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Hanns.G HU196D

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    1 Review
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      29.11.2008 16:39
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      At the right price, this Monitor could be a very attractive option,especially on a shoestring budget

      This may just seem, at least from the picture, like just another monitor from just another No-name company, and in essence you'd be right, but don't write this monitor off just yet....

      Just because it doesn't have Sony or Phillips branding on it is no reason to discount a monitor completely. Yes, its looks aren't very... sleek, and its not about to steal the show for the best-LCD-ever award at the next computer monitor awards, but what it does it does without complaint very well.

      Right out of the box my monitor needed a little tweaking to adjust the picture to make it a little darker, but once this was done it as performed admirably. For me, nineteen inches is about the right size (stop laughing at the back!) for a monitor, as any bigger and its a bit daunting and you cant fit everything on your desk, and much smaller and you need binoculars and a lean forward to see what your typing.

      The biggest selling point for me at the time was, like usual, the price. I paid ninety five quid about 18 months ago now, which at the time was really quite cheap. But as always in the world of computing, prices fall faster than a pair of Paris Hilton's pants and you could probably get one now for a fraction of that. I must say though that it has not faulted once, and I have read reviews about much worse monitors breaking , whose owners paid much more than I did for this.

      By the way, the speakers on this model are absolutely useless, tinny, lifeless, and all round a bit crap. They look like they were added as a bit of a gimmick that might sway undecided people as to whether to buy their product or someone else's speaker less set. Don't be fooled, speakers integrated into monitors rarely work, and this is no exception.
      Another little anomaly that i've noticed seems to be that the power button on the monitor has quickly lost its silvery paint. I haven't used it to excess, just turned it on and off the same way you would any time you'd turn your computer on and off. While it makes no difference to how it works, and I was never really a looker as far as monitors go, I just thought it'd be worth mentioning.

      Hanns.G seem to be a good rising company, and I would trust them again if I saw the same monitor at a similarly attractive price

      If I can answer any more questions you may have please don't hesitate to contact me, either my commenting or hand delivering a scroll to my door by a group of winged cherubs. It'll prevent me from doing my exam prep, but hey, if i've helped someone out on the way, my life will have not been in vain.

      If you enjoyed my review, please read some of my others, giving brutally honest reviews on all that I survey! :D

      Thanks for reading,


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