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    1 Review
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      09.06.2010 20:18
      Very helpful



      Pleasure per pound this has been one of the best purchases I have made in the last year.

      First off this review is for the Acer X223HQ which as far as I can see is almost identical if not identical to the Acer X223Wd. I don't know what effect the last two letters have but I assume it'll be something minor such as the colour as I can see no difference in anything else.

      I bought this monitor for around £120 at 'PC World' last December. Once I decided I wanted a monitor I went out to get the biggest monitor I could get that looked reasonably aesthetically pleasing for as little over £100 as possible. I tried quite a few shops before settling on this monitor.

      The monitor is used as an external monitor for my laptop which allows me to take advantage of an extended desktop. In my setup the monitor was intended originally for watching films and to provide a larger work area for programming and word processing.

      The monitor is very simple, having only one input for VGA and an AC line in. This makes it very simple to setup. From what I can remember I just connected the monitor up and I was good to go. I certainly can't recall experiencing any problems. On the front there is an 'Auto' button for configuring the monitor. As this has always worked for me I have never had to manually adjust any of the settings. I assume this must be possible through the 'Menu' and arrow buttons also on the front. The last button is an 'e' which appears to be the logo for Acer's 'Empowering Technology'. When this button is pressed it allows the monitor to be put into several different contrast settings to best suit different applications such as graphics, movies or text. It would be nice to have had a HDMI input on the monitor but I knew when I bought it that the price was lower because it didn't have one. To be fair my setup couldn't take advantage of one right now anyway.

      Overall the monitor has a very high quality feel to it with a nice sleek look. The image is nice and crisp but I have had a slight problem with faint horizontal lines across the monitor. As this is intermittent depending on my location I am pretty convinced this is not the monitor but in fact due to a ground loop. Searching on the Internet seems to confirm this. To be honest it's not bad enough to spend the time solving it. I suspect changing my multiblock would solve this issue.

      I have docked one mark from the 'Reliability' and the 'Picture quality' purely for the fact that I occasionally get faint horizontal lines on the monitor. Although as explained above I'm not sure this is due to the monitor I'm not definite either way. Anyway, even if it isn't directly due to the monitor they haven't done anything to prevent it. This is all reflected in the final mark of 4/5 for the monitor as a whole.

      Overall this monitor has been one of my best purchases over the last year in terms of pleasure per pound. I would definitely recommend it!


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