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    1 Review
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      23.01.2013 19:31
      Very helpful



      Good unless you actually want to use it

      Although I have extensive use of this monitor, I would never use it myself. For some strange reason, my sister decided this this was a good buy for her desktop computer - she didn't ask fro my advice first.

      Excluding everything else, I would have given it a low rating immediately because what manufacturer thinks that a 5:4 aspect ratio is good? For those of you that don't know, the two most common aspect ratios (the relationship between width and height) are 4:3 (Square) and 16:9 (Widescreen). 4:3 is almost completely phase out now and 16:9 is pretty much everywhere. Manufacturers who use strange aspect ratios make all sorts of issues fro both the user themselves and people in the IT or media industry.

      The user is affected by this ratio as when using the monitor, the input source will most likely be optimised fro the common 16:9 aspect ratio. Therefore, in order to fit on screen the output must either be stretched or be letter-boxed (have black bars put alongside the image). Neither of these are very good for the user as it will either distort the image, lose quality or make it too small to see clearly.

      For the IT or media industry, this strange aspect ratio makes it very difficult when deciding what aspect ratio to optimise their websites/films/images for. If they just ignore these people they lose much of the money which keeps them running. Therefore everybody but Asus will be affected by this monitor.

      *I'll shut up about aspect ratios now*

      The monitor looks very good when not in use. It is a very stylish design and the dark and reflective black makes it very modern looking. It is pretty slim and therefore does not dominate your desk anf it will fit in well with the design of almost all rooms. This is really the only good thing bout the monitor though.

      The colours on the monitor are neither good nor bad. You can view photos perfectly fine on it generally and the majority of users will like it, however it is definitely not amongst the best displays I have ever seen. The area in which the image is let down is in video where the edges of objects moving looks jagged and laggy generally and this can make movies especially annoying to watch after a while.

      The monitor uses VGA as a source which makes it good for the majority of computers however as VGA is getting phased out for HDMI, this monitor therefore only has a limited lifespan.The power cable for the monitor is long and therefore means that monitor can be placed in a variety of places without being restricted by it. Setup of the monitor is as simple as connecting these two cabled tot he wall or computer and turning it on and everything will display immediately. It also has an auto-adjust feature which will "optimise" the display fro you, howevr I have had varying results from this and prefer to use the manual settings instead.


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