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    1 Review
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      13.03.2007 12:13
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Cheap, easy to install, simple functions, good for gaming.

      I have to say from the start that I am not au fait with the jargon connected with computer hardware. So this review is essentially from the standpoint of a pig ignorant user and consumer. That is; Does it work? Does it do the job you need it to do? I am aware of the strings of numbers and letters that inevitably accompany these products. I am vaguely aware of what they signify, but that’s it!

      I bought this monitor as part of a Dell complete package over the phone. The computer itself was and is a Dell Dimension 5150. The original deal which I had seen advertised in a magazine was £499.99 and that was with a CRT monitor. For my pig ignorant fellow travellers, that means the old fashioned variety that looks like a TV. The ever so friendly sales person, bless him, suggested, with lusty commission in his voice, that I might want to spend an extra 50 quid and get a 19” LCD Flat Screen monitor. Knowing that I was later going to refuse every extra that he would inevitably offer I said yes. It sounded sexier than the original and I wanted Barry to earn an extra fiver that day. So here it is in front of me surrounded by old Golden Virginia packets and unknown CD’s. I have had it for nigh on six months.

      To buy on its own it goes at around the £150-£170 mark.

      No bother at all. It comes with a pigeon toe upright stand and the monitor clips easily onto a square metal plate at the back. Two leads, as usual, one scart and one for the mains. Am I being an idiot by asking why the scart lead can’t do both jobs. It would cut down on the spaghetti. I suspect it’s to do with the amount of current a monitor needs. If any body knows, feel free to tell me! There are no other input or output sockets. Once perched on the desk, you can of course adjust the angle to a limited extent. About 15° from the perpendicular. It’s quite stable but does have a bit of a wobble.

      Best: 1280 x 1024 60 khz

      I have had few problems with resolution and clarity. I use my computer mostly for RTS games, DVDs and television streaming. DVD clarity is always good but not as good as a television. Some games seem to have a problem adjusting to my screen and seem to like to adjust the resolution in a downwards direction. It is TFT of course and can be seen from all angles.

      It has, naturally, an on/off button and goes into blank screen standby after your programmed choice. It also has a menu button which brings up positioning, image settings, colour settings, OSD settings, and the menu languages can be: French, Spanish, German, English and Japanese. Menu navigation is easily carried out by plus and minus buttons to move up and down, and the menu button itself acts as an enter button. There is a factory reset option. I never use these functions and to be honest, I just had to look to find out for the first time after 6 months.

      Above all it is a good looking functional monitor and gloriously large at 19”and I’m glad I upgraded. There is a lot of techno snobbery about Dell components and computers but that is exactly what it is. I would say that this monitor is as good as some you would have to pay 3 times as much for. It doesn’t have many knobs or extra functions but I don’t need any more knobs in my life!

      It works perfectly for this idiot and the crowning affirmation of my purchase was when my daughter came to visit and said that my computer was cooler than hers. It did eventually cost me but you never stop paying for that night of passion!

      I digress. This monitor does its job and works for this particular techno-moron!


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