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Acer AL2016WB

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2008 23:41
      Very helpful



      Worth the money.

      My last monitor was a vast behemoth of a thing. At 19" it was a pretty decent Mitsubishi CRT. However, a Mitsubishi Shogun 4x4 would have actually taken up less desk space. So, I was actually glad when the thing started making humming noises and died. Much like my late grandfather but without the gladness.

      To my surprise, the monitor - ordered from eBay, arrived splendidly wrapped in finest parchment. The delivery ladies danced their lurid dance and then departed in a puff of sweet-smelling vapour, only to leave behind their underwear as a souvenir of the occasion.
      Disappointingly, inside the parchment was a substantial and sturdy box containing much polystyrene and a monitor, stand and instructions. I won't rant as I have in the past against the lunacy of modern packaging but needless to say, the plug and chord resembled something I saw as a teenager involving bondage and overpaid politicians. Why does a chord need covering in a polythene bag? Why tie it down with plastic coated wire? Are they dangerous or something?

      Out of the box
      The monitor came out of the box easily.

      Oh, sorry, you want more. Well after stunning the chord with my slipper so as to protect my family from the horrific dangers it obviously posed, it was a case of snapping the stand on, plugging it in, attaching the cable and voila. I became French. Or rather, it was up and running. Simple.

      Picture Quality
      The picture quality is good. I don't get overexcited about these things. It's bright and shiny and I can see things. That sort of does it for me. In a moment I'll cut and paste the specs so you can ignore them at your leisure.
      Looking at it now I can see about 2 dropped pixels (annoying but largely unavoidable blemishes on the screen where the odd pixel or 2 doesn't display) which isn't bad for the price. The colours are clear and bright and the resolution (dependant of course on your graphics card) is super, running at present on a Geoforce 7300LE 512Mb card at 1280x800 but I could get up to 1680x1050 and with ease if my eyesight was good enough. Response time is absolutely fine at 5ms. Like I'd notice.

      The menu system is accessed from the front set of button that hover below the center of the screen. It has all the usual settings for brightness, contrast blah blah blah. It's easy to use and access. There is another button next to the menu navigation called 'auto'. Paradoxically when you press it, it 'automatically' configures the settings. Who would have thought it? Oh and there's another button that makes your reviews funny and light-hearted but I keep forgetting about it until it's too late.

      Build Quality
      The build quality for the unit is a bit plasticky, but it's made out of plastic so I can hardly complain. The buttons are easy to get at and the OSM (on-screen-menu) is fairly intuitive - to be honest I've only had to use it once. I would have like the screen to swivel instead of having to 'turn' the whole base but it is hardly a struggle as the unit is fairly light.
      The unit can be wall mounted, but it isn't so God knows how easy it is. That's not really very helpful, so I'll guess. Er..........It's er......easy?
      There have been no compatibility issues at all.

      Annoying things
      1. Did I mention the OTT packaging?
      2. Very rigid stand
      3. Lack of speakers. Ok, so the quality of them would have been rubbish and it would have made a 'widescreen' even wider but I ain't no Buddhist. I want some.

      Take cover
      Get ready to scroll - here come the stats. And there's loads of the bloody things. I spent 6 hours working all these out by myself using the 'Big Boys Book of Electronics'.

      Device Type
      Flat panel display / TFT active matrix
      Black, silver
      Dimensions (WxDxH)
      47.7 cm x 18.5 cm x 38.5 cm
      5.5 kg
      Diagonal Size
      20" - widescreen
      Dot Pitch / Pixel Pitch
      0.258 mm
      Max Resolution
      1680 x 1050
      Response Time
      5 ms
      Image Brightness
      300 cd/m2
      Image Contrast Ratio
      Signal Input
      Compliant Standards
      TCO '99
      AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
      Power Consumption Operational
      50 Watt

      If you don't believe me

      It's been a really good monitor. Absolutely not a spot of bother now in over 6 months and no sign of any deterioration. It isn't top of the range and cost about £160 of ebay. It's a bit plasticky. BUT it's a huge improvement on the old CRT and good value for money methinks. Apologies for being to flippant in my tone to actually be useful tonight but it's been a hard day. I've just read it through and found the whole thing to be far too pithy and I sound like, as my 15 year old would say, a knob. Hey Ho.

      Thanks for reading!
      May also be on Dooyoo/Ciao


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