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    1 Review
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      20.03.2009 17:17
      Very helpful


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      Superb bit of kit that is well worth the money and ideal for gaming or movies

      I have owned this monitor for around 6 months now and have found it to be superb.
      It's built to a high standard and has a nice glossy black finish with a very good adjustable stand.
      The stand is dampened so it's very smooth and easy to adjust to any position you could want and it'll stay in any position on it's own.
      You can lift and tilt or rotate the screen 90 degrees (which can be a bit fiddly because of the physical size of the screen) if windows is set up to rotate it will rotate the screen to a portrait image automatically.

      Connections wise there are plenty to choose from with HDMI, DVI and VGA.

      With a native resolution of 1920x1200@60hz DVDs and games look great (if you have the horse power in your PC to run a game at this resolution!)
      The 3ms response time is great for games too and I've never seen any ghosting or motion blur.
      The colours are vibrant and bright, but out of the box as with a lot of monitors you may find the colours are a bit too over-whelming so it is always a good idea to adjust the settings rather than go with the default set by the manufacturer.
      The bright colours are in way thanks to the reflective coating on the screen but you may find this will cause problems in brightly lit rooms with screen reflection.
      Personally I haven't found it to be a problem but then I generally work in near darkness on the PC.

      The monitor also has a few other features like a built in webcam and a light sensor so it can adjust the image depending on the ambient light in the room (I disabled this because I found it annoying.)
      There are all the options you could ever want in the easy to use menu system, you can even turn the power button blue light off if like me you find it distracting.

      To sum up
      + Nice build quality
      + lovely stand that is very adjustable
      + Vivid and bright colours with plenty of adjustment

      - Reflective screen can cause problems in certain lighting
      - Over saturated colours out of the box that need to be adjusted for comfort.
      - Rotating the screen can be a bit of a fuss but might not be needed often

      Over-all for the money I can recommend this as a quality bit of kit.


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