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Outwell Wolf Lake 5 Tunnel Tent

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Camping Equipment - Tent

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    2 Reviews
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      20.05.2013 12:41
      Very helpful
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      Top end family tent

      Camping holidays are either great fun or truly awful, totally dependent on the weather or, indeed, the company you keep. The intimacy of being under canvas is a great way to start a relationship or, indeed, a great metaphor of your relationship chances as you discover all those little holes that will eventually let the wind and rain in. But if it lashes down all week then you need to bite the bullet and get to a hotel fast or you wont have a relationship and give up on canvas, a fatal mistake often made when it comes to saving your holiday. It's not an all weather sport.

      When we were young taking a girl camping was for one reason only. Get intimate on the cheap and have some fun. But boys don't realize how much 'stuff' women need to take on holiday, why you see motorbikes pulling wheelies with pretty girls on the back heading to the coast. You may not need a hair dryer and hair curler on holiday but they do. And why do women want to wear make up and look pretty all the time? Because they need to be ready to upgrade their boyfriend if he takes them on soggy camping holidays.

      When you get older camping is never a good dating idea and so should be the reserve of families with men with beards and lads weekends away for rock concerts or festivals, especially in the United Kingdom. I bought it for the later as no intention of extreme facial hair. In fact I have the first flecks of grey on the side so will need some advice on hair dye application soon girls.

      So the tent, a tunnel version, which is like four upside rectangles zipped together, the deeper in the tent you go the nearer the sleeping quarters, which are separated off by the sections. With this baby you can stand up in the middle sections. This separation helps to keep the camping smells at bay, from cooking to one too many aromas from last nights partying. If the other half's breath stinks from one too many Smirnoff Ice you can section her off down the tunnel, and vice version. It's a good tent for keeping fresh.

      The Wolf Lake 5 is a three-room tunnel tent that can sleep up to five in those two bedrooms. It features a large living space you could call your chill out area and has an open front that acts like an extension to create a large area in which to sit and Chile lax under cover after along days sightseeing. This can be turned into a full awning with the use of an optional conversion kit. It may be worth taking that if you are a big family. The tent's streamlined by a taught guyline system that you won't trip over in the night while the clever wind stabilizer is designed to reduce flap and noise inside. The tent has tinted windows to stop overheating or fellow nosy campers and a higher than normal zipper door height. Other features include a Zip-out colour-coordinated groundsheet, drying rails and a unique system inside that keeps 80% of the canvas away from the frame so to stop contact leakage extra seal helping to decrease leakage around the inner canvas skin. With these tunnel tents you have great storage areas and lots of nooks and crannies to stow stuff. They have plenty of Velcro side pockets and attachments around the sturdy steel alloy frame for bits and bobs and a good kitchen area, this bit flame proof in case of a drunken Calor Gas moment.

      It comes in a decent sized packing bag (with carry handle) and fairly easy to assemble with a color -coded peg and line system although if the winds up or you are on a slope or you have had a few before then it may take time. No instructions on the planet for anything are ever clear. One day someone will event a tent that can be put up like an umbrella.

      = = = Price wise= = =

      Its RRP is near a hefty £1500 but a second hand one can come in as little as £300 in a specialized shop, as was mine. I believe you do have to pay top end to get something very practical, spacious and airy in camping and this is the type of thing.

      = = = Any Good = = =

      It's fairly easy to assemble although about an hour to do so. It didn't leak too much the only two times we have used it although it wasn't that wet to really test it. Its best not to pack it away wet and just bung it in the car boot as it is so you can air it at home. If they get musky they are quickly ruined.
      It's very sturdy and took some serious wind, and maintained integrity in that wind as far as the walking around space and things not falling off the shelves and out of the pockets.


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        10.08.2009 19:44
        Very helpful



        Great tent, it's an investment!

        When I was considering buying this tent recently there were very few reviews online, so hopefully this will be useful. Although this is one of the more expensive tents on the market I felt it would last us many years so would be worth it in the long run. Having used it a few times now I am glad I splashed out.

        If anyone has visited a tent sale or seen one of these tents up at a campsite they will know of its quality. The tent material is Outtex Airtech Polycotton, which is much heavier than polyester but has a number of benefits. It is breathable in hot climates, so no waking up in a sweaty, condensation-filled tent. It has strong UV resistance which means it will be protected from the sun for many years. And perhaps most importantly it stands up to heavy rain, which I can vouch for because I have survived a few thunderstorms in this tent. Furthermore, it is quiet. Polyester tents seem to 'rustle' in the wind but this is virtually silent, a godsend when you're trying to sleep.

        The PVC groundsheet zips in separately and is much, much thicker than in a normal, cheaper tent. For me this feels so much more secure and I know it would take a lot to rip it. You can even buy a carpet made for the living area which feels very luxurious in a tent!

        It is bright and airy as huge windows with full length mesh provide ventilation. As well as the doors at the front there is also a side door which can be opened up to create a small canopy, again making the tent seem really spacious and open. However, in the evenings when everything is zipped up you really notice the quality of the fabric. It feels really cosy and warm.

        This 5 man tunnel tent is so roomy, 215 cm high (I can't touch the top-I'm 5'3"), 640 cm long and 360 cm wide. There are 2 bedrooms and a main living room. You can easily get a table and 4 chairs in the living compartment, plus other furniture. Although there are only 2 of us we wanted a decent-sized area, which it certainly provides. One of the bedrooms is larger than the other. We used the larger one to sleep in and kept our bags in the other.
        There are a number of pockets, some underneath the windows and some on the outside of the bedroom compartment. These are great for keeping the tent tidy, but not really to keep anything heavy in because they can sag.

        The zip-off porch is an excellent size, and provides enough room for a double-burner cooker and 2 chairs. It means you can still sit outside when it's breezy or drizzling because you are so well protected. There are also large windows in the porch so you don't feel cut off.

        Now for the bad points:

        It weighs an absolute tonne! Actually, 53kg but that's a lot for a tent! It's very bulky too so you really do need a decent sized car, or trailer/roof rack. We have a Focus and with the seats down we only just manage to cram everything in (including camping chairs, sleeping bags, etc). The pack size for the tent is 34 x 110 cm, for the poles 25 x 105 cm.

        Because it is so heavy it is definitely a 2 person job to put it up. With a bit of practice we can now do it in 60/90 minutes, and that is in good weather. You do get a DVD with instructions so it's best to study this before you set off. Packing up is again time-consuming. The groundsheet zips out and has to be folded separately, as do the bedrooms and the porch area. We were a little jealous of people who just pulled onto the campsite and set up in 15 minutes. I think for this reason we probably would not use the tent for one night stays.

        A further disadvantage is that you really don't want to have to pack the tent up when it is wet, as the size and weight increases significantly. Obviously you then have the ordeal of drying it off at home which is a bit of a chore.
        The tent costs around £800. When you think you can get a tent for 1/10th of that price, it can take a while to get your head around the cost. But you really are paying for quality. If you want a tent that will last for years I would definitely recommend the Wolf Lake 5. On campsites so many people have commented that it's one of the best, most luxurious, warmest, sturdiest, attractive, comfortable tents they've ever seen.


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      • Product Details

        The comfortable living accommodation features three doors, 2 side panel doors and a large front 'D' door.

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