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Dell Ultrasharp 1905FP

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    1 Review
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      22.12.2011 17:08
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      see review x

      I got this screen with my computer that I bought not so long ago, the computer was second hand and my friend has had it for about 2 years, so it is pretty hard wearing.


      The design of this is really very basic, which is all you really need, as it does not complicate everything and it makes it easy to use. On the front you have 4 small buttons.

      The first button has the main settings for your screen, you have the positioning, which I always have set to 50/50, this is the best setting to have your screen on. Then there is image settings, colour settings, osd settings, language and then factory reset. I never actually bother using any of these settings, as if you use auto adjust it will set your screen to all the recommended settings, which I have always found to be better.

      Then you also have the brightness and contrast buttons, and yet again I always use auto adjust with these.

      The last button you have is of course the power on and off button, I can find the power button to be honest a little tricky sometimes, if I am trying to turn it on or off I usually have to push the button in a couple if times, with my other screens I have never had to so this can get a little frustrating.
      The stand that also comes with the screen is detachable, so makes it easy if you need to pack it away for some reason, as the screen will stay flat rather than having it on a slant with the stand pushing the bottom of the screen up.


      As most screens this is easy to install, you have the lead that runs from the screen into your computer. to put the lead into your screen you just plug it into the slot, its as simple as that, then you grab the other end to go into your computer. You firstly slide it into the slot make sure it is pushed in tight and in place properly and then you have to twist two little screws at either side of the connector, this will keep the lead firmly in place.

      Then get the lead that plugs into your mains. You have to again place the connector into the slot in your screen, again make sure it is secure then tighten two screws again and make sure it is in place. then plug it into your mains and switch the screen on, and that's it no installation or anything you are now ready to use it.

      Picture quality

      With the auto adjust, which I will suggest to anyone to use, the picture quality is perfect, the screen is bright enough to see, but its not too bright, but if you prefer it brighter or dimmer than the auto adjust does then you can change it in your settings to get the right brightness to suit you. All the pictures and letters are easy to see and none of them are blurred. It really is a perfect picture.

      My overall opinion

      The screen is really good the picture quality is perfect. The screen is slightly heavy compared to my last one, so can be tricky to move about to clean underneath it, but apart from that there is really nothing bad I can say about it.

      The screen does not seem to get scratches easily either like some screens, this screen has not got one scratch mark on it yet, which after 2 years I think is really good. If my screen did for some reason break I would try and buy another one the same as this, as it is easy to use, not too complicated, and seems to be scratch resistant, which I do need with my kids loll.

      Its also easy to clean, I just wipe the screen with a towel, and the base with a damp cloth, although I will say the base does seem to attract dust so I seem to have to give that a wipe down everyday, but apart from the base the screen does not need a lot of cleaning.


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