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Toshiba 37AV615DB

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    3 Reviews
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      08.12.2009 21:03
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      Even without an HD box, the picture is gorgeous, with one, its nearly orgasmic

      One day the unthinkable happened. Our TV died. The Sky+ box sat, its recordings mute, in deepest mourning. The DVDs huddled in their cases, aching with desire to be played, but alas, the DVD player sat now unpaired. Silence reigned in the living room as the Wii too fell before the onslaught of nothingness that was now the TV. There was nothing for it, I simply had to storm the beaches of the Amazon, and after consulting my handy guide DooYoo, went forth and hit the buy button. My choice? The Toshiba Regza, 37 inches of widescreen flat screen LCD glory.

      It was practically a steal at the offer price, being one of those short term sudden low price offers that proliferate this time of year, and well, it was probably time for us to actually join everyone else and upgrade our old CRT model anyway. Well, it died, so there was not much choice, really, if we wanted to watch TV, DVDs, or use the Wii. Two days later, we were treated to a pitiful sight: a lone deliveryman struggling to carry this enormous rectangular box up our drive. God knows why he did not drive onto our driveway, the gates are not on yet and nothing was parked there. I bet health and safety would have had a hissy fit if they saw him lift that and carry it without at least a weight belt on, but he did, and luckily for him he did not drop it. If he had, I would have killed him if the TV didn't. A few hours later that same day, another van arrived, this one with our wall mounting for it. Yup, we were ready to go!

      Once the husband arrived home, it was time to unpack the box. Inside were the TV, some instructions, a stand, and a remote. We had no use for the stand, as we were wall mounting it. Out of the box, the TV is an awkward size and shape to handle alone, and a bit heavy so that the whole thing is unwieldy. So, hubby followed the instructions for hanging the wall mount on our brick walls, and together we hooked the TV's sturdy hanging hooks onto the mount. Our lounge is not overly small, but neither is it huge by any means, and to be honest, within a comfortable three piece suite grouping, any larger would have been overpowering. We then looked at the instructions, which, shockingly, were easy to follow and in clear English. Therefore, in less than half an hour, all our stuff was hooked up to it and running properly. Now, at this point, we only had normal Sky+, but the clarity of the images was an incredible improvement over our previous TV, which before suddenly croaking had not been shabby at all in the viewing department. But, it said it was HD ready, and it simply cried out for the free upgrade box Sky is currently offering, so off we trotted to Sky's website, and placed in the order.

      Two weeks later, the engineer arrived, and duly hooked us up. There was no change in the non HD channels, but the difference on the HD channels themselves was even more startling. The TV settles for the 720, not the full 1080 dpi wotsit, but my homework had reliably informed that me that the pixel differences upon this size screen would be indiscernible. A few days later, I got to see the truth of this, as I visited a friend's home and saw his full HD TV of the same screen size. The extra pixels are great if the picture is 42 inches or larger, for as anyone who has ever enlarged a picture knows, what is clear in small pictures can blur when enlarged if the pixel density is not enough for the viewing area. So, 37 inches and below, this lower dpi is not visually notable. Satisfied that all the audio hi-fi gurus and DooYoo consumers had been right, I went home to watch Stargate on my telly...in HD.

      But what was this? The sound...now I am not a big audiophile, but oh my, I could tell that Toshiba skimped here slightly, no doubt with the fact in mind that most people would succumb to the whole home cinema experience idea. The sound is adequate, but the sound did not even come close to what I had expected, being a wee bit tinny compared to our old CRT. Just as well then that the delivery man appeared with a surround sound system, according to hubby anyway. With a big telly dominating the wall with a high definition picture, he wanted the whole enchilada with the sound reverberating to match and coming from all sides. I have to admit this TV is made to be paired with such as system; it comes with the needed bits on the back to plug the wotsits all into, and all are neatly labelled and within easy reach. There are three HDMI outlets on it, so even with the Sky HD and the new surround sound DVD /music centre/woofer thingamabob from Panasonic plugged in, we still have an HDMI port free. The Wii is also plugged in, and our old multiregional DVD recorder is as well, via scart, but again we still have room for entertainment expansion. The TV even has a place for one to connect their PC to it, to view streamed content on its large screen, and hubby is evilly eyeing the bank account for the long cables to do so, along with a decent splitter so that we do not have to unhook things from the back of our PC in order to use my monitor vs. the TV.

      The remote is simple to figure out, and has nice large buttons, so even Mr Forgets to Put on His Varifocals can see what he is doing. It is comfortable to hold, and sturdy and actually looks like a remote control instead of some rubber edged weird brick or some science fiction device for melting bodies, creating wormholes, launching missiles, and what not at the push of a scary button, which was quite nice. The shiny black frame of the TV is clean and modern looking, and Toshiba even provided us with a blue micro fibre cloth of some sort for cleaning the TV frame and screen so that we do not damage it. If you misplace your remote, there are handy buttons to turn the TV on and off and access the various menu options, discretely placed just behind the frame along the side of the TV, and each is labelled clearly. The Toshiba logo on the front lights up, and can be selected via menu to either stay lit while the TV is on, or turned off. We have found it adds a bit of non-reflective ambient lighting that makes the evening viewing easier on the eye, so we leave it on. These small touches aid in the convenience of using this piece of equipment, and it is the all too often overlooked small details that can add to consumer enjoyment or annoyance with a product. I could have paid £250 or more to get a full HD version of this, but since the resulting visual appearance is the same, and the TV has features that otherwise only appear on TVs more than twice the price, why bother? Toshiba may have started out of a guy's home where he made and sold light bulbs door to door back in Osaka, but this shows me that they know something about TVs that other firms should take notice of. Now how much was the smaller version of this? I think it would do well in our bedroom...


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        27.08.2009 12:10
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability


        Best value tv around at the moment

        After borrowing old TV sets from friends for the last few years, i decided it was time to splash out on a new one for myself. I'm not really one for technology and i confess i don't understand half of the spec but after a bit of online research and a bit of advice from people, i stumbled across this Toshiba Regza 37AV615DB. I also found it at a very reasonable price (for a good tv, apparently) in store at Richer Sounds for a little under £450. Comparing this with other similar tv set prices which could go up to over £1000, this tv is definately one for the money consious people.

        So when i got it home, it was easy to set up. It simply slid out the well protected box and just needed the little round stand to be attached to the bottom, which is accompanied with an instruction booklet. It looks stylish, smooth and slick. However, make sure you've got room for where you're going to put it, as it might be bigger than you realise.

        Despite expecting at least one thing to go wrong in the following process, it was smooth and easy to set up, and no problems were encountered.
        The tv switched on, good, all i had to do was select the language, country etc, good, press auto scan so that the tv could search for all the freeview channels aswell as analogue ones, good, navigate the menu to select the desired sound and picture (of which there are healthy options)..it was all so easy. Within minutes you can sit back and watch your new 37 inches of high res freeview channels, with a great picture.

        There are a number of scart and hdmi inputs to allow for the best dvd viewing and console gaming. I have had a ps3 for a year or so and while i thought it was good on a standard definition tv, it is 100x better on high definition.

        One thing i would mention is the sound, which is slightly light and tinny for normal tv viewing even if you select surround sound. But for dvd's and console games, it is brilliant. You can even plug in some speakers to the tv headphone socket if you want the sound to come through them.

        Overall, a brilliant tv for the price. I have not seen a better picture on a more expensive tv, and the options and ease of use is excellent. The sound could be improved but that's a minor detail which can easily be modified to your liking.


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          14.08.2009 21:39
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A good TV at a great price.

          Having saved my Amazon vouchers for a few months from here and a few other survey and cashback sites, I finally had enough to buy a new TV!
          I had spotted the Toshiba Regza 37" widescreen HD ready LCD TV on Amazon at a bargain 'hot offer' price of £448.00, its RRP being £699.

          It felt great being able to order a brand new TV using my Amazon vouchers, and it felt like I was getting something free, and also a nice reward for my efforts writing reviews, completing surveys etc.

          I ordered my TV last Friday with free delivery, and it arrived on Tuesday. After a few days getting used to my new TV, I now feel in a position to review it.

          Now I am not the most techno-minded person, and do feel that technology is leaving me behind! My daughter was talking to me about resolution and 1080p, HDMI cables etc and I did not have a clue what she was on about!
          "All I want is a new, larger TV, one of those LCD ones!" I replied after listening to her 'advice'.

          I admit I did choose this TV because of the make and the price, it seemed a really good deal, and my daughter mumbled her approval, whilst still muttering about 1080p! - What????
          She explained to me that the difference between 720p - which this TV is - and 1080p is the resolution (and also the price, I hasten to add!).
          I nodded at her, pretending I understood, and she went on to say that 1080p is ' just better'.

          I did a little online research and found that having a 1080p TV does not necessarily mean you will get a better picture than a TV with 720p. This is due to multiple broadcast formats and the varying quality of electronic components used in the TV's.
          With all this information in my mind, I justified to myself it was not worth paying the substantial extra amount of money ( over £100) for the 1080p model and felt content with my choice.

          The TV itself came very well packed in a large box. Once opened, it is basically just a case of attaching the stand to the bottom of the TV, which was easily done by lying the TV on a towel on the dining room table as directed in the instructions, with the bottom of the TV at the edge of the table. The stand then slots on to the TV and you are provided with four small screws to secure it.

          Being 37 inches, the TV is quite large, and requires two people to carry it. I would not recommend trying to carry it alone. It weighs 20kg and because of its width is awkward to carry alone. We placed the TV where we wanted it and set about connecting the Sky box and DVD player.
          This was easy, the scart cables just connect into the back of the TV. There are 2 scart sockets and also a USB port so you can plug in your pc or other electronic device. We plugged the TV in and turned it on with the remote control.

          The initial set up screen appears, and after pressing 'ok' takes you through a simple and quick process, eg asking which country you are in, and which language you use. The TV then scans for channels which took a few seconds, and that was it. The TV was working. A very easy and simple process.

          The picture was very clear and I was really impressed! The sound also is good. You can of course go into the menu and make changes to the settings.
          There are some features on this TV such as :

          Bass boost - Enhances the depth of the sound.

          Stable sound - Reduces the volume level differences between channels. It automatically adjusts to the same volume level when you change channels.

          Adaptive Luma Control - Automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast after analyzing the input signal.

          Programme Block - Prevents children watching certain TV programmes, according to the rating limit set.
          There are the other features such as a programme guide, digital noise reduction, picture mode, audio languages and favourites lists.

          The TV has Freeview built in, although having Sky means it is not something I use.
          There is also an EPG timer which enables you set a timer for a certain TV programme. If the TV is on standby, it will 'wake up' when the timer activates.

          A remote control and cloth to clean the screen are also provided with the TV.
          The remote control is easy to use and batteries are supplied.

          Overall I can recommend this TV and I am very impressed with it so far. It has a clear sharp picture, good sound and very easy to use.
          My partner can watch his beloved Newcastle United hopefully gain promotion back to the Premier League when games are screened on BBC and Sky, on the big screen, and is already enjoying being able to see the small print on Sky Sports News without putting his glasses on!
          I am over the moon with my 'free' purchase!

          I am awarding the Toshiba Regza 37" LCD TV five stars for price, quality and ease of use.

          It is currently available to buy from Amazon UK at a hot offer price of £448 with free super saver delivery.
          You can pay for faster delivery, but I am glad I didn't as I ordered my TV on Friday evening, and received an email on Monday morning telling me it had been dispatched. It arrived on Tuesday, so in my opinion it isn't worth paying for express delivery.


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