite impressed with the picture quality; it's brilliant for a small LCD. The quality for this small price is just great, and it certainly looks the part! Though, it's a bit of a dirt magnet with the glossy finish. I noticed another reviewer saying don't let the brand put you off, but there is something you need to be wary of; as a TV it does what it's supposed to but looking at the DVD player, it's not so great.

          A few years back, I had a Technika DVD player linked up to my TV and it was the most horrendous experience I've ever had with an electrical appliance, as the sound would dim completely with DVDs; I'd have to turn my TV up to full volume and yet I still couldn't hear the film properly; there was clearly something wrong with the DVD player, so after that incident, I wasn't very keen on this brand. However I needed a small LCD and took the risk with Technika as a TV. Maybe that wasn't a smart move as the same sound problem happens at times with the DVD player, but thankfully it's just the DVD player and not the whole TV, but still. Also, whenever I have used the DVD player, it's always been a bit jumpy and prone to freeze, so I've since not bothered. I'm glad I've got a separate DVD player connected to use instead. The point is, there seems to be a running theme with Technika having a problem with anything DVD related they do!

          It must be said that anytime I watch TV it's a pleasure and the menus and settings are easy to scroll through and use. It's got the scart lead and HDMI access points that you need for all your other bits at the back. It's been great for me with my PS3 which I am constantly using; the picture and sound's nice and clear, and I couldn't ask for anything more at this price.

          If you're after a perfect combo of TV and DVD player then this is not it, but if you're after a small, simple, decent TV alone, then this is your one.


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          22.05.2011 21:08



          a good all round TV which has everything in one

          This TV is perfect for the bedroom, its not too pricy and due to it being small and quite thin it can be eaily attached to the wall.

          The speaker system is very loud and carries well. The freeview in it is also very good, there are many different channels to choose from of a wide variety and its very easy to use.

          Unlike many multi-channel TV's the menu for channel listings is very easy to navigate and read, so for elderly people who may not enjoy tachnology this is very user friendly.

          The only problem is depending on your area some channels may be hard to recieve, for example on my TV BBC3 is sometimes not a great reception which is a problem and i have to mess with the wires and the ariel to get a better picture, however i acknowledge that it may be my location rather than the TV itself. If it is the TV however it is very easily fixed so not that much of a problem.

          There are buttons on the top of the TV as well in order to change settings and channels which many TV's dont incorporate , so if you do mislay the remote you can stil,l have full actions to all functions of the TV.

          It also has a dvd player incorporated within it which is an added bonus ad for such a small TV it has everything, so you get 3 things in one is a small TV which for small rooms is a real space saver.


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          24.04.2011 19:25
          Very helpful



          A good Combi TV DVD Set

          I received my Technika HD ready LCD flatscreen TV for Christmas 2009. This 19in model was the perfect size for my lounge and with built in Freeview and DVD player it meant I could discard of all the other boxes, leads and plugs that are generally cluttering up everybody's TV unit.

          The TV comes with a standard remote control which allows the TV and DVD to be operated as well as the standard terrestrial channels available. In addition to standard television this on had an IPOD dock and the remote control can operate this too. The remote is very simple to use with all buttons named and most things do not required flipping through loads of options. Simple click of a button enables you to changes the mode/settings etc. as you please with simplicity.

          The TV itself is a glossy black colour and approximately four inches in depth at its deepest point. It sits on a round, black swivel base and can be tilted either backwards or forwards depending on your view point.

          This model is operated by plugging in at the wall (obviously), and then by switching a switch to the right hand side, before finally pressing the power button on the remote control. This is the only button on the remote which will turn the television on or off. Just pressing a channel button will not work.

          The aerial cable is plugged straight into the wall, however if you do not have a wall point you can plug a portable booster aerial into the back of the machine which depending on your signal should work fine.
          The left side of the television has a scart lead point as well as space for a HDMI cable, and also a Ci slot. You can quite easily link the laptop up to the TV and watch whatever you choose from the Laptop on the bigger screen.

          This Combi TV also offers a sleep timer, though this isn't a feature I have ever used before.

          I tend to leave the screen on full screen, but you can adjust the viewing of this TV to suit the programme or film, by opting for full screen, auto, 4:3 or 14:9. I am not a fan of the screen being stretched or shrunk with black bars to the top or sides, so I do not tend to play with the settings, however, if you wished to do so there is a simple button on the remote labelled "aspect" which allows you to conveniently switch between the settings.

          I only use the Freeview/Digital mode on my TV, but on clicking the menu button a full TV guide display appears and allows you to see the Now and Next of what's on. You can scroll through the various channels and select your preference by pressing either the "ok" or "list" button. Should you wish to scroll but not select then the "exit" button takes you back to the programme which was originally being viewed.

          I find that if I am scrolling through the channels sometimes the television doesn't keep up with what I am trying to do and with either get stuck on a channel or will continue to scroll when I have asked it to stop.

          Another fault I have found is that if you click on the "display" button you can see what it is you are watching and what channel. Often this flicks between the channel details and a message asking me to press the down button. This occurs until the TV catches up with itself when it seems to remedy itself and settle back down.

          I did find it a bit annoying that I could only get now and next on the guide, whereas with other televisions you can look much further ahead, until I noticed the "7 day guide" information which says press the blue button. On pressing you are indeed given a 7 day guide which you can scroll through and you can also set reminders for programmes you wish to watch during the week, I was much happier when I found this feature as I was forever seeing things I wanted to watch, only to realise I had missed it.

          The DVD function of the television failed me at 13 months. Seeing as all Tesco products come with a standard 12 month guarantee I was a little annoyed to say the least. I tried to return it but Tesco were having none of it.

          Prior to its breakdown, the DVD player was really easy to use. The TV itself is very quiet with no audible humming noise, but once the DVD player picked up the DVD you could hear to spinning. Once the disk was playing this noise would once again be reduced until you couldn't really hear it. The DVD can be operated from the remote of from the buttons on the top of the television, which are silver in colour and all labelled. They aren't so noticeable unless you look for them but come in quite handy when you cannot find the remote control.

          As my DVD player was breaking it would pick the disk up and make an awful scratching noise as it was trying to read it. This was a horrible noise and certainly put me off even trying to make it work. I tested it several times with a DVD I had no intention of ever watching again, but nothing made it work. As I say Tesco weren't interested and whilst I understand that I could have had the option of a 3 or 5 year additional warranty, this was a gift for Xmas and you don't expect them to breakdown at a year old.

          I still have the TV though and I still use it daily, I just link up a portable DVD player instead of using the built in feature. This doesn't bother me as I don't watch DVD's on a regular basis. Aside of the DVD issue the TV set cannot be faulted. The quality is good and the sound is brilliant.

          This model is the Technika 19-218 and currently costs £140.00 at Tesco but is regularly reduced and is a bargain for what you're getting.
          I will however only give it 3 stars for the problems I had with it.


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            07.04.2011 18:37
            Very helpful


            • Reliability



            I was given this as a christmas present. This is the 18.5 inch Technika LCD 19-228 HD Ready Television with a DVD player. Included in the box is the TV, a stand for the TV to go on, 2 AAA batteries, a remote control, a RF cable, a user guide and a quick start guide. Wherever you're purchasing the television from, you should be given atleast a 12 month manufactures guarantee (different shops may give more, but should be no less - unless you're buying this second hand) from the date of purchase.

            MENUS AND SOURCE'S

            Sounds rather complicated, and i'm sure for many people it is. On the right side of the television, you have 9 buttons. These buttons have different functions which will be symbolic to the user. In order from top to bottom they are:
            # Eject Disc # Play/Pause Disc # Volume up # Volume down # Programme/Channel up # Programme/Channel down # Displays menu # Displays input source menu # Standby or Power on/off.To switch between the different input connections, using the source AV button on your remote control, a source menu will appear. This will give you the ability to require your TV to be allocated to a different function. These include:
            *USB media
            If you're unsure about what these functions mean, then more likely than not, it is rare you're going to need to use them. The simple functions required are probably going to be Freeview and DVD for most of the owners of this television.

            On the remote control are the basic function buttons, numbers, DVD options, arrows, volume, subtitles, and much more which will all be properly explained in the manual that will come with the television.

            *Screen Size - 18.5" or 47 cm
            *Resolution - 1366 x 768
            *Contrast Ratio - 1000:1
            *Brightness - 250
            *Net Weight - 5 Kgs
            *Voltage - 1.5A or 60 Watts
            This is likely to be a problem to some people, however if you're not sure what to do then leave it because it will automatically change if left on the auto picture format. Although, understandably some people will feel the need to modify their picture format so here i have tried to explain some facts along with advantages and disadvantages to the picture formats that are available:

            *Auto: This is automatically set and is the best picture format for your television, so that the picture is in the correct position. However, this may have black at the bottom and top and / or the left and right sides.
            *Full: This fills the screen, so there are no black lines. However, this can become a problem, where the screen can be a little too stretched, so things will not appear how they are supposed to be and may be out of focus slightly.
            *Zoom: The picture is the correct proportion, but it is zoomed to fill the screen, so of course some part of the picture on however many sides are going to be 'chopped off'.
            *4:3: This displays the 4:3 picture in its original size. Side bars are shown to fill the 16:10 screen.
            *16.9: Top and bottom bars are shown to fill the 16:9 screen. If you're watching a 4:3 picture, it will be stretched.
            *14:9: this displays the picture in the correct proportion, as a result of this bars on the left and right sides of the picture are shown on the screen.
            7 DAY TV GUIDE
            TV guide is available in Digital TV mode. To access this on your television, press the TV guide button on the top of your remote control - third in from the left. This will show up a screen which will provide information about forthcoming programmes which are supported by Freeview channels. You can view the starting and ending times of the programme, for every channel and for the next following 7 days. Along with these time guides, you can also view some information about the type of programme that it is, almost like a 'blurb' which will appear at the top of the page, usually to the left side of the screen. It will allow you to set reminders also, so you will never forget to watch something! To navigate your way through this TV guide i have made a list of some helpful functions here:
            *navigating through the menu: use arrows
            *setting reminders: press green
            *view a previous day: press yellow
            *view the next day: press blue
            *to exit the TV guide: press exit
            IN MY OPINION....
            I have found that this television is perfect for my room and just a perfect size. It looks really great and can work well for bedrooms/offices/kitchens/dining rooms. I love watching tv on it, the picture quality is so great and i think its good how you can set reminders for programmes you want to watch in the week ahead, i'm forever doing that! This is also very cheap, i brought this TV for £140 and i know that the prices are dropping nearly all the time. For the best prices for this TV i think Tesco's, Asda or Sainsbury's would be better. Overall, I was really happy with this!
            The picture quality of the TV is really good and when you're looking at it from many different angles, i believe that the quality of picture does not actually change, there is no glare, so say. The sound quality is great and can be varied using the remote control. I also think that the volume of the TV depends on the quality, the sound seems to be best around 15 - 25 on the remote which is usually the best sound for listening to TV at.

            I believe that the TV does not make any sound at all! There is a slight noise when it is being turned off, but above the noise of the TV i cannot hear a thing! Also, it is very good for playing DVD's on and you just use the Source menu to active the DVD to play. Since having the television, i have probably watched about 30 ish DVD's and they have all worked with no trouble, however this television does not play blu rays.


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            10.03.2011 21:31
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            excellent all rounder tv without a huge price tag

            When I was getting my room redecorated, I decided it was time to replace the ten year old decrepit TV. This TV caught my eye in Tescos which I believe is the only place you that sells them.

            Firstly, I like that it comes in a few different colours. I have white to fit in with the light colour scheme of my house.
            I couldn't believe the price. I bought my TV during a promotion but full price it's still below £150. The TV is HD ready, free-view enable, has an integrated DVD player and a USB connection. I was so happy to be able to clear off the separate devices and tangled wires away, to replace them with just one TV.

            The TV is nice and shiny but it does feel a little 'plasticy' and the remote that comes with it doesn't feel like it's going to be of very good quality, however you can use Sky remotes with the TV. I did like that it had batteries for the remote included though, because I never have any spare. The remote takes 2X AAA.

            Now technology really isn't one of my strong points so I was really pleased with how easy the TV was to set up. The only slight problem was you need an areal plug. I didn't have one of those so I needed one installing, which was about £70. Once plugged in (two plugs, one for the areal, one for the mains) the TV automatically scans for channels. I think mine picked up well over 50 more than on terrestrial.

            The remotes is well laid out and easy to use. The guide is a bit awkward and strangely laid out, but there might be a way to reconfigure it that I've not come across yet.

            The TV did come with rather more packaging that I would have liked to see. Polystyrene is used as padding when maybe card would have been a more eco-friendly option.


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            16.01.2011 20:39
            Very helpful



            Dont be put off by the make, it is well worth a look.

            I purchased this TV for one of my spare bedrooms. I was fortunate to pick it up on sale for £99.99 from tesco howver usual retail price is around £175.
            It is HD ready and has a 19 inch LED screen. The picture is good even with an analogue input, however it does lose clarity if you are not viewing from the corrct angle. this is easily solved by adjusting the stand by using a cross head screw driver to lossen or tigten the screws. The case of the TV is gloss black plastic the the logo in the centre at the bottom in shiny silver.

            the remote control opens up an easy set of menus that allow you to change things such as brightness, contrast, volume and colour. It has pre set options such as cinema and live. This does make a visible and audible difference and certainly heightens the pleasure of watching diffreent programmes.

            The speakers generally are good. at the top end of the volume range they have a tendancy to sounda little tinny, however i really never have the need to reach that volume level so it is not a problem.

            The built in freeview is reliable. Even with an analogue co axial input it reaches 80% reception and with a booster it reaches and often goes beyond 94% reception. This enables you to view all the available freeview channels and access the digital interactive services such as the red button and text.

            A discreet standby light shines green when the television is operational and red when it is on standby. It has 2 scart and 2 HDMI inputs on the back of the unit, which for a 19 inch television is more than ample for the things you may wish to connect to it.

            Dont be put off by the make, it is well worth a look.


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