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    1 Review
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      07.08.2012 20:42
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      Excellent value for money, high quality monitor, very affordable.


      === Thin Film Transistor and Liquid Crystal Display ===

      The data to graphic output technology, which we know as LCD, has an additional set of thin films. These are thin filter sheets, which help to show the image in a better quality, than the image is actually produced in through the data to graphic output. The purpose of combining the technology is as simple as that. There's no real need to go into too much detail, for the purposes of this review.

      The basic ingredients of a TFT LCD monitor are: a screen, with the inverter board, filters, back-lights, a graphic data board, and a power circuit board. The PCB lets you plug in the power connector to the monitor, and the graphic data board is for connecting the appropriate graphic cable (e.g. VGA, DVI and HDMI).

      === Purpose of Purchase ===

      My previous LCD monitor has a much smaller screen, which was no longer useful to me. I needed a monitor with a larger display, so that I could use the computer with more comfort and less strain on the eyes. Keeping an arm's length distance from the old monitor meant I had to zoom into a page quite a lot, if I was typing a letter. This would limit my view of the page, so I could only see just over half of each line of text.

      I needed a monitor, which would allow me to zoom into text in a word processor enough to see the text clearly, while keeping the entire line of text in view. Keeping in mind I would be sitting about seventy odd centimetres from the screen.

      === Purchase ===

      I visited a few local computer stores, and had a look online. I wanted to make sure if I bought a monitor, it would fit the requirements. I discussed it with a friend, who recommended this monitor. He had purchased one from Amazon, so he sent me a link. I read through the specifications. The twenty two inches was an impressive size, as was the sixteen eighty by ten fifty resolution. I wasn't really concerned with the contrast ratio, but I had to make sure the monitor supported VGA or DVI, because my graphics card at the time wasn't particularly excellent. The monitor response time of five milliseconds never worried me.

      I found the link to have the cheapest price for that monitor, so I completed the purchase. The monitor arrived either the next day, or two days later. I don't remember the exact delivery date, but it was fast enough. Very fast for a free delivery, and low cost at approximately a hundred and fifty pounds.

      === Connecting and Using ===

      There's really nothing involved in setting up the monitor for use, the monitor easily connects to its base and the cables connect very easily. The whole process takes a minute. Once connected, the monitor can be switched on and used.

      I've used this monitor on a Windows XP computer for a few years, without ever experiencing any problems. I found the display to easily show an entire line of text, zoomed in to be able to read it from six metres away. This means I can comfortably see the text from less than a metre's distance.

      The monitor only uses twenty watts of electricity, so it's very energy efficient.

      One of the other things I use my computer for is bitmap graphics, which is something that showed me how well the monitor handles images and colours. It's quite impressive for its price.

      The monitor worked for several years without a single problem, but due to a power surge; the monitor was no longer in working order. Parts and replacement was out of the question, so I got a new monitor. I also got additional surge protection equipment, because I discovered the Omega surge protectors to be rather useless.

      === Why shouldn't you buy it? ===

      There are a number of factors, which would rightly prevent you from buying this monitor. You may be able to afford a much better monitor, which has high definition capabilities. You may want a monitor that is smaller, or you may want a much bigger display.

      If you're an extreme gamer; you may require a monitor with a much better response time, so you'll probably go for a monitor that has a two milliseconds response time, rather than five. If you watch high quality videos, and want to get the best display for them; you'll be better off getting a HD monitor with at least nineteen twenty by ten eighty pixels resolution.

      === My Conclusion ===

      After buying this monitor, and using it for a number of years; I have very little to say to dissuade people from buying it. In my experience, the pros heavily out-way the cons. Although the monitor doesn't have a massive resolution, or an extremely high speed response; it used to get the job done that I got it for.

      It's probably the best value for money, out of all the monitors I've bought so far. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn't fit the "Why shouldn't you buy it?" criteria. In my experience, the monitor deserves four stars.

      === Overview ===

      I bought this monitor, because my previous one was too small to comfortably read text from a relatively short distance. It turned out to be an excellent monitor, worth recommending. I guess my friend who recommended it to me was very confident in recommending it, due to its quality and good price.

      [Team Dooyoolympians relay entry]



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