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Dell Ultrasharp U2410

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2012 14:32
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      really impressive stuff within this budget range of sub £400

      Recently we had an overhaul of our office equipment and I got a new monitor to with my computer. Not that there was a problem with the earlier one though the screen did have some nasty stains. Anyway the IT department said that these new monitors are a lot better than earlier ones so I did not mind my friend sitting on my desk staring at me constantly to be replaced by a newer, fresher and smarter friend.

      I enquired further into this friend on my desktop and found that it is not exactly very new in the sense that this model by Dell U2410 was released somewhere in late 2009. So it is pretty old by the standards of technology innovation age. However, it is fairly new in the sense that it uses the IPS tech which is a far departure from the PVA panels used by my earlier friend. Now this IPS is meant to enhance the colour sharpness of the monitor and hence is a critical factor of improvement if the work is colour intensive. Another feather in the cap is that it increases the contrast ability of the monitor besides the Adobe RGB (red, green and blue) colour gamut, a package of improvement in colour sensitivity.


      It is as simple to setup as a piece of cake. When the IT guy unpacked the box there were 2 parts, the monitor and its stand. The guy left with the thing on my desk expecting me to do the rest as he had many more desks to visit, unpack the box and take the empty box back on his trolley.

      The two pieces lock together securely in a lock-key manner. No messy screwing or need of specialist knowledge. The stand is of tough metal and looks very sturdy and durable. It also offers a good tilt to the monitor. I can swivel it at decent angles on either side. It is also height adjustable and has a sound pivot. I have just a small complaint of my friend here. It does not rise enough from its base, maybe 6 inches of the desk and when pivoted it reclines back a little. Not that it poses any problem to me but leaves him in a relaxed and slightly inattentive.


      In this era of networking and staying connected it is natural for my friend to feel deprived if it did not come with enough slots to make good connections. The manufacturers have been very generous to him. It has been provided with 4 USB slots - 2 on the left hand side just behind the bezel and 2 behind the monitor itself. Besides it comes with a memory card reader also on the lefthand corner behind the bezel. My complaint here is that the card reader is not compact flash compliant, again a bit of a let-down. There is also a pull-out info tag to get the familiar with the antecedents of your friend.

      There is also an USB input hub, VGA, 2 DVIs, video input slots, a HDMI slot and a display port. The only thing worthwhile that is missing is the S-video slot. The only complaint might be if I am being fussy is the lack of digital outputs for sound. They are analogues which reduces the sound clarity.


      It looks smart and impressive in black with a greyish leg and sides. Touch sensitive buttons adorn the right lower corner by the side of the power button. The power button lights up blue when the monitor is on and glows orange when in standby.


      It takes a bit longer than expected to start.

      The touch sensitive buttons deserve special mention. Though it is smart to operate with some sensor recognising your fingers proximity but it is not a one touch system. On turning on the monitor the touch buttons all light up simultaneously and then dims. When dimmed these buttons cannot be pressed again. Now you need to press the bottom main button to activate the other 4 buttons.

      The monitor has a context sensitive display system. It means that the buttons call up input selection menu when not active and standard menu when active. As mentioned earlier it is not one touch but you do have the ability to utilise shortcuts for Preset, Brightness and Contrast, Auto Adjust, Input or the Picture In Picture selection.

      The colour setting is pretty impressive. I could adjust RGB in Gain as well as Offset. Not only did I manage to adjust RGB for Hue and Saturation but also the CMY (cyan, magenta and yellow). There are other modes too - Standard, Multimedia, Game, Warm, Cool, Adobe RGB and sRGB.

      Though I friend does not suffer from snoring problem (no operating noise) it does have high temper (its top gets heated up when constantly in use).


      The most important criteria in a monitor are of course the quality of the images. As said earlier it excels in this due to its superior IPS tech and 12-bit colour processing. The black and white, grey and the colour images are supreme. There are no fuzzy colour overlaps - the colour contrasts are sharp and distinctions clear even in the slightest of variations.

      When you have a 24 inch monitor then obviously you are tempted to play a game or two or watch a video after office hours. I use the custom preset rather than the presdeined one to get my perfect picture. It gives a vast variety of aspect ratios - fill, aspect and 1:1 and offers option for everything. There has not been any ghosting issue till date with the videos.


      This 24 in, 1,920 x 1,200 pixel monitor offers really impressive stuff within this budget range of sub £400. It has good looks, sturdy built, flexible adjustments, impressive image quality, connection slot for practically everything and perfect ergonomics. It does have its share of faults like any human being but has given me immense pleasure ever since it arrived on my desktop. It is a screen to behold and cherish.


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      20.01.2012 21:25



      Great looks and Picture 5 stars.

      Always fancied a big monitor as my eyesight is not terrific even with contact lenses,i also have a 19 inch lg one which is fine but not terrific,OK so which one there seems to be a bewildering amount of choice time to do some surfing a read some reviews.i also have another dell my son uses and he has had no problems and it done everything asked of it.

      This monitor is at the more pricey end as you can get a 24 inch cheaper(you get what you pay for),being a recreational poker player and already having a dell 22 inch monitor that's 2-3 years old i plumped for another,having easily enables you to play more than one game at a time by customizing the size of the individual tables.

      Like all dell products it is simple to set up,like dell monitors of old it arrives in 2 pieces the screen and the base,it has a click system which securely holds both parts in place,it also has easy movement to get just the correct angle and height you desire,it dose not raise as high as you might think but this is only a small issue really simply plug it in at the power socket then connect the VGA lead that's supplied in to the monitor by pushing upwards underneath the screen and then in to the port on either your desktop or laptop.

      It has a brilliant anti glare Matt black finish which make a huge difference Ive found on those bright days
      also it sports 4 usb ports which is plenty for anyone's needs it also has the standard hdmi connectivity. it also has a very handy memory card reader which i use for a slideshow of photographs (which you would expect for the price)it also has a sleep function that will switch it off after a specified time of no activity.

      The picture quality is terrific and almost on par with a HD TV if you tend to watch online content you will be very pleased and the colors are very vibrant and clear it also has multiple adjustment to get it too exactly what you prefer but i found the default setting just right for my purposes.

      couple of tiny niggles it rather heavier than you might think but i suppose that gives it a very solid feel,secondly the supplied cables are not very long at all which is a bit mean in my opinion but as i said this is a bit picky and hardly spoils the overall impression.

      To summaries brilliant looks and picture and up to date connectivity,i think its worth every penny.


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