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    1 Review
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      26.07.2011 14:58


      • Reliability



      I purhased this 24" monitor for a great price of just under £140 online and it arrived yesterday. Here is my review;

      In the box:
      DVI cable
      VGA cable
      Audio cable
      Power cord
      Quick start guide
      Support CD
      Warranty Card

      Some notes about this monitor:
      > It has speakers which are always handy if connecting to console via the monitor HDMI port! They are average, monitor, speakers. The sound is ok but I would not use them for music.
      > The stand is matte finish, not glossy. This is good because glossy attracts fingermarks.
      > It is very light and easy to lift.


      First there were CRT. Huge power consumption.
      Then there was LCD. Ok power consumption.
      Now there is LED LCD. Lowest power consumption. (This monitor)

      Before I bought this monitor I was using a 6 year old 19" LCD monitor consuming 54W.
      Amazingly this 24" LED monitor consumes 16W, yes 16W, at a level that I find perfect (not too bright as bright monitors are horrible).
      Nowadays, an LCD 24 inch monitor consumes around 50 Watts which is still high.

      For me, buying this meant a saving of 38W(54-16) per hour. My monitor is on around 50 hours per week, saving 1900W per week or 98800W per year. If I pay an average rate of 13p per kwh in electricity, this saving is equal to £12.84 per year in electricity bills. Also, the standby power is only 0.2, where the old monitor was 4W, so this is more money savings!

      In conclusion, I find it a great improvement in technology that I can now get a 24" monitor using 16W where I was using a 19" monitor using 54W.

      Anyone reading this review, if you are thinking of buying a new monitor or TV, switch to LED. You will make huge savings and you'll help save the environment too!

      More info: http://uk.asus.com/Display/LCD_Monitors/VW247H/#specifications
      Power consumption info gathered from: http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=products.pr_find_es_products


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