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    6 Reviews
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      29.04.2013 16:14
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Excellent all round. Would recommend!

      My other half was upgrading her desktop PC and the old monitor was a little 15" display that was past its best so having sorted out the PC, I began looking for a suitable monitor.

      Wanting something a bit bigger I began research and thought a 24" screen would be nice and there were some good deals but on reflection, I think it may have looked ridiculous as its sat near the 32" tv and would either make the tv look tiny or the tv would make the monitor look huge.

      Given the dimensions for the HP w1907, I reckoned this was probably a sensible screen size. The appearance of the monitor and stand also looks good, nice and modern and a bit like the Apple desktops without the ridiculous price tag for a picture of a fruit.

      When it arrived, it was packaged really well and upon assembly, the stand is very sturdy and shows no sign of being toppled - piece of mind when you have a curious cat. Cables can be neatly tucked around the back of the stand to keep them out of the way and there are some connections there to allow headphone input to.

      The screen surround is a glossy black and on the top right edge is an on/off switch which is illuminated. The rest of the screen surround is a brushed silver colour like the base and looks nice and modern.

      On first use I was impressed with the brightness and clarity and so glad I went for this screen size as I feel anything bigger would have felt like I was sat with my nose pressed to a tv!

      The w1907 responds well and feels like a more expensive model so I feel I should mention value for money when praising it. On the screen are easy to use menu buttons to control things like brightness and volume - the speakers are built in - so it is very simple to use. The output of the speakers is sufficient but I imagine if you were intending to use this monitor specifically for movies or gaming, you would be using a separate speaker for that purpose. I'd say the speakers are the only thing that may disappoint users.

      On the whole, a very nice monitor from HP. Their products are somehow viewed as budget items but I have an HP wireless printer and like this, feel that I should give credit where it's due. They are easy to set up and use and to date, have never had a problem with anything of theirs.

      This model is now a few years old but it still looks the part and performs as good as anything else.

      Thanks for reading!


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      17.12.2010 16:13
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      My Desktop Monitor


      In the past I have been quite vocal in my disdain for Hewlett Packard computers having had a couple of very bad experiences with them and have to come to conclusion never to buy another again. Whilst my own opinion is somewhat jaded I have to concede that all is not lost as far as HP is concerned, my keyboard and mouse are HP branded products as is my all-in-one printer and for the last 2 years I have been using the subject of this review, the HP w1907v TFT LCD monitor.

      Technology moves at an incredible speed these days with newer models superseding previous editions at a dazzling rate, before writing this review I checked online to make sure my monitor could still be bought, after all a consumer review on an obsolete item would be pretty useless if someone actually took my advice and wanted to buy this. Thankfully the w1907v is still available to buy and has pretty much held its price even after 2 years and that, I think, is down to the fact that even with a couple of minor niggles this is a reliable monitor packed with features and has plenty going for it.

      **Appearance and Weight**

      I have written a number of technological reviews in the past and always mention that although not that technically minded myself I endeavour to include the relevant information anyone would need to make a purchasing decision. Jargon and overly technical terms mean nothing to me so this review will be simply presented and will focus on my thoughts on what the monitor will offer you should you chose to buy it so I'll start with how it looks and how big it is.

      Visually the monitor has a modern appearance; a flat screen display trimmed with a piano-black glossy frame and comes complete with a silver metal stand. It has a 19" visible screen, four small rectangular buttons which run across the bottom left hand side of unit and a push on/off button located on the top right hand corner. Its dimensions are just over 46cm in width, only 18.4cm in depth and a little over 38cm in height although when fixed to its stand sits around 50cm from the top of the screen to the base of the stand. At just over 5kgs including the stand in weight it is reassuringly heavy but not so cumbersome that it cannot be moved around and once in position on my desk sits firmly in place. The stand itself has a tilt and swivel mechanism so the screen can be positioned and locked into a viewing angle to suit my requirements and all in all this has the look of an up to date desk monitor which belies its relatively cheap price tag.

      **Features and My Thoughts**

      The monitor has a widescreen aspect and has a maximum resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels so whilst not technically High Definition it still offers a remarkably clear picture quality which is helped by the anti-static and anti-glare coating to the screen itself. I watch a lot of television programmes online via BBC's I-player and ITV's equivalent and have always been impressed at just how clear these are presented, there are various menus which you can go through to adjust the contrast, brightness and colour saturation but I find that a simple press of the "auto" button makes any needed adjustments for me and displays the best results on screen.

      The menu buttons are responsive to the touch and scrolling through the various options is easy and are presented clearly on screen. I particularly like the "Quick View" option which automatically changes the brightness of the display depending on what you are viewing at that time with the option of selecting the best resolution for movies, photos, gaming or text. "Text" for example produces a muted dullness whereas "gaming" is vivid and bright; similarly "movies" has an intense richness to the displayed colours thanks to HP's own "Brightview" feature and is ideal if you want to watch a DVD or film online.

      I've had my monitor for around 2 years now and it is switched on daily for up to 15 hours at a time so that goes to show how reliable it actually is. It is as good today as it was when I purchased it and in the time I have owned it I have not had any issues or complaints with it at all, the only slight niggle I have is with the inbuilt 2 watt speakers which even at the highest volume setting are still too quiet to adequately throw out enough volume to comfortably listen to a film or television programme online. I have external speakers rigged up to my computer now so don't have to use the speakers and would recommend anyone else to do the same should they be interested in buying this monitor for themselves.

      As far as set up and installation is concerned the monitor is a "plug and play" device so no addition drivers should be required for your computer to recognise the hardware. When I had to replace my HP for the one I currently use I simply plugged the monitors cable into the back of my new computer and it sprang to life and worked immediately, it won't be too much of a surprise to read that my new PC is not a Hewlett Packard but there were absolutely no problems in hooking up this monitor at all.

      **Price and Rating**

      If budget restraints mean that you don't want to stretch to paying many of hundreds of pounds for a newly released monitor then the HP w1907v should be one to consider. Brand new this cost around £200.00 but nowadays will set you back around £100 - £150.00 and for that price I consider this to be an absolute steal and would certainly recommend its purchase. The positives far outweigh the minor negatives I have with this monitor and even though there are concerns with the speakers and the fact it isn't true High Definition these shouldn't be reasons not to buy this especially if you are looking for a cost-effective alternative or replacement to your existing desktop monitor.

      All things considered I would have no hesitation in awarding an excellent 4/5 dooyoo star rating only losing one for the inadequate speaker output. 2 years on mine is still going strong even with the extensive usage it has had and for a Hewlett Packard branded product I have to say that I am very impressed.

      Available to buy online, mainly from Independent Electrical retaillers but also on Amazon.co.uk. Second hand bargains can also be found on Ebay.co.uk. Definitely recommended, thanks for reading my review.

      Please note that this review may also appear on ciao under my username.


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        14.07.2009 21:21
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        The full package; sleek premium design, works everytime

        I received this monitor as a gift (I usually buy my own electronics and thoroughly research positives and negatives).

        I believe it cost £150 at the time purchase, which I thought wasn't that cheap. It was a gift though so I went ahead and ripped the box open.

        I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the design; it looked more like £250. Silver metal base.....yes you read correctly, REAL metal base. Not a cheap plastic covered lump of metal. It was in a brushed metal effect with the screen bordered in gloss black plastic. Trust me when I say it looks premium.

        One note I have to include on the unpacking of the product was how hard it was to straighten the base at the bottom. It was really tightly curled round for packing. I tried using force but it felt like it would break, but I grew some and gave it some brute force and it popped round no problem ( I underestimated the sturdy ness of the product)

        I used the monitor for playing an Xbox 360, the audio jack is a 3.5mm standard and is neatly hidden at the rear. The design hides the speakers inside the border of the screen so there are no visible speaker holes. This is aesthetically pleasing.

        The performance of this screen is great, it just operates and doesn't show any sign of usage such as excess heat etc. Great clear bright picture thanks to 'Brightview Technology'.
        There are various vision settings already programmed in for Gaming, Photo etc which adjust contrast and brightness accordingly. I used a custom setting and have never changed it since! Audio can also be adjusted easily via the front controls.

        After checking latest prices of this monitor being aprrox £110, it is now also a bargain. Thoroughly recommended, I would also try other HP products now.


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        10.03.2009 13:06
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Very good monitor for the money.

        HP w1907v Flat Screen Monitor

        I am a big fan of Hewlett-Packard and have rarely been disappointed by their products, so after receiving this monitor as a Christmas present back in '07 I was pretty chuffed. This particular model has a 19" widescreen screen, has a resolution of 1440 x 900 and runs at 60 Hz. The contrast ratio (ratio of the brightest white to the darkest black the monitor is able to achieve) is 1:1000 which is totally adequate for my needs. It's essentially a great all round monitor that suits my needs perfectly.


        As with most modern computing equipment this monitor was incredibly easy to set up and install. One simply attaches the heavy stand/base to the back of the monitor with a simple 'push and click' mechanism then plugs the relevant cables into the back of a computer - audio, power and VGA. There is a disk that comes with the monitor but it wasn't necessary and all that was required was the usual 'have a play with all the buttons to see what happens'. If you find the you have apparently irreversibly (and stupidly) changed the settings to something highly useless then there is an ever useful 'factory reset' option available!

        --Picture Quality--

        The overall crispness and colour of this screen are excellent. Movies, images, text and the like are all clearly defined with no lag or blurring (the response time is measured at 5milliseconds). The biggest strain that I have induced on my monitor (and computer) is through using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and it copes fine. The colours, balance, contrast, frequency, etc. are all fully adjustable to suit everybody's needs and is done so at ease. My monitor is left on for most of the day and is not showing any of the residual colours and imprints that you often see on screens that are left on a lot.

        --Sound Quality--

        The quality of the sound (at a reasonable volume) is perfectly acceptable. However, the speakers themselves are not particularly loud and when turned up high the quality drops somewhat. On the other hand it is possible to argue that if you are after a high quality sounds and a large range of volumes then invest in a decent set of speakers.

        Now comes my only real gripe with this monitor - there is no earphone jack. If you want to listen to some music or watch a movie without disturbing others then unless you have an earphone jack on your computer then tough. It is possible to turn it down so it's very quiet but where is the fun in that?

        --Build Quality--

        I'm quite impressed with the build quality. It looks smart and feels solid, the angle of the monitor can easily be adjusted (though it can't be raised or lowered) and the screen doesn't seem to pick up much dust. My last monitor had so much static that any piece of dust that happened to be in the area inevitably found its way to the screen. With this screen I actually have to go to the bother of hoovering the dust off the floor instead.
        It also weighs considerably more than I expected - in excess of 5kg, but this is mainly in the base and means that the monitor doesn't slide all over your desk and can easily take a knock without falling over.


        The main appeal of a flat screen monitor is that it is flat and takes up a fraction of the space that a CRT monitor would take up. The dimensions of this monitor are 462x380x184 (mm) - width, height and depth (the depth includes the base - which can be pushed into an otherwise useless corner of a desk and has an indented tray where one might wish to keep a pen or six)


        There are a whole host of useful features that come with this monitor;

        - Power saver mode helps to reduce the amount of energy you use by shutting the monitor down after a period of idle computing time.

        - Sleep timer allows one to set a timer that shuts the monitor down after a fixed period of time.

        - Language options. If English isn't your native tongue then there are a selection of other languages that the monitor can be set to (for menus, etc.)

        - Pre-set 'Quick Views' which have been modified (colour, contrast, brightness, etc.) for a selection of purposes. Gaming, watching movies, looking at photos and reading text. These pre-sets are actually quite good as movies often seem a bit bright and need toned down but with this monitor a perfect setting is only a couple of presses of a button away.

        - Plenty of other screen adjustment, colour settings, information pages and the like are also available.

        These features are all accessed and modified via four discreet looking buttons on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It takes a while to fully understand how the system of selection works (and can be a bit of a pain) but once you have the hang of it it's quite straight forward. The on/off button is located on the top surface of the monitor and glows a soothing blue when switched on.


        - Excellent screen quality
        - Power saver mode
        - Pre-set Quick Views
        - Reasonably priced
        - Plenty of language options
        - Very quiet (no fan noise)


        - No headphone port
        - Not HD ready
        - Initially confusing menu navigation system
        - Poor(ish) quality speakers

        --Price and Availability--

        Available in most decent electrical stores from Amazon to John Lewis and retails at the perfectly reasonable price of £117.00 at John Lewis but is often slightly more expensive elsewhere.

        With your monitor comes a one year warranty which can be upgraded to 3 or 5 years. I didn't bother and so far haven't required one!

        -- Overall Opinion--

        All in all this is an excellent piece of kit, and when compared with the monitors I use in university, the one at work and a few others I've used (library, etc.) then I think that this is an excellent choice. It stays on for most of the day and is used pretty much continually without a single problem. There are no residual colours and imprints from having been left on continuously and it does exactly what it's told. Definitely worth a look if purchasing a new monitor and you're not too fussed about High Definition stuff or plugging all your toys into. The only real niggle that I have had regards the fact that there is no socket for your headphones but it is minor and is easily overcome.

        As ever, it's a quality piece of HP kit and I definitely recommend it.


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          06.10.2008 15:34
          Very helpful
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          • Reliability


          Would recommend to a friend.

          I am currently writing this review, and seeing the words appear on my HP w1907v widescreen TFT monitor, and I must say the image is crystal clear. The response time is fast when, and the colours are bright.

          Upon taking the monitor out of the box, I was astounded by the stupendous amount of effort that had been put into protecting this monitor in the packaging. It could have been hurled down a flight of stairs, and I'm sure that there still wouldn't have been a mark on it.

          Everything that you need is in there, ranging from the monitor itself, power cable, audio and video signal cables, and a handy installation CD which allows you to amend any advanced settings, and also for the audio setup.

          I was shocked by the volume of the speakers, considering that you can't even see them. They're nicely hidden away. Having said this, when you turn the volume up a little higher, you doo get some fuzz on the sound, so i'll have to mark it down slightly for that one.

          There is very good range of motion on the monitor fixings, so no matter what your height, you can tilt it to a suitable angle.

          The only downside to this monitor is it's lack of headphone socket, so that if the family are in bed I have to turn it down quite a bit. Although there is a disc, and instruction manual, the booklet is a little flimsy. I feel they could have put some more in depth instructions in there.


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            30.08.2008 14:23



            Well worth the money for a good monitor

            The HP w1907v is a great quality widescreen monitor, but it isn't without a few minor problems.

            It is a great quality screen, giving a crystal clear view and a great experience for both gaming and watching movies.

            It is easy to set up and use and even comes with a special software CD to change some advanced settings.

            It is widescreen, so is really great for gaming and watching films, but it means you see things a little different from people with normal sized monitors.

            The monitor itself looks great, nothing ugly about it.

            However, it doesn't have a headphone socket in it. It has speakers, but they are very quiet. And, if you want to listen through headphones you have to unplug the monitors sound and then plug your headphones directly into your computer, which is a real pain.

            Also, sometimes the vision can go a bit off and sometimes you get an "OSD Lockout" so you can't change the settings.


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        • Product Details

          HP w1907v 19-inch Wide flat-panel monitor with BrightView Technology delivers sharper image, richer colors, and a superb viewing experience, all at a great price. Enjoy a brilliant and immersive widescreen viewing experience, thanks to this impressive 19-inch wide flat-panel monitor with HP BrightView Technology which makes colors richer and pictures sharper. Experience uncompromised widescreen viewing performance for video, photos, games and more, thanks to easy to use Quick View modes, fast 5 ms response time, 1440 x 900 optimal resolution, and 1000:1 contrast for photo-realistic quality. A leading style, and improved ergonomics make it easy to adjust the monitor to work or play comfortably. You can also save space and personalize your monitor with Easy Clip by clipping on photo holders, cameras, or accessories. My Display software will provide you with easy and convenient one touch adjustment of your HP display performance. Easy to set up and use, you simply plug and play the monitor to get started.