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Toshiba 22DV713B

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    1 Review
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      15.02.2011 18:38
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      I bought this TV in order to replace the old CRT one in my living room which I have had for over 10 years. The main reason I went for this particular one is that Toshiba is a good name and as I bought it via the co-op online not only did I get over £100 off the rrp but also co-op membership points as well. It cost me £174.98 including delivery at the time I bought it. This was in early January before the VAT went up.

      Why only a 'small one'

      Ok so the screen size of 22" may seem small to some but it is bigger than my old TV and frankly I have never seen the point in having a TV which takes up half the wall and you need to sit about 10 foot away from it to see the whole screen. Also it was compact enough to fit onto my TV stand in the corner of the room. Whilst it can be attached to the wall via a TV bracket I prefer it on a table. Also I did not want one which was overly heavy. The TV its self is only 5.8 kg

      What does it look like?

      Surprisingly it looks like a TV, OK literalism over. The version of this I have is black in colour and the screen has a boarder which is on average about 2" wide. The boarder comes with that protective cellophane like tape on it but this is easily removed. The base is attached to the TV and if using the stand it locks into position so the set won't simply fold in on its self whilst dusting. The stand can be collapsed back in order to use the wall fittings. The stand looks as is solid and this gives little danger to the TV toppling over.

      The built in DVD player is neatly hidden at the side. The 'door' is a simple slot rather than a tray so care may be needed to avoid scratches etc. The eject on this works well as the disc is pushed half way out so it is easy to remove. My main concern here is how long this mechanism will last.

      Features and connections

      Well as with all modern TVs it comes with a SCART socket on the back. Disappointingly there is only one of them but not to worry, you can't have everything. There is also a CAM port on the side to enable the user to insert decoding (is that the right word?) cards such as 'top up TV' in order to obtain these 'premium' channels. Also on the side there is a USB port so you can connect your digital camera to the TV in order to look through your photos on a larger screen (well that's all I have used it for).

      As with most new TVs it has a built in freeview receiver which is very easy to set up and use. The TV also scans in any analogue channels as well although with the digital switch over this will soon be redundant. The tuning was achieved with a few clicks from the remote. The tuning did take longer than I thought it would have but not an excessive amount of time.

      An optional feature is that you can set the TV to control the brightness by it monitoring the brightness in the room. Whilst I have this feature set as on on my
      TV most of the time, I notice very little difference in the picture quality to when it is switched off.

      Another function is that it has an auto power mode off function. If you don't change channel or the volume etc for a period of time the TV will automatically go into standby mode. I've never actually timed this but it appears to be about two hours on the default setting. However, a warning the TV is about to do this does pop up on screen. This to me whilst it is an admirable way of saving energy it does get annoying when the pop up appears part way through a grand prix or six nations match. Then again a quick press of the volume button and it goes away. This feature can be disabled through the menu drop downs but I do at times have the habit of falling asleep in front of the TV so I have left it on.

      You can also connect your computer to the TV but as most of us have separate monitors for our PCs I have to wonder if this is really an advantage or a redundant feature.

      There are other connections on the back of the TV some of which I have never heard of - so much for my technical knowledge. Apparently one of them is HDMI connectivity which makes it easy to connect to Blu-ray players and HD games consoles as well as a REGZA-link .

      The remote:

      This is large and rather cumbersome and frankly has far too many buttons on it. In my opinion most of the features could have been hidden behind drop menus from pressing the menu button. Also the volume and programme up/down buttons are the opposite way round to my old TV remote so that took a bit of getting used to as for a few days I was on auto pilot with it and was using the wrong ones. I know the fact it has a DVD player functions on it as well will increase the number of buttons but this remote still has too many.

      What I think of it in use:

      After all the channels are installed and you have made sure that it is set on digital TV you are ready to go. The switching between analogue and digital TV can be done via the remote.

      The picture quality in digital mode is very good, as long as you have a good signal and as the TV is HD (720p resolution, response time 5 ms) ready then it can be up and running with all those stations very easily. One thing which may irritate some is the picture sizing. There are several settings you can put this on although I tend to leave it on 'auto'. With this setting the TV automatically switches to the best screen size for the programme being broadcast. However this can lead to the black lines above and below as well as to both sides. If this is a problem the screen ration is change by a click from the remote. For me the big improvement is the lack of the reflection of the lights on the screen when I compare it to my old CRT TV.

      The sound quality from the speakers is also good well as good as any TV speakers can be that is. This can be improved on by adding in your own surround sound speaker system if you feel that way inclined. The speakers are loud enough for me to hear on a setting of about 15 from the other side of the room.

      The DVD player works well and there has been, so far, no stuttering of the discs as they do the transition between one layer of the DVD to another. I am, however, as I have already said slightly concerned about how robust the mechanism is for using the DVD player. The discs do take a little longer to load up than in a separate DVD player but this is not a major problem.

      The TV screen is slightly tilted up with the base locked so watching it laid out on the floor is not an option then again as was once said - only mystics and five year olds sit on the floor when perfectly good chairs are available. Whilst this can be unlocked this can cause the TV to tip over so it is safer not to.

      Whilst using the remote the TV responds very quickly to it so changing channel you aren't waiting for about 10 seconds for the TV to make up it's mind that it is going to allow you to do so.


      In all this is a good TV which gives a good quality picture and a good sound level. The fact it has a built in DVD player is a bonus as this means that there is less clutter on the table. It is easy to use, once you have got used to the remote and being a Toshiba it is a brand that can, in my opinion, be trusted.

      As I wanted the TV in black I did not search to see if it is available in other colours.

      Power consumption - in use 49.1 w
      In standby 0.48 w


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