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Technika 42-8533D

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2012 17:55
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      42" LCD TV with 3D function - not a high end brand name but feature packed all the same


      I had a bit of a Post-Christmas splurge a few weeks ago and decided that I needed a new Television in my living room, my existing TV was fine really but its lack of HDMI sockets had begun to annoy me and I had to resort to using a HDI switch box when I wanted to watch Sky or play on my Xbox and whilst this did work up to a point it was becoming more and more apparent that it wasn't quite as receptive as it used to be and my TV was lagging every time I wanted to switch between the devices hooked up to the box. I knew that the sales would be a good time to bag something at a great price and had little in terms of a 'want list' other than something preferably larger than my existing 32" Goodmans so when I spotted an offer on the Tesco Direct website for a 42" full HD 3D TV complete with 3D Blu Ray player and 8 pairs of 3D glasses all for a shade under £400.00 I couldn't resist and even though the make of the TV wouldn't have usually been my first choice I gave into temptation and placed my order. A few days later everything arrived and I set about the task of unboxing and connecting everything together and having spent a few weeks getting to grips with my new toys I'm ready to share my thoughts on my most recent purchase. So would I recommend switching from a well known, more expensive brand and what do I think of the TV overall?...

      Technika 42-8533D

      Technika is a Tesco exclusive brand and can only be found in their stores or on their website, I'm not a brand snob when it comes to technology items and tend to buy either whatever catches my eye or what I think is a great offer and though I did hesitate for a while before deciding to take the plunge and buy my Technika TV I have very few regrets now that I've become accustomed to it. The 42-8533D comes delivered in a very large cardboard box and is safely secured in place by 4 polystyrene corner pieces, the packaging isn't excessive which I thought was a good thing and removing the TV from its confines was straightforward and I managed this easily by myself. A remote control and batteries are supplied with the TV as well as a comprehensive set up booklet which explains the various functions that the TV offers but given that the majority of televisions are similar in set up I didn't have to refer to it when I switched mine on for the first time.

      It's appearance is common for flat screen TV's nowadays, the glossy black outer edge frames the screen and its speaker runs the length of the unit across the bottom and on the back are various output and input connection sockets. Upon switching it on for the first time you are greeted with a welcome message and the instruction to scan and search for the Freeview channels available in your area and this is done automatically by the TV itself and once they are found they are stored and are ready to watch. It has 4 HDMI sockets which is ideal for me as it means that I can have my Xbox, Sky Box and Blu Ray player connected at the same time and these are easily selected via the 'source' option and are numbered 1-4 on a list so it's just a case of me scrolling down to whatever I want to use and then pressing the 'OK' button. If you have a DVD player rather than a Blu Ray there are 2 Scart sockets which can be used instead and the TV is full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels meaning that anything connected via to the HDMI input sockets will be displayed in full, true high definition.

      This model is 3D enabled so I can watch 3D Blu Ray films from my BR player or if I subscribed to Sky on their 'World' package I'd be able to watch Sky 3D from them too. I don't pay the additional subscription costs to get Sky World to be honest so my 3D experiences are limited to the films I rent and buy but the fact that the TV has this additional feature is a real benefit and being "Passive" rather than "Active" the 3D glasses you need are the ones used in cinemas and are a lot cheaper to buy if you need them. My TV package, as already mentioned, came with 8 pairs of 3D glasses so I haven't had to buy any extras although if you shop around for them you'll find them to be inexpensive anyway. It's worth mentioning at this point that to fully benefit from the 3D experience you need to sit facing the television full on rather than at an angle as the effect can be quite blurry if you sit off-centre. Do bear this in mind if the television is going to be in the corner of your room rather than fixed centrally to a wall as you will need to get the viewing angle right to get the full 3D 'layered' effect, I haven't had any problems with this myself but it's definitely worth pointing out if there are a few of you at home and all want to watch a 3D film together you will need to position the TV so you can all see it face on rather from the side.

      Picture and Sound Quality

      Being full HD I can really tell a difference between the images displayed on this TV compared to my older Goodmans HD 'ready' TV and benefitting from a much larger screen than I'm used to it did take a while to fully get accustomed to watching things on a large screen. Blu Ray films are exquisitely detailed with rich colours and real depth, even normal TV programmes played on Sky HD are brighter and clearer than before and there is a real noticeable difference when you watch something in High Definition. If I'd have had the budget I would have preferred a back-lit LCD TV as I know from seeing them in store at Currys that they offer even more clarity than non-back-lit HD TV's and whilst the 42-8533D doesn't have this function it still offers a superb visual experience and I have been more than impressed with the quality and clarity of the pictures shown on my TV. There's no lagging or distortion when watching either films or any of the TV channels and I can tell no difference in quality when watching my 'supermarket branded' TV to a friends 'brand name' one and I do think that Technika have manufactured an impressive product here that is exceptional value for money. The sound quality is equally as good, flat screen TV's often have a muffled sound to them due to their often ineffective speakers but I'm more than happy with the audio output that mine gives, its volume is easily controlled and does reach a room-filling degree when turned up and I have no complaints in this area. Obviously it would be even better if it was connected to a home cinema system with external speakers but I haven't been disappointed enough to want to buy anything extra for my sound and am happy with the pitch and tone of mine and I can't see anyone else having any concerns with either the picture or sound quality should they choose to buy this particular model for themselves.

      Remote Control

      The only slight niggle I have with this TV comes down to the remote control but this is probably more me being picky than an actual fault with the unit itself. It's very long and thin, feels a little top-heavy when held in hand and I'm not keen on the buttons on it as they remind me of an old Motorola mobile phone I once owned (the type where the buttons are flat to the surface rather than being slightly raised) I think the remote looks a little cheap to be honest and although it's well made I find myself using my Sky remote rather than the one supplied with the television as it's not quite as intuitive to use. As mentioned, this is probably more down to me and my expectations rather than anything being particularly 'wrong' with the remote but for an honest review I thought it worth mentioning.

      Overall Thoughts

      All in all though I have been very impressed with my Technika television and I think for the money I spent on it I got a good deal. Mine came with a 12 month warranty included from Tesco and I obviously can't comment on how reliable it's going to be over the years to come, technology moves at such a rapid pace these days that it's no longer viable to wait to review purchases like this as newer models are always being introduced that supercede thier predecessors and sometimes you just have to take a chance on the unknown and put your faith in the brands you buy. I know that I have a warranty in place with my television so if something should happen to it then I know it's covered but hopefully I won't have any problems with it anyway, in my experience with the TV's that I've owned in the past I know that they're not built to last for years anymore and with technology making advancements all the time I no longer think it's worthwhile spending hundreds of pounds on top-end models for them to be overtaken by the next new thing within a matter of months. My Technika Television gives me everything I wanted and more; it has a large screen, it's full HD with Freeview channels and it displays 3D films when I want to watch them, I realise that it doesn't have the same prestige as a 'Sony' for example but it cost a fraction of the price of the better known brand names. For anyone looking for a television that is feature-packed, has plenty of input sockets and displays richly lush coloured images with fantastic sound then this should definitely be one to consider and I'm very impressed with mine.

      I bought my Televison from Tesco where it was on offer with a 3D Blu Ray player and before Christmas it was available for £499.99 as a bundle deal, I paid £399.99 for mine when it went on sale and on its own now the TV can be bought for £349.99 which places it at the cheaper end of the market when compared to similar sized 3D Television units. I'd fully recommend taking a chance on this brand if you're looking for something that offers you plenty for your money and are willing to compromise on the name and have no complaints with mine. It's easy to set up and use and a joy to watch and from me gets a perfect 5 star rating even if I'm not overly keen on the remote control. Definitely recommend though, thanks for reading my review.

      For the full technical specification list please see: http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.213-9902.asp​x

      Thanks for reading my review.


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