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    10 Reviews
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      16.02.2012 20:20
      Very helpful



      An affordable HD TV/DVD Player that you can rely on

      I wanted to buy an extra television set for my dining room which my two boys could use to play their games consoles on, for months my main television had been taken over by either one or the other son for gaming purposes, whilst I was glad that I could monitor their usage and make sure they were playing age appropriate games I wanted to watch the programmes that interested me in the comfort of my living room.

      Having refused to buy them a television set for their bedrooms due to that being more difficult to monitor the type of games they played I decided the best option was to buy one for the dining room so I could both watch my programmes and still monitor the kind of games they played, having shopped around I decided to buy a television that also had an integrated DVD player which I thought would be a useful addition.

      I bought this UMC HD Ready Digital LCD TV/DVD in January 2011 from Sainsbury's at a price of £119.00 on a limited special offer, I thought this was a very good bargain and admit to it being an impulse buy as I had been looking elsewhere to purchase a TV set, it just so happened I saw this deal and snapped it up as they seemed to be selling fast.

      To be honest I had never heard of UMC as a brand name before but was reassured after a quick research on the internet I found out that UMC manufactured their own television sets and that they are a trusted leading brand that is less well known due to other names it produces under (including the Technicka Tesco brand) it is a Slovakian factory and sky media uk (not connected to the popular satellite company) is the distributor of this product and has a very useful website which I will add at the bottom of the page.

      ==THE PRODUCT==

      UMC HD Ready Digital 19" LCD TV/DVD

      Covered under the manufacturers guarantee for 12 months from the date of purchase

      You can register the product on sky media and if you do this within 7 days of purchase you receive an extra 3 months warranty for free bringing the guarantee validity to 15 months, it states that you must retain all packaging because this will be required in the event of needing any warranty support.

      The Television is ready to receive the Digital signal due to it having a Digital tuner built in so simply connecting to an aerial socket means it will receive the freeview signal without a problem.

      It is recommended to re-tune the television every few months to ensure you are receiving the very latest TV and Radio channels.


      * The UMC Digital Television DVD Player

      * A User Guide Manual
      * Stand

      * RF Lead
      * Remote Control & AAA Batteries x2

      * Jack to Phono Cable 3.5 mm


      This is really very easy to do even without referring to the instruction booklet which is a first for me! Of course the television can also be wall mounted via the mounting holes on the rear of the TV; there are instructions on how to do this easily and safely.

      The Television comes packaged effectively and to attach the oval shaped stand to the base of the TV you simply push the circular tube that has a clipped edge into the corresponding shaped hole on the stand which you then twist 45 degrees into place so you hear a faint 'click' and the stand is the connected, it could not be easier.

      ==SET UP==

      Firstly you need to tune the television in, making sure the RF Cable is connected to the aerial and when switched on for the first time the 'First Time Installation' menu appears, you simply press 'ok' and the tune will automatically start, very easy to do and not at all complicated, I noticed the size of the text on the on screen menu's were easy enough to read and the screen is crystal clear and bright.

      The remote Control buttons and shape are pretty standard and easy to navigate, the remote is small and thin, made of hard toughened plastic that is a glossy black colour and 5 inches in length with oval cushioned buttons that allow you to control every function, it takes two AAA batteries that are supplied.

      Connecting a television to a games console is at times very difficult (maybe this is just me!) but the user manual has a simplified process in three simple steps depending on the type of cables you have, for instance connection via a Scart, HDMI or component cable, I used an HDMI cable which is said to be the easiest option, you just plug it in the console then into the TV, you set the source to HDMI then its ready to use.


      Size 19 inch width

      Weight 4.5 kgs
      Panel Resolution 1440 x 900

      Panel Contrast Ratio 1000; 1
      Brightness cd/m 300

      Input Signal PC RGB
      RF 75 ohm Antenna / Pal-Secam

      Sound 1x 3.5 mm Audio jack
      HDMI (1) up to 1080i

      Speaker Output Watts (RMS) 2x3
      DVD Player yes

      Power Voltage 110-240v 1.5A 60W (Standby 2W)


      The television itself is very slim measuring just over 2 inches thick and is surprisingly light to pick up, it however feels very sturdy on it's base frame which has the ability to be adjusted by tilting very slightly backwards and forwards, right and left, it has a set of side panel buttons on the right hand side for manual control, there are 10 buttons in total and these consist of ...

      DVD Eject
      DVD Play/Pause
      DVD Stop
      Volume Up and Menu Control Right
      Volume Down and Menu Left
      Program/Channel Up and Menu Up
      Program/Channel Down and Menu Down
      Display Menu
      Select Input Source
      Standby Mode On/Off

      On the left hand side panel of the television is where all the input connections are located, the TV can be connected to a camera, camcorder and a high definition device such as the audio cables of a music system, and there is also a CI Port.

      I have found that switching between the different modes is very easy using both the remote and the manual options, all the buttons are clearly marked with clear and bold wording, and there are 8 Source modes which are...


      Easy to use Sleep Timer that turns the television off after a set amount of time which is adjustable, this is ideal for monitoring amounts of time spent using the TV.

      This television features a System Lock that allows you to lock certain features of the TV so they cannot be used or viewed, for example you can lock the volume setting or block certain channels from being viewed from this TV, a really useful addition when used for children.

      Another feature is that this TV can be used as a computer monitor by following the user manuals instructions on how to do so.

      The DVD Operation is automatic, meaning that when a DVD Disk is inserted it will automatically switch the source and start to play; there is clear bold writing on the DVD unit that instructs the correct way to insert disks.The operating system is really easy to navigate thanks to very clear menu options that are simplified allowing ease of control with the picture settings, adjusting contrast, colour, brightness, tint, sharpness and even noise reduction, I was impressed at the ability to basically personalise the television to suit our needs, the sound setting menu and the system lock being the ones I use most by adjusting and setting the volume for gaming requirements, bass, treble, and balance to maximise the gaming experience and also by controlling the amount of time spent gaming without being too intrusive to anyone else in the same room, I am pleased with the way this is achieved, always smoothly and easily without compromising on the quality of the sound or the images which have always been crystal clear.

      ==MY THOUGHTS==

      Overall I am extremely pleased with this television and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality affordable product that does what it is meant to do easily and smoothly, its size is ideal and sits perfectly on top of a single drawer set (mine is usually sat on a single bedside drawer set in the dining room but pictures show it on a stool for picture taking purposes)

      It has never let us down and has always worked perfectly providing my boys with hours of gaming fun with clear imagery and sound, the occasions they have used it for DVD's and for connecting to their camera's there has never been any complaints from me or them, my only regret is that I did not buy this television sooner as it's a great little addition to my dining room and more importantly it has freed up my main television.

      It would make a great spare or bedroom television for watching DVD's and I think it is value for money considering its features and quality.

      Definitely an excellent buy.

      I rated this a cannot get any better 5 out of 5 Available to buy in most electrical shops both online and on the high street and is available from Amazon at the moment priced at £124.99 (not including delivery)



      Thank You for reading

      My Reviews appear on both DooYoo AND Ciao



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        09.04.2011 18:26
        Very helpful



        Cheap and cheerful, sort out the flaws and this would be a cracking TV/DVD combo.

        Installation of channels was fairly straight forward, taking about ten minutes for everything to be installed.

        Picture quality - pretty good for what you pay for, haven't tried the HD as I don't have the channels, but for normal freeview/ dvd viewing it more than fits the bill. When attached to my interior aerial, it picks up the signal really well too.

        Sound quality - okay on low level, problems at higher levels the sounds sort of blur and blast, it's hard to explain. If possible I'd recommend trying that in store to see what I mean.

        Remote - pretty standard, a couple of things like the menu button wasn't where I was expecting it, but the TV always seems to pick it up.

        DVD - major gripe, a number of DVDs and CDs haven't played in this TV yet have in other DVD players and X boxes. It tends to make a lot of noise and freeze, there's nothing you can do except remove the DVD.

        Look - nice, black, inoffensive, stand is nice and sturdy so can easily be angled.

        Another little gripe is when flicking channels it tells you what is on/ coming up this is great BUT tiny! Even with my recently purchased specs I still can't read the TV from my bed, a distance of nor more than 9 feet! (I also have this problem with reading the number of minutes I have left on sleep.)

        Overall, I'd try before you buy. You get what you pay for to a point. Great for an occasional use TV, but I would personally invest more if it was a device you planned to use regularly.


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        22.02.2011 20:41
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Ideal cheap TV for a bedroom or playroom.

        We bought this TV from Tesco a while back costing £150. It is a small secondary TV, ideal for kids bedroom or for video games.

        The picture quality is ok, but I have not noticed any difference between this and our old non-hd tv when watching non-hd programmes. On the more expensive tvs there is a difference in picture quality when the two are compared despite not being HD broadcasts.

        Installation was realitvely simple using the auto install function, taking approximately 5-10 minutes to search for all freeview channels.

        My biggest frustration with this TV would be the inbuilt freeview, which is very slow and unresponsivle for basic tasks such as looking at the electronic programming guide or even changing channel. The remote control is also rather fragile and is a little confusing due to the positioning of certain buttons.

        The sound is ideal for a bedroom TV as it doesn't give out a heavy bass or noises.

        The stand is reasonable and allows for a change of angles, very similar to an LCD PC monitor.


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          13.04.2010 16:15
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A good TV for a great price with no disadvantages picked up so far!

          This UMC TV would be a great addition to any household. I purchased one of these on my birthday 15 months ago and in that time it's never broken down on me.
          I have the 22" version of this television and it sits in my bedroom. It's a good size and, unlike most 'cheaper' less recognisable brand, the remote control works from a distance and isn't tacky!

          From receiving the TV in the box, it was incredibly easy to set up. As somebody who never reads instructions, you wouldn't ever need them anyway! It's so easy just to plug in and the stand can be set up quickly.

          With built in freeview it offers good value for money and the clear menu system makes it easy to tune in. The variety of channels on offers means there's always something to watch. For the occasions when there isn't anything that takes your fancy the built in DVD players comes in handy!

          There are many slots on the side of the TV meaning you could, in theory, have many peripherals for it. There is a scart slot, HDMI slot, AV cables and there's probably a few more. The HDMI slot is very handy because it means if you have a Blu-Ray player, an XBOX 360 or a PS3 then you can watch movies in exquisite quality. Gaming is fantastic through HDMI and even though the resolution is not the greatest, for a low end TV it's brilliant. It can also be wall mounted so the smaller versions could be wall mounted in somewhere like the kitchen.

          The sound quality is pretty good too and with a screen size of 22" it would fit in any room without looking out of place. I particularly enjoy watching football on this because of the sheer quality of the colours. Compared to the HD TV I have downstairs, the clarity is extremely similar.

          The Electronic Programme Guide is ready to use and you can let it set reminders too. It can also give you a 7 day guide, although this does take a while to download.

          I paid around £179 for this television at the time of purchase which was very cheap and is now fairly good for the current climate too.

          For a budget TV, it is a good quality build that provides excellent viewing pleasure. I would recommend this to anyone on a budget but also to anyone who wants a good quality TV but doesn't want to pay big name brand prices.

          [Please rate so I can judge how well written (or not) my article has been written. Thank you for reading!]


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          06.02.2010 15:58
          1 Comment



          I would't waste the money

          Do not buy this product. If prior to buying this Tv I had a read a review like the one I intend to write at least I could say I had been warned. The size of the tv is ok if it's just going to be in your bedroom or something like that. Size in this case really doesn't matter because you will not be able to get past the fact that the remote and tv don't seem to work together if you change the channel there is a long pause in-between pressing the channel button and it coming on the screen and I mean a very long pause. The reception is awful and it needs retuning all the time just so you can get the standard 5 channels let alone the freeview. Lastly if you think that stand is a good idea your wrong it snapped off our tv and now we have to rest it against the wall.


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            06.01.2010 19:43
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Good sound and picture quality for the price.

            UMC 19/16 LCD TV with DVD player.

            Price £129 from Macro in Aberdeen

            This LCD TV comes with a 19" screen. Usually I would go for a larger screen but as this was purchased for my daughters bedroom 19" is sufficient. It also comes with built-in freeview and an integrated DVD player. The DVD player was an added bonus as she already had a seperate DVD player but at this price and with the added convienience of it all being in one system, therefore only requiring one remote, who would complain?!

            This TV also features teletext and ceefax as well as having a parental lock and sleep timer.

            We decided to tune the TV in first before fitting it to the wall just in case we encountered any problems.

            I had a look at the user guide and found it was very clearly written with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. The TV got tuned in fairly quickly, after a few false starts and the freeview was up and running in less than an hour.

            In our case we had to trail an aerial from my daughters bedroom, through the kitchen and into the livingroom to connect in to the communual aerial and even this was managed without too much disruption.

            The TV was extremely light weight and we had no problems attaching it to the wall. Once it was up it looked pretty impressive considering what we payed for it.

            The picture and sound are brilliant and is what you would expect from a TV twice the price of this one. If the sound is turned up extremely loud however it does sound a little bit shaky, but my daughter will certainly not be using it at this volume anyway!!

            The only complaint that I would really have is the text size when flicking through the free-view channels and even the free-view menu is extremely small. My daughter doesn't have a problem reading it but even with my glasses on, I find myself peering to look at it.

            The DVD is also easy to use, once I figured out where the eject button was on the remote!! My daughter actually uses the DVD a lot as she usually watches one in bed every night before she sleeps. The difference in picture quality from her old standard TV is immense. The only problem now is she doesn't want to sleep as she enjoys watching it too much!!

            In conclusion I would definately recommend this TV. It is great value for money and so easy to set up. The picture quality is also astounding for the cost of the TV.


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            31.10.2009 07:14
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            High-quality television, ideal for watching TV and for gaming, but with an unreliable DVD player.

            I was given the UMC television as a gift for my 21st birthday, making it just over a year old for me now.
            Unfortunately for me, it's not in perfect condition, and hasn't been for over half of its life in my hands (perhaps a lesson to get hold of warranty certificates in the future!). The television itself is an excellent piece of equipment; high-quality sound and image, excellent built-in Freeview (I've never had a problem getting a signal!), and an integrated DVD player (a slot on the right-hand side that's tiny and invisible from most angles).

            Unfortunately, the DVD player is the aspect of this television that let me down. Within a few months (and I don't watch hundreds of DVDs), it had stopped reading discs. It grinds and whirrs, but never finds what it's looking for. The traditional method of repair for such problems, as mentioned online, is to buy a laser-cleaning DVD, yet they rely on the disc being able to load so that you can select the 'clean' track, and if your DVD player won't load at all you're going to get nowhere.

            With the DVD slot being so small, there's also no chance to look inside for problems, or to attempt a repair yourself if you're feeling brave enough to do so. For that reason, my slim, light TV now sits on top of a bulky, silver DVD player, thus taking up far more space than the set-up should need.

            The TV itself is well-shaped (rounded edges), and ideal for a bedroom. I'm sure that if I weren't living in private rented accommodation, it would also look lovely on a wall-bracket, and it's entirely capable of being mounted in this way. However, it comes with an (again) well-shaped, slim stand that makes it ideal for placement on a desk or chest of drawers.

            Easy to set-up, it has an autotune feature, and (with a code found easily online) the ability to make the DVD player (whilst it works) region-free. This, however, is something I only discovered during my attempts to fix my own.

            Overall, a high-quality audio-visual system for television and gaming purposes, that's happy with everything from my old Mega Drive to my boyfriend's state of the art, HD XBox 360.


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              26.03.2009 22:04
              Very helpful



              A good second tv.

              Ok its a budget HD tv but it does exactly what you expect from it for the price off it.

              1 HDMI slot gives you the chance to plug in your HD games console and play or your HD sky box and watch in HD.

              1 scart slot allows for other uses such as general plug ins such as a normal sky box.

              1 pc slot is very useful as this allows you to plug in your computer and use the screen as a brilliant screen for your computer or plug in your laptop and be able to watch videos from all angles, really handy for movies.

              Freeview built in is brilliant, but expected now, and although it does seem quite slow its perfect for an added extra.

              The built in dvd player is useful and this allows you to have a dvd player constantly with your tv.

              I will admit ths sound is a little bit tinny, but you only notive this if you are looking for something special in it. Nothing to complain about here.

              Installation and tuning are very easy to do which makes this tv perfect for people who worry about such things.

              A perfect TV for a bedroom or kitchen, or even better a student like myself as it works perfect for my PS3 and laptop screen for movies.Sine picking up mine my grandparents have also picked one up and are also very impressed.

              Can be picked up for less than £200 in some shops now and is worth it.
              Not the name of Samsung or Sony but a nice tv visually and does the job perfectly.


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              29.09.2008 10:29



              should give you all the information

              We recently purchased the UMC 19/16 as the digital televison for the bedroom. The comments made by the previous reviewers are correct in that it is incredibly easy to set up and tune in channels.

              For a televsion of that price with a built in DVD the picture quality and sound is what you would expect so overall a good purchase. However it does have , in my opinion, a significant design failure in that it has no POWER OFF switch.

              Although the top panel button no 9 is labelled PowerOn/Off is does not cut the power supply it only puts it on stand by, so your televison is always on unless you unplug it or switch it off at the wall.

              I queried the Sky Media UK help line and it was obvious from the response that this issue has been raised before. The answer was "it is not a fault just the design of the television". This may well be true but in the age of environmentally conscious consumers and rising fuel costs I would have thought that a simple on/off switch would be standard on a new television. Also I did not spend £200.00 to go to the plug on the wall to switch my tele off!!

              I would go so far as to say the product information is misleading as the Power On/Off button is clearly not that. Our televison will be going back on the basis that the product is not as sold and I am not comfortable having my television on 24/7.


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              08.09.2008 15:27
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A good TV for the Price.

              UMC 19/16 TV.

              My Son has been looking for a TV for quite a while and so we went along to a well know electrical store and finally plumped for this one.
              He wasn't bothered about the attached DVD player but it was a bonus to a TV that had everything.
              It came in at just under £250.

              A very easy and idiot proof installation, just as well. Take the set out of the package and plug it in.
              The box contains the TV, a power supply, transformer, a user guide, a remote control (including batteries, which is always useful) and a lead for the aerial.

              You can tune the TV to analogue or Freeview, but the digital option is the default setting. The Freeview was easy to install as it 'hunts' for the channels for you, (obviously, make sure you have the aerial plugged into the correct DVB-T port on the back of the TV).
              There are over 30 channels for you to chose from including ones such as E4, Film4, Dave, Sky Sports News and dozens of music channels.

              UMC have designed a VERY stylish TV, perfect for a bedroom or a smaller living area. The 19" flat screen has a black front and silver body and can be placed more or less anywhere around the room, (plug sockets allowing).
              Its lack of bulk and ability to attach to a wall bracket make it a TV suitable for student accommodation. The layout of all the input sockets at the back of the TV gives the effect of a sleek and again stylish and smart looking TV.

              DVD Player:
              The DVD player is surprisingly inconspicuous. Though the remote control takes a little getting used to and navigating thought the menus can be a bit laborious.

              Input Availability:
              The TV offers a 'HD Ready screen' which gives the Freeview its best picture quality and was great for his X-box 360. Once the HD cables are inserted into their allotted HDMI ports and the gaming was improved to a 1080p setting.
              The set can also be hooked up to your computer and be used as a computer screen.

              I would suggest it is a TV worth buying. As previously stated The Freeview and DVD player are so positioned so as to make the set stylish looking.
              This TV is perfect for bedrooms or small flats and really is of top notch technology, being HD ready.
              It is reasonably priced and compact looking. As a gamer my son tells me it is a boon for his x-box.

              All in all a great TV.



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            • Product Details

              Contrast - 1000 : 1, Sound type - NICAM stereo sound, Inputs - 1xHDMI, 1xSCART, 1xComponent, 1xPC. Visible Screen Size - 18.9",Built in DVD player - also plays audio CDs. Digital TV receiver - for extra channels. HD Ready - for connection to an HD source. Fastext - for quicker access to Teletext. PC input - can also be used as a PC monitor

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