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Eurohike Tent Pack - 2 Person

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Eurohike / Two person tent, two sleeping bags and sleeping mats.

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2010 17:43
      Very helpful



      Great tent for occasional use

      In my experience, there comes a time when people are buying outdoor equipment when they lose all track of the function of / intended purpose to which they plan to put whatever it is they're buying, and instead of purchasing the e.g. minimal tog 'summer-weight' sleeping bag they originally went into Millets for, start considering all sorts of esoteric pieces of kit costing hundreds of quid that'll allow them to sleep directly on the polar ice-floes, etc. I'm not saying there isn't a genuine(if in fact very limited) need for proper 'expedition' type equipment, but this is the just kind of attitude that leads to one seeing groups of hikers, fully kitted out in all-weather outfits - knee-high, snake-bite-proof gaiters on their Karrimor-booted feet - trying to 'navigate' their way up high street in Dursley (which is a slightly down-at-heel market town on the unfashionable end of the Cotswold Way); three-mile-to-the-inch OS maps clutched firmly (and protected of course from the inclement elements in a transparent rain-cover) in hand.....

      Mindful of the potential for this sort of thing - and to some extent, reacting against it - when it came to buying a tent, I chose one of the cheapest / most basic options on the market: a two-person 'Eurohike' dome tent. It has served me and my partner very well during the limited amount of holiday / summer camping we've done over the years and we've used it over several successive summers, taking it on holiday abroad on driving trips to the continent, and also once even in our luggage on plane flights as it's compact enough when packaged up to fit into hold luggage bags. I'd say because of the size / weight, it's probably the type of tent best used in conjunction with a car on a camping trip however. We got effectively the same version of this tent about 10 years ago in 2000 when it cost £39.99. The current RRP is about £60 but it's often available with £10 to £20 (or more) discounted from this in the end of season sales etc..

      The tent is very easy to put up. The frame is made from two long, flexible tent poles - thin, lightweight plastic rods connected in series by elastic. These slot together and then feed into 'tubes' sewn into the polyester outer -skin of the tent and hold up the main structure. Like most 'modern' tents this one has a 'double skin ' structure, so there is a thinner, insect-proof 'inner' (also polyester) permanently connected to the outer, more waterproof section. Both inner and outer are sewn to the groundsheet part, which is made of woven / synthetic tarpaulin (just like what they make the big blue 'Ikea' bags out of - only perhaps a bit more sturdily woven). This groundsheet is by far the bulkiest part of the fabric tent.

      Once put up, it's a basic, very simple one-room tent, which means there's no 'porch' or awning section - although there is a small amount of space once the tent's pitched between the zipped part you sleep in and the sides of the tent at the front that you can store your excess kit in out of the rain. (Any kit in this front section will be directly on the ground). There is a small zipped pocket in the inside but no other 'frills' or anything inside the tent; it's not big enough to stand up in or to do anything other than sleep in - so this is not a tent to spend any long periods when you're awake. It works best as a place just to sleep - preferably in a sunny country where it gets dark late (though it is reasonably waterproof, it's no fun to be cooped up in if the weather turns bad).

      One problem I found with the tent is that it's not machine washable, because with the groundsheet permanently attached, it's a bit too bulky to fit in the drum of a washing machine. I had some success hosing it down after it got slightly urinated upon by a dog (in a campsite abroad) but once the whole thing got stored in an...outbuilding where it may have gotten 'contaminated' by rats / mice, I had to let it go. It had provided nigh-on ten years of service at that point, and structurally, was still going strong.

      This is a great 'starter' tent for younger people who don't take their camping holidays too seriously.


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