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Wharfedale 19" HD Ready LCD TV

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    2 Reviews
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      16.08.2010 23:02
      Very helpful



      A simple to use TV with a great screen when tilted correctly!!

      22" LCD Model L22T11W-C Wharfedale

      I have had this television for about 3 years now and use it mainly in my bedroom for evening viewing. It used to be my main television but weekly probably gets about 8-12 hours usage, watching DVD's and terrestrial television.

      ***What is it***
      This television is designed by Wharfedale and has a 22 inch screen and uses LCD technology. It has built in DVB and can be tuned to pick up freeview channels. It comes with a long, dull white coloured remote and can be automatically or manually tuned to pick up channels within the local area. It is straightforward and simple to set up.

      The TV was ready for the digital switch over and receiving freeview before it was available to everyone through their tele sets. At the time this was such an advantage with the array of channels on offer and receiving them in such clear definition on a quality screen, built-in to the TV.

      22 inches has proved ample for the bedroom (wow...sounds dodgy!) making it easy to move around if I changed my mind or moved any furniture and you don't necessarily need a huge screen for night time viewing or I suspect you would be up all night because of the glare! The screen itself is crisp, vivid and clear and you can easily change the settings via the remote or the functions on the set itself to get the correct screen size or adjust the settings. However this used to be our main television set before adopting my monster 37 inch widescreen and was rigged up with the Wii - completely rubbish for trying to play Mario Kart with a split screen with every one sat around squinting for the details!

      The TV has moved about quite a bit from living with my parents, coming with me to University in my third year (in Exeter which wasn't receiving the extra channels and therefore made me very annoyed!) and has since moved to London with me. It is really light weight and can be easily moved around. I always associate TVs with so many wires hanging off of them when in actuality there's just the power cable lead. I think it's lightweight is a beneficial feature and would be great for kids - can be moved around and adjusted simply.

      I particularly like the sleek looks of this TV. It has a silver base and neck with the TV screen itself perched on top. The neck can be moved with about an inch leeway allowing you to adjust the angle depending on how high up it's placed. There is a black shiny plastic frame to the screen and it is fairly slender, being about 1.5 inches thick. Lightweight and none of the bulky bottoms that TVs used to have! I like its looks - it is modern, blends easily with all the other bits and pieces that get attached to it and functional - all the relevant menu buttons, volume, standby and channel adjustments are on the top of the screen and the on/off button is on the right hand side, on the side panel. All the plug in bits for scart leads, aerial etc...are located at the back to the right hand side leaving the screen completely clean and uncluttered. No hidden panels in the front - just a simple television to use with everything clearly visible but still hidden from main view.

      I've always really liked this television and it has served its purpose well, however it isn't as automated as my newer bigger screen and it's starting to show its age.

      Despite attempting to set it up to automatically adjust to widescreen mode, it always changes the size of the screen around for the Wii and DVD player. I don't really use many of the menu functions but I find that to adjust the size it's ordinarily in the third (last) menu along and is the last bar one function from the bottom. I would expect this function to be better placed with the largely used functions in a priority place.

      The remote control isn't overly user friendly in my opinion. It is dull white with all light grey buttons and tiny print making it difficult to make out and I often get the wrong buttons despite being fairly familiar with this remote. The buttons (of which there are a lot) are all pretty much the same style although there is a wheel of buttons in the centre to control volume and channels. I feel the interface could be changed in colour and distribution to make, what is a long, slim remote into something more user friendly. It resembles what I would consider to be a remote for a DVD player or stereo system. That may sound odd but I associate the light colours to the remotes I've had for those items!

      My latest problem has shown itself in the last year and I'm not sure where to place the cause of it. The volume has started to falter. Sometimes it will dip down very low and is barely audible. It has to be at the top of end of the volume bars to be reasonably heard and will sometimes cut out altogether. I have previously attached my computer speakers to the audio jack in order to get an appropriate volume because it became such a nuisance. That is a fine solution because of its small size, it can accommodate things around it on a TV stand, but I shouldn't have to make such allowances for a 3 year old tele.
      My one other issue is with the screen in that, being LCD, if you can't tilt it at the right angle, the colours become awash in shadow. When tilted at the right angle it's perfect but unless it's level or just a bit above the level you're viewing it at, you will begin to see the problem. I remember being in a Premier Inn with a set attached to the wall with a static bracket - un-adjustable! Unless you stood on the bed you couldn't see anything on the screen!

      On saying the above, overall I think it's a great little television set for using in the bedroom other than as your focal point set. It would be good for kids to use with consoles but as soon as split screen and multi player gaming is attempted, everything will become a lot smaller and less enjoyable. It has lasted 3 years of movement and has sufficed as a great little set for my fairly frequent usage. The volume issue is unfortunate but there has been no issue with the screen itself - outstanding quality at the right angle! It's straightforward and fairly automated in terms of tuning, and usually holds a great picture. Not the best, but far from the worst!


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      13.07.2009 17:19
      Very helpful



      A good, cheap second TV

      When my old TV broke down in the living room I had three criteria for buying a new one - thin, small, cheap. I used my Nectar points at Argos to buy it - so the price of a 19inch Warfedale at £176 was just perfect for me, and I went ahead without doing too much research.

      The TV comes with a small stand, which gives it great stability. Argos always have a half price wall mounting bracket on permanent offer with these TV's, which is a good option as it is the perfect size for wall mounting.

      The ariel socket is located very high up on the side of the TV. This is a disadvantage as it means that my ariel cable is stretch to the max - it also looks a bit unsightly having the ariel cable very visible. Putting the ariel socket at the bottom of the TV would be a big improvement.

      The remote control is surprisingly robust and has stood up to wear and tear much better than others that I have had. It is easy to use, and the buttons have their function clearly marked.

      The speakers are located at the bottom of the screen, in a front-facing long silver strip about three inches high, and there is a stylish black surround to the screen which goes very well with the silver casing. All in all, the Wharfedale looks very good.

      The TV was HD ready, and had access to all the Freeview channels. It was very easy to set up, with auto scan doing all of the hard work for me and finding the channels without a problem.

      There is only 1 scart socket at the back of the TV, and it is very easily accessible, so you don't have to grapple around for ages to plug the scart lead in. Having only socket may be a problem for many people, but all of our gaming devices and dvd players are connected to a much larger family screen in another room, so we have no need for more than one socket. This TV is very much a second TV for us.

      It is Top Up TV compatible, but I have never used this function.

      There is a viewing angle of 160 degrees, which means that there is an excellent view of the screen from seats all around the room.

      Pressing the channel number takes you to that channel, with a 'Now and Next' electronic programme guide that runs along the bottom of the screen. This gives you the channel that you are on, the signal strength, what is showing now (with timings) and what is on next (with timings). A very useful feature.

      The electronic programme guide is very easy to use, with a nice screen design and viewing pane. Pressing the blue button takes you effortlessly to the 7 day programme guide.

      This is the Wharfedale's biggest failing. The TV has NICAM sound with
      60W RMS power output, but this is just not enough. The sound is tinny and disappointing, no matter how much you adjust the settings. You can adjust the bass, the treble, the audio mode and the balance, but whatever you do, the sound grates in a very harsh manner. If the volume is turned up to anything near or over 50, the TV starts to vibrate and there is feedback.

      I have overcome this problem by buying some computer speakers and pluging them into the headphone socket. This has completely solved the problem and I now have a rich sound - but at a price! If I had realised before I bought the TV, I would have spent the extra £15 on a more expensive model. The speakers cause extra

      The picture quality is very good, and brightness, colour, contrast and sharpness can easily be adjusted using the menu button. The colours are realistic, but perhaps not a rich and warm as the colours on some more expensive TVs.

      I have had this TV for over a year and I have had no problems at all. It does not get very heavy use, and is not used for gaming, but I feel that it has been well used and stood up well.


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