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    1 Review
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      14.05.2010 13:25
      Very helpful



      A good all round monitor


      At work, we have finally moved over to brand spanking new widescreen monitors. As software developers, we constantly needed to have multiple windows open at any one time. This was proving particularly difficult on our own monitors due to its dimensions (our old monitors were 4:3 as opposed to being widescreen). As we buy all of our computer hardware from Dell, it was no real surprise when the boss came in with a Dell E1910 monitor for us all.

      ==Tour of the monitor==

      This E1910 is a 19 inch flatscreen monitor measuring 14 inches high and 17.5 inches wide. The monitor we were bought is 100% black apart from the silver Dell logo on the bottom edge of the monitor. Apart from the trim which measures about three quarters of an inch, the entire front facing part of the monitor is taken up by the screen.

      On the right hand edge of the monitor are four function buttons as well as the power button. I think the functionality of these buttons has been very well thought out as pressing one will give you an on screen menu with each of the on screen options corresponding to one of the buttons, very much in the same was as you get with a cash machine. This is a far better way of navigating the menu system than the old style way of displaying a menu in the middle of the screen and then using up and down arrows to choose the option. These buttons control the standard options that you normally associate with monitors such as the brightness and contrast. You can also set up things such as the input type and menu transparency.

      The stand on the E1910 in my opinion seems very basic and cheap. Bascially, this just looks like a black block which is really poor compared to our old FP1907 monitors which boasted a nice curved silver stand. In terms of performance, the quality of the stand is not that important but it certainly detracts from the attractiveness of the monitor.

      The external connectors of the monitor are located on its underside. Here there are connectors for the power cable as well as a VGA interface and a DVI interface. Unfortunately, this model doesn't include USB ports on it which I always found useful on the older models. This meant that you could plug USB devices into the side of the monitor rather than fiddle around on the floor, trying to find a spare port in your PC. I can only assume the reason that Dell have omitted this feature is to cut costs as it was a very good feature in my opinion.

      ==Quality of output==

      The burning question with any monitor is 'how good is the display?' We are using the monitor with a standard VGA cable rather than the superior quality of DVI. Bearing in mind that as we are using them to develop database applicatons, we are not going to extensively test out the monitors ability to display high definition graphics. Saying that, the text quality the monitor produces is crystal clear and is very easy to read in the monitors native resolution of 1440 * 900. Viewing the screen from wide angles on this monitor is very acceptable. There are times when a group of us have to sit around the monitor for demonstrations and peoples view of the screen is not compromised depending on their seating position.

      ==Green features of the monitor==

      The E1910 monitor promotes itself as an environmentally friendly device, claiming to use 40% less electricity than the previous model. The monitor has also won a gold award from the Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool tests. If environmental issues are paramount to your decision when it comes to purchasing, you cannot fail to be impressed with the efforts Dell have gone to in manufacturing this monitor.


      This monitor lives up to the normal high standards that I've come to expect from Dell. The quality of the output is highly acceptable for text based computing which is all I can comment on due to the nature of its use. The only disappointing feature of the monitor in my opinion is the omission of the USB ports which I had come to rely on with the previous model. This monitor is also available in silver should you prefer not to buy the all black model. The monitor can also be wall mounted although I cannot comment on how effective this is as ours are situated on desks. If you intend to buy this monitor, it can be purchased for around £130. As a business monitor, it serves its purpose although I would think twice about buying it for my own personal use. I would be tempted to pay a little bit extra and get something slightly bigger.


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