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Acer AL1916ws

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    5 Reviews
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      23.06.2011 00:06
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Worth a buy if your new to pc's (somehow) and just want to plug and play.

      This is a screen which really meets the needs of what im looking for when it comes to buying a screen, the only down side to this screen is that it aint HD and does not give of perfect picture quality when trying to watch things on the internet in HD quality. Apart from that the screen fits the bill perfectly, the screen is 19" and has a very resolution, showing everything on there in a above average standard to what you would be used to. There is a VGA port on the back so you are now able to plug this into some DVD players if that's capable aswell. The main use for this port would be to plug into your computer but the option is there if you would like it.

      Price and Availability
      I'm not 100% sure when it comes to the price of this PC screen cause when i got mine i got it in a package deal with the PC itself. Ive search around the internet for prices on this one for you guys but i am unable to help you out with that apart from one which i found which is selling so far for 10 pounds on eBay with only 1 bidder on it. You may get lucky and find more if you look around enough but that price for this screen is a bargain of a buy!

      If i had to guess what the price of my screen would have worked out to be it would be around the 80-100 marker as the computer package back in the day was only around 800 and i think i recall paying extra for the bigger and better screen, it was worth it aswell if you ask me. stick to my motto, play big or go home.

      Appearance and Design.
      The appearance of this screen is rather nice considering how old it is, the silver out side skirt of it finishes of the screen rather well but it would have looked alot nicer if it was in a black colour, however with a black stand at the bottom which is designed rather well it supports the whole screen with ease, its a static bottom which cannot be twisted but it can tilt up and down depending on the height of the person using the screen... i guess that with it not being able to twist, that's one less thing to break on screen. The frame round the outside stays the same width all the way which keeps the screen looking right and then below the centre bottom where you would find the "acer" logo there is the five buttons which all have there purpose, the on/off button being the main one with a small green light to let you know when you have pressed it to turn on as the screen has about a 10 second warm up period... this button also turns to amber when the screen is on standby so you know you need to turn it off. You then have the 4 other buttons which are the menu buttons which are there to help you locate around the screen.

      The menu isnt the easiest thing to operate around, as upon pressing the menu button you are met with 10 little pictures which show symbols which dont really make much sense. These range from the contrast which is a sun like image which is half white and half black .. then to a square which has the letter I in the center ... until you play around with these they dont really make much sense. I didnt find it that hard to get used to as there is a reset button so each time you mess up you can easily reset the whole lot, this is what i managed to do.

      I found this rather easy to install, it was as simple as taking it out the box and then just plugging in the VGA cable and the computer found the screen automatically. it was just with that PC as it was bought with, this also happens with other PC's as i have been through my fair share! i have also manged to make this screen work with my mac book pro! which is excellent and gives you that extra option to increase your screens which you can play with!

      The design of this screen must be rather good as i have had this for years now and im still waiting for my first dead pixel, this actually shows that the screen is of great screen quality! its had its fair share of knocks and bangs and still going strong, something we just expect from "acer" these days as there starting to become a well known electrical brand now.

      The screen is easy to install if your new with technology as its just a simple plug and play style device however even for the more advanced there is still some options you can tinker with to make the screen perfect for the needs of yourself, its not the most advanced screen so if you want the best of the best keep looking, personally for me it has everything i needed in a screen at the time and has lasted me many years since. Very good buy looking back now.


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      15.06.2009 11:27


      • Reliability


      Well worth a look...

      This is a very competent monitor with only a minor drawback.

      On the up side, it is suprisingly large for a 19 inch monitor because of its widescreen aspect. this makes it perfect for watching DVDs and streaming video (such as iPlayer from the BBC).

      the refresh rate is fast (8ms) which means it can cope with most newer games, although diehard gamers will probably want something higher spec. the max resolution is 1440 x 900 (i.e. WXGA) which is extremely generous for the price!

      the monitor comes with a simple (and pleasingly compact) desktop stand, although the back of the screen has connections to enable wall mounting (providing you buy a compatible kit).

      the screen also has a good auto-adjust button - one press and it will fix itself perfectly.

      on the down side, it doesn't look very special. it's all plastic - no metal or glass - which makes it look a bit cheap. however, for the price you can't complain.


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      23.07.2008 12:48
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Overall a great value, good quality screen, but check you dont need the missing features.

      What a Great value widescreen 19" monitor! I was buying a new PC anyway, to replace a laptop, and was convinced I should get a widescreen, so that the monitor could double as a TV/DVD player in my bedroom.
      Looking around the market it was soon apparent that Acer make some very well specced good value PCs, but I wasnt going to have one of their monitors unless it was also good value and gave a quality picture. After reading a few reviews I could see this was the best value widescreen monitor and also the best quality.
      Whats it like to live with?
      Well after a year its still reliable and has a lovely crisp picture, it hasnt failed me yet, despite a few power cuts and surges. To acheive a good picture, I find you have to manually adjust the contrast quite low, the 4 presets (Text, standard, movie and graphics settings) are too bright for my taste.
      The only criticisms I would make are you can see where the money has been saved: there is no height adjustment, only tilt, so this could create neck pain, looking down at the screen. There isnt a DVI input, only the old style blue VGA socket, and finally the power button seems a bit flimsy.


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      10.07.2007 17:49
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Hard to fault for the price.

      Here is my review of the Acer AL1916WS, where to start well maybe a bit of background and why I bought it.

      6 months before I bought this screen id bought myself a 19" TFT screen to replace my old CRT monitor and realised it didn't quite fit my requirement but that's my own fault as it was bought in a hurry.

      So with my mind made up on the fact that the old screen just wasn't right for me I decided to be a bit more careful and do a little research. With a little flick over the likes of www.overclockers.co.uk and www.dabs.co.uk I was seeing the Acer standing out from all the rest of the 19" screens on 2 major points (1) its widescreen and (2) the excellent price.
      Even though I trust both overclockers and dabs they couldn't touch the price I got from www.ebuyer.com of £179.76 and that was with VAT and delivery. Id just sold my old TFT screen second hand and as you can imagine this didn't cost me very much on top of that

      So I placed my order and a couple of days pass before I had my screen, so I opened the box to see a very well packed screen waiting to be setup. In the box you get the screen wrapped in a padded bag and polystyrene holders on both sides, along with an inner box containing manual, cd-rom, power cable and vga cable.

      The build quality was fantastic and it came from a good brand name Acer so no needs to worry about the disappearing over night. Besides the look of the screen is nice, black base and rear of screen with a silver front and buttons.

      Putting the screen together was a doddle just pop the screen in to the base and plug the cables in and your up and running. First thing to noticed when you switch the screen on is the Acer logo every time, maybe I can turn it off but im not really into reading manuals so maybe I will look into it one day if it annoys me. To auto adjust the screen image at anytime just press the auto button, the menu can be accessed by the menu button at any time and the navigation is clearly explained on screen, here you adjust contrast, colour temperature, brightness etc.

      Ok before I go into my thoughts on the screen I'll bore you all with the technical jargon etc.

      Pixel Pitch - 0.284mm x 0.284mm (image sharpness)
      Brightness (typ.) - 350 cd/m2
      Contrast Ratio (typ.) - 500:1 (difference in light intensity between the brightest white and the darkest black)
      Max. Refresh Rate - 1440 X 900@60Hz
      Viewing Angle (typ.) - 170°(H), 170°(V)
      Response Time (typ.) - 8ms
      Input Signal - VGA (Analog D-sub)
      VGA cable removability - Yes
      Width 462mm
      Height 385mm
      Depth 180mm

      One thing to note here is that it doesn't support the DVI interface but for the price that's understandable.

      After plugging in and turning this screen on I was pleased to see the return of my POST (Power On Self Test) screen from my motherboard, my old screen was to slow in responding to display it, so thumbs up to Acer here.

      Ok down to the detailed thoughts, since I bought this to use for gaming I looked into what was going to be new this year and found that widescreen is being supported by more games, the benefit of widescreen can be seen in the television market since your eyes are more better suited to widescreen images, your programs and movies are easier to watch the same a applies to games as the games really do become more immersive when put into widescreen.

      The 8ms response time is hard to see, and that's even in some of the most action packed games I have played and the most action packed DVD's I have run on it. It really did prove to be a vast improvement over my previous 19" TFT with a sluggish 16ms response. Another plus point is that any widescreen DVD or TV show you play back on your PC will fill the screen if you use the right media player, gone are the days of viewing a little letter box on your PC. Only bad point which there is but I find pointless to mention is that there is no height adjustment on this screen, however I have noted this as this may be an issue for some, if you require a height adjustment id suggest one of the dell wide TFT's.

      So this is good for gamers but what about the home / office user what does the widescreen do for you that a conventional screen cant? Well think about when your screen gets cluttered with windows that are open, or you want to run 2 windows side by side, you will find that 2 programs fit well into the wide aspect on the screen side by side unlike the old square screens used today.

      One thing to make a note of though, the true widescreen resolutions can only be supported under Windows XP so be warned users of windows 98 or 2000.

      Ok to tie things up and make a conclusion this screen suits games on a budget perfectly, it ticks all the boxes for wide aspect, response time, colour vibrance and contrast ratio.
      The only draw back being the lack of height adjustment.
      The DVD and TV playback will support full widescreen mode if used under the right media player.

      For the home / office user its like any screen you use right now but you will find benefits that wide aspect screens provide and that media playback can be full screen without the old letterbox view.

      For the price I have hard time being picky over things like the lack of DVI input, speakers and height adjustment.

      Since I have a 5.1 speaker setup I don't need the speakers and am glad that cost of something I don't need is not being passed on to me.

      From me it gets a nice 9.5 out of 10

      As a note, the latest verion of this screen has a quicker response time of just 5ms response.


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      15.12.2006 23:19
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Bargain wide screen TFT monitor

      The overall picture looks best at a 1600x900 resolution. Most of the other resolutions don't work that well. Text can appear blurred. It doesn't appear possible make a 4:3 resolution as the auto adjusts to fill the whole screen which just produced a distorted image. Also when using a 1600x900 resolution the text is a lot smaller than what I'm used to. However it is sharp and the screen is brighter than my old CRT. The TV picture was a lot better than I expected although other factors such as the tuner and aerial come into play here. I have not used it for gaming but from many other reviews that I've read the screen seems to handle gaming to a highly satisfactory degree. However, the limitations of the resolution might mean that some games will get stretched.

      Minor Issues:
      Some people might be put off by the lack of a DVI connection - it only has a VGA input.

      Although the screen looks elegant enough I wasn't too impressed with the plastic stand that looks a bit tacky and cheap looking.

      Overall I would highly recommend this as a cheap widescreen option for basic web surfing and computer use. You might want something better for viewing DVDs. All in all a great value monitor for the vast majority of people.

      I paid approximately £142 at Amazon - purchased November 2006


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    • Product Details

      The AL1916 Series is one of the best quality 19" LCDs available today, supporting TN panel technology with the benefits of excellent image performance especially for your entertainment and multimedia applications. Today's office users can now achieve maximized work efficiency by simultaneously viewing multiple applications with comfort on the large 19" screen, and, gamers or movie lovers can enjoy the quality of vibrant color and action packed details thanks to the rapid response rate.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Acer AL1916ws - LCD display - TFT - 19"
      Device Type: LCD display / TFT active matrix
      Colour: Black, silver
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 46.2 cm x 18 cm x 38.5 cm
      Weight: 4 kg
      Diagonal Size: 19"
      Dot Pitch / Pixel Pitch: 0.284 mm
      Max Resolution: 1440 x 900
      Colour Support: 16.7 million colours
      Response Time: 8 ms
      Image Brightness: 300 cd/m2
      Image Contrast Ratio: 500:1
      Signal Input: VGA
      Microsoft Certification: Certified for Windows Vista
      Compliant Standards: FCC Class B certified, CE, UL, TUV GS, VCCI, C-Tick, BSMI, ISO 9241-3, ISO 9241-8, ISO 9241-7, cUL, DDC-1, DDC-2B, ISO 13406-2, TCO '99, VESA DPMS
      Power: AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
      Power Consumption Operational: 36 Watt
      Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years warranty