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Toshiba 40L6353 Smart TV

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2014 13:42
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      There's certainly better Smart TVs out there!

      A few months ago we decided to update our living room TV, our previous one was around five years old so I felt we were in need of an upgrade. I did a little research online and ended up with a shortlist of TV's which were within my budget. In the end I decided on this Toshiba 40L6353 Smart TV, which I purchased online at Tesco Direct, it was priced at £349.00, but I had accumulated £150 worth of Tesco clubcard points and was able to put this toward my purchase making it much more affordable, plus delivery was free. A quick look online shows me the TV is currently priced at £449.00 on the Tesco Direct website.

      Tesco took around two weeks to deliver the item, but I was aware of how long it would take before payment. I was able to select a date, but not a time slot and I was simply told that delivery would take place between 7am - 7pm. However, on the delivery day the driver rang me to let me know an approximate time, which was very handy considering I do the school run. The driver was a nice polite gentleman who placed the large package in my living room for me.

      The item arrived well packaged in a cardboard box and there was plenty of styrofoam protecting the TV inside, all of which was quickly disposed of. The TV can either be attached to the stand or wall mounted, we chose the stand and it took my boyfriend less than ten minutes to screw it together.

      Our previous TV had a 32" screen, which I guess is quite small for a living room TV these days, so to us the 40" screen on the Toshiba initially felt massive - although we are a little more used to it now. The TV looks very modern and sleek, it has a thin black surround and silver stand. I would say it is quite lightweight and a little on the wobbly side, Toshiba recommend screwing the TV to the stand for extra security, we were a little weary of putting holes in our unit but in the end decided it was actually rather essential for safety reasons. Even though the base is screwed down the actual TV can still be rotated a little to a different angle if required. Looks wise, its pretty impressive.

      No instruction manual was enclosed, but we still found the set up really easy as the TV goes through it with you step by step. It did take a while though, perhaps 30 or so minutes and I was a little surprised to discover it needed things like my email address before I was able to go onto the next step. The TV is WiFi, so thankfully it doesn't need one of those dongles, the internet can also be set up via ethernet port. Thankfully the process for us was fairly fuss free and the TV quickly picked up on our wifi. The TV comes with free-view built in, however as we have Sky I didn't need to install the free-view, so I cannot really comment on how easy is to do.

      There are plenty of outlets on the back including 4 HDMI, 1 scart, RGB enabled scart socket, ethernet port, USB port and headphone socket. To be honest, I have only taken advantage of the scart and HDMI outlets, which all work well and do the job intended.

      I have been pretty impressed with the picture quality. Our previous TV claimed to be HD but as far as we could tell there was absolutely no difference between watching something on a HD channel or just a regular channel, so I was under the impression that it was all a bit of a gimmick really. However, the picture quality on the Toshiba had completely blown me away, the HD channels are amazingly clear and crisp. One small issue I have noticed has been the appearance of some faded white blotches which only seem to show up when the screen goes to black, I have no idea what these are or how to get rid of them, its not a huge problem but still a little on the annoying side. The sound quality is also good, but I plan on buying an additional speaker.

      The TV has a "home" screen which is were all the apps and smart stuff is located, it is incredibly easy to navigate, switching between the screens is fast and it has never frozen.

      I was really exited about getting a smart TV but actually feel a little let down. I must admit I simply thought there would be more apps available. The main apps are Netflix, BBCi player, YouTube, Blinkbox, BBCsport and BBC news, along some other rather rubbish ones which seem to just be there to fill up space. There are some social media apps including Facebook, twitter and skype, but I haven't bothered to set my account up. I am a Netflix subscriber so am glad this is available, however Love-film and Now TV customers will be disappointed that no app is available. Also, there is the BBCi player but as far as catch up on demand goes thats it, no 4OD, 5OD, ITV player or SkyGo.

      By far my biggest problem with the Toshiba is the app adverts and banners on the home screens, I find them incredibly annoying and intrusive. As soon as the home screen comes on the adverts are screaming out to grab your attention, they are ridiculously loud and as far as I can tell there is no way to remove them. The adds are for the available apps and they play continually on a loop, so I am sick to the back teeth of seeing them.

      To be honest I barely use the "Smart" side of the TV, the ads are annoying and the apps are limited, so I tend to use my trusty Xbox instead.

      Considering my Tesco club card points brought the price of this TV to just £200 I can't really grumble too much and overall I am happy enough with it, if I had paid the full £349 I would have been less than impressed. As I noted earlier in my review the price has now gone up to £449, personally I think a better smart TV could be found for the money.


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