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Toshiba 32W1333B

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    2 Reviews
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      08.08.2014 10:36
      Very helpful



      Terrific Toshiba

      When our old TV died, I was delighted to discover I could get a free one when upgrading my mobile at Carphone Warehouse. The TV in question is the Toshiba 32W1333, a 32 inch HD ready LED TV. Useful features include built in freeview and HDMI inputs. The specs say that it has 16.9 aspect ratio and 1366x768p resolution.

      Despite being packed in a huge box, the TV is incredibly light (9.5kg including the stand). Set-up was pretty straightforward. The stand had to be screwed on which was very easy. It was up and running quickly, and it wasn’t long before I was watching my shiny new TV.

      In terms of display, it is a good TV. Colours are bright, images are crisp and clear. I really notice the difference between previous TVs and this one when watching something like Jurassic Park. Nature programmes are a good benchmark for measuring the quality of the display. The non-HD display on this Toshiba TV is also an improvement on our previous CRT; the colour on it was getting a bit washed out in recent years, and now we can see the Simpsons in their full bright coloured glory again.

      Having a few hiccups at first with BBC on our new Sky+ HD box, we used the built in freeview when watching BBC1. We found it easy enough to use, and the display quality was good.

      We have the Sky box, Xbox and DVD player plugged into the TV. When I press the Source button on the remote I get to choose which input I want to view. It’s really easy to change from Sky to DVD for example - press one button, choose from the list (and they are actually named as Sky etc, not “Input 1” or other unidentifiable names) and there you go.

      The sound is also very good on this Toshiba TV. We don’t have any extra speakers plugged into it, so we rely solely on what the TV itself produces. It never sounds tinny or weak, and the volume is easy to adjust using the remote. The gaps between volume levels aren’t too big either so you can find the volume level which suits you best - no danger of one level being too quiet but the next one up being a bit loud.

      Despite being light, it is fairly sturdy and well balanced. With three cats bouncing around, sometimes things get knocked over in our flat, but the TV has always remained upright.

      I absolutely love my Toshiba TV. Possibly because we kept our CRT for so long, possibly because it was free - but definitely a large part of the reason is because it’s a good TV. I would be delighted with it if we had paid for it. Display is very good, sound is very good - it’s just a really good TV.


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      01.09.2013 02:24
      Very helpful



      Could not be happier!

      I brought this television for my bedroom a few months ago and I feel like I ripped off the seller!!

      My boyfriend was not home when the package arrived so I was left with a TV in a box that I was too excited to leave sitting there. So I decided to go install it all myself! The packaged TV is not too heavy and I managed to get it to my room (although I live in a flat so no stairs). I was easily able to get it out of the box and place it upon my cabinet. My first impression was that the TV looked absolutely great. Its really thin (8.9mm) not too bulky and fits lovely on top of my cabinet. It was really sturdy with little rubber balls under the stand to help stick to the surface.

      =SET UP=
      Luckily we had an old TV that had recently broke so all the cables and connections were there ready for me. I eventually plugged everything in (took me ages as I had no idea what I was doing). I then turned it on and found an auto install function that I clicked and sat back as it tuned itself in for me. As the TV comes with in-built freeview it was nice to get some extra channels too. It was as easy as that.

      =THE REMOTE=
      This sadly is the worst thing about this TV. The remote is horrible- I think it looks tacky and cheap. And yes this is a 'cheap' system but my friend also has a Toshiba TV and her remote is lovely. I am probably being fussy as everything is on there where you would expect it to be and it is all clearly labeled but I just really hate the look of it!

      From the limited knowledge I have of technical stuff about TV I have been told that LED is better than LCD. So in this case I was happy that we got a LED TV. I personally really love the picture. It is clear at all angles and the colour and details are fantastic. The TV is not full HD to start with but is HD ready if we want to get a HD freeview box or SKy HD. Currently I am completely happy with the quality of the picture but I also like the fact that if we want to upgrade it in the future we can... It will probably feel like a whole new TV again!

      I find it difficult to be too critical about this section as I can not really tell the difference between good and excellent sound quality. That said the quality of this is excellent. It never has a problem with TV and always sounds great. Sometimes when I am getting ready to go out I play some music and it can get really loud before it starts to distort- my boyfriend hates listening to me sing along to Gaga it but I love it!

      One of my favourite parts is the USB connections. I have loads of films saved on hard drives and when I want to watch a movie I can just plug in and play. The same goes for my boyfriend who is addicted to youtube. He runs a cable from the TV to the back of his laptop and can watch what he wants on a bigger screen. I used to think stuff like that was really complicated to do but its really easy to turn anything you seen on your computer and the internet into a 32 inch world!
      Edit: We are currently abusing a free Netflix trial and we can pick what we want on his laptop and then watch it on the TV easily!

      This TV far exceeds my expectation and I recommend you check it out and compare it to what ever you buy that may be a lot more expensive.


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    • Product Details

      Perfect for small rooms or when space is limited. Using LED technology you'll enjoy amazing colour brightness and clarity all in a super-thin design. Built-in Freeview digital TV USB playback and HDMI connectivity is also included.

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