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    1 Review
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      16.07.2011 00:22
      Very helpful



      Great all round monitor


      A few months ago I was on the lookout for a new monitor as I needed to replace my old Monitor when It gave up on working, I had used it nearly every day for over three years as the accompanying monitor to the desktop computer I bought back then. I was looking for a monitor around 20' for under or around £100 and I saw this particular monitor in PC World and as I thought it was a great deal I purchased it right there and then. I saw a display of the monitor in store and the price was about £90 which was less than the RRP of £99.99. As I usually hook up my Computer to my Hi-Fi I wasn't in the need for a monitor with speakers but wasn't going to turn down this one due to the inclusion of speakers.

      **The Monitor**

      When I saw the monitor in the PC World store I was impressed by it's smart look, the glossy black finish works well here. The monitor is a 20 inch model and features a usb port for you to view photos and video via a digital camera or any other suitable usb device. The speakers are found in the stand and are just 1 watt each. The menu is on the right side of the monitor along the side tube and this allows you to change the volume, picture and several other options for your ideal settings. Overall the monitor is very sturdy and will look good on your computer desk along with your desktop. It's very easy to setup via the on screen menus and settings controlled via the right side tube.

      **The Sound**

      These speakers are not the best if you want to listen to music but for normal use for viewing video news clips and other speaking voice material it should be fine. I hook my computer up to my Hi-Fi whenever I listen to Music whilst using my computer so I wasn't really fussed with the sound of these speakers or whether there even were in built speakers. The volume is sufficient but with 2 x 1 watt output you aren't going to get very loud speakers or good quality when you crank the volume up but for what they are they are adequate. Most people nowadays have a lot of Music on the computer so I wouldn't be surprised if you already had a decent speaker package for you computer and didn't need in built speakers on the monitor.

      **The Picture**

      I was very impressed with the picture from this monitor, There was a display of this monitor with some video playing and the picture was detailed and gives detailed blacks and the colours are bright and vivid. It's not the best picture I have seen from a Monitor but you have to pay more for that. Given that this monitor was around £90 and is a 20' screen you would expect that there could be better pictures out there but having looked at the rivals at the price point, I haven't seen another monitor that has a vastly superior picture in this price point. So overall another excellent thing about this monitor is of course the picture. There are more than enough options for you to get the right settings for your viewing needs.


      This is an excellent monitor which I would recommend to anyone looking for a new monitor around 20' and they have around £100 to spend. If you are looking for the best possible product for your money and have a budget for a more expensive monitor then you will see better in the computer shops but for most people this monitor will certainly do the trick. An excellent all round product that is sturdy, smart looking and has an excellent picture while the sound is adequate. All these point to a very strong product which will please a lot of people. Have a look at this one next time you're in a computer store like PC World, Comet or Currys.


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