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Regatta Pop Up 2 Man Tent

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Regatta / Type: Tent

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    2 Reviews
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      29.08.2013 14:40
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      a great tent....but buy a different colour/pattern

      As a family we enjoy camping, its cheap and the kids love it. For a while we've been camping within 2-3 hours drive from where we live, but after exhausting all places we wish to visit around here, we decided to go further afield. However with 2 children a 7 hour drive to Cornwall or a 10 hour drive to top of Scotland seemed out of the question. After finding a lovely looking campsite on the isle of Skye we decided with a stop overnight half way it would break up the 10 hour drive. The next problem we had was our tent....its HUGE!!! its 8 man, 2 bedroom, high enough to stand up in....and no way we were putting it up for just one night. So we decided to invest in some pop up tents.

      The Tents we chose....
      The regatta pop up tent is a 2 man tent and can be put up in seconds. It takes longer to hammer in the guide ropes but even then it can be fully up and ready to sleep in within 5 minutes
      This review is of the dotty spotty tent as shown in the picture. Its black with white spots and is single skin with a double door (fly/bug net and the normal door) which makes it great if you find yourself camping in a midge hot spot.
      This tent also boasts a 2000mm hydrostatic head....this means it can withstand 2000mm of rain/water for a minute before it starts leaking, this is quite a high rating and good for year round camping.
      It RRPs at £49.99 but its worth looking around for deals. We got ours not long after Glastonbury and they were reduced to £14.99 each.

      What's it good for?
      *This tent would be great at a festival. I have never been to one before but I can imagine it can be difficult to spot your tent in the sea of campers. This one is a bit different to other tents, its black and white spots do stand out from a crowd of plain green or blue.
      *Great for one nights camping
      *I also see on the cbeebies programme, that Mr Tumble also at times uses this tent (though he seems to have a few different tents) so it seems this tent is great for signing clowns.

      How many does it sleep?
      This tent sleeps 2....but it DOES not fit a double air bed. We do like to sleep on air beds but the boys ended up sleeping on the ground as their air bed wouldn't fit. However I managed to fit a single air bed in mine as well as the Samsonite pop up travel cot my daughter slept in.
      There would be plenty of room for 2 people sleeping in sleeping bags, or even 3 at a squeeze.

      Putting up
      To put up is easy....you take out of the bag and it pops open. You could throw in the air, but this runs the risk of the tent blowing away if a gust of wind decides to blow at that exact moment. So its advisable to hold onto the tent as it pops open....unless of course you enjoy running across the camp site chasing your tent.

      Putting down
      To put down fold the ends into the middle so you are holding the 4 arches of the tent and they've made a loop at both ends. Fold one loop over and 2 loops pop out sideways, fold them both over into the middle and there you go.... simple??? sorry it may sound like gobble-de-gook, but its easy and takes less than a minute. Then you simply put into the bag and away you go.
      Its always advisable to get the tent out again once you're home and let it dry fully, this will ensure you don't get any mould or damp on your tent which is not only unsightly but can ruin your tent. Not to mention its probably a risk to health sleeping in a tent full of mould.

      Our use...
      We used this tent a few times now on half way stops. It is the easiest tent ever to put up, there are no annoying poles and not many ropes to hammer in the ground. We also found it quite easy to fold back up.
      The tents are sturdy enough, and although it wasn't particularly windy or wet when we used them I am sure they would withstand as much wind as other tents.
      We managed to find a midge hotspot on our stop over on the shore of lock Lomond, luckily we could sit inside the tent with the door open but the bug door closed, as get some fresh air as well as keep the little blood suckers at bay.
      As it is only single skin its advisable to keep clothes away from sides, condensation can build up and cause everything to get wet through overnight.

      One thing I found with this tent is that the white spots do not stay white for long. we now have a black tent with green, brown and grey spots. White is not recommended for camping and outdoors, never mind camping, outdoors AND children. It looks a bit grubby and will probably get worse when its used again. I must add we haven't had a very wet camping experience in this tent, I can imagine with a bit of rain and a bit of mud it will look very dirty indeed.

      I would recommend this tent, its easy to put up and easy to fold up. It also comes in some great patterns to make you stand out from the crowds. HOWEVER I would probably not recommend this pattern. white and camping does not mix.... Also keep an eye out for deals....at full price it is expensive, at the price we got it they were very good value. for this tent I give it 3/5 stars, 2 stars are taken off for the high RRP and the grubbiness of this pattern.


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        05.08.2012 10:30



        a great children's tent and a good introduction to camping

        We purchased this tent as a play tent for our children and after at least a year of abuse from three kids I'm happy to say that the tent appears to still be in one piece.

        The build quality is pretty good for the price and assembly is easy as the tent has been designed to popup without the need of any intervention by the user.
        There is surprising quite a lot of space available inside for three children teddies and blankets.

        However there is no waterproofing so we usually use this tent in our lounge.

        I really like the design of the tent and the quality of the manufacture. I would say that after a lot of use i still cannot manage to get the tent back in the cardboard packaging but this is only slightly ignoring

        I would recommend this tent ti anyone who has children as it really has given my kids hours of fun for the price which i think is really good value. The tent offers a good storage place to put toys and blankets in rooms and it does help to keep rooms tidy.

        We have found the tent also has given our children an introduction into camping allowing them to safely camp in there rooms under the tent in sleeping bags.

        In conclusion this tent is great with a good design and build quality giving hours of fun to our children of 9-6 and 4 years of age.
        I would recommend this tent to anyone.


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