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Dell Ultrasharp 1707FP

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2010 14:37
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      very good but pricey monitor

      I was given this screen at work and as with most IT things they give me it is always a bit of shock to find out how much the standard price is. A quick search on Google shopping reveals that these still sell for £220 - £240. In my opinion that is far too much, especially when you consider it is a 17 inch monitor and I only paid £180 for my own 22 inch Acer monitor.

      The screen has a matt black or silver border depending on the version that you buy. There are five buttons on the bottom right of the screen: these are power, menu, select and a couple of buttons to go up or down the menu. The button on the back of the screen allows you to rotate the screen from a landscape to a portrait view and there are two usb ports on the left hand side.

      The stand is silver and can be adjusted in height by pressing the button at the back and then pushing the screen. I find though that even on the maximum setting the screen is not at the ideal height and I have to use props to raise it another 4 inches or so. The connection between the stand and the screen allows you to tilt the screen to your liking. There is an impressively wide range of movement here although it is does not allow you to move the screen from left to right....I have seen this feature on other models but it does not add much value as it is hardly a difficult job to just move the entire monitor.

      Setting it up
      This is simply a case of using the kettle lead to connect the monitor to the mains and then using either the DVI-D or VGA sockets to connect it to your pc. I have only tried the VGA connection and had no difficulties. No software installation was required and the monitor started up straightaway. If you wish to you can then use the aforementioned menu buttons to adjust brightness, colour, contrast and positioning. Very occasionally I have plugged another laptop into the monitor and found that the positioning was slightly out e.g. I could not see the extreme left of the image on screen. It is of course possible to adjust this with the positioning button or, if you just want to be lazy, go for the Auto Adjust option which has never failed me.

      As I mentioned this is a work monitor so I have not tried it with games or high definition video. However having used it with various applications - mostly MS Office, internet explorer and occasionally Windows Media player - I have found the image to be very sharp with no flicker and next to no glare. I use the monitor for around 7 or 8 hours per day and rarely have tired eyes as a result. There are several hundred of these monitors on site and I have never heard of anyone having a problem with them so that does suggest they are reliable.....I just hope that the company got a bulk discount because aside from the price this is a very impressive piece of kit.


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