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Iiyama Pro Lite E2410HDSD-1

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2011 02:35
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      A fantastic monitor range, just be sure about the specific model you buy

      As you might have seen I have previously reviewed the iiyama ProLite B2409HDS, which I rated as a fantastic monitor. You may have also seen I recently built myself up a new PC. On my new PC I decided I want a two monitor set up, so after how fantastic my 2409 was, I thought, great another 24" iiyama is what I need. Unfortunately the only one I could get for a sub £200 price was the 2410HDSD. Now breaking down the codes 24 = 24" the same size great, 10 well that's bigger than 09 so must be a newer model, HDSD that has an extra D at the end must have more. Unfortunately this is not the case. The 2410 HDSD is a lesser monitor. Yes I did look into it before I purchased, but I was making a special trip for parts so I couldn't make another trip later on for when my desired monitor came into stock. I realised this monitor wouldn't have a HDMI port on it, but that's ok, it would be plugged into a PC via DVI. I also realised it wouldn't have built in speakers, which again was ok... after all my main view on my PC would have sound from a decent speaker set, not inbuilt monitor ones. Otherwise the monitor had the same spec as my 2409, it was 24", it was full HD 1920x1080 and it had a 2ms refresh rate.

      This is now where the monitor disappointed me. I got it home unpackaged it, and went to set it up as my primary monitor, except once I plugged the base into it, that was it. It was in a fixed position, no height adjustment, not tilting and the turning turned the whole base. The monitor is slightly too low on my desk for my seat height, so this can't be fixed. I thought about putting the 2409 that is tilt able, that is height adjustable as my primary monitor, then I realised this 2410 had no speakers (as I am hooking a second PC into the additional slot and the old PC doesn't have speakers so would need to use the monitors (to save desk clutter). The other problem dawned on me, that it didn't have HDMI, so it couldn't be the secondary monitor, as I would want to unplug it when a friend comes over for him to use with his Xbox360 when we hook it up for network games. SO I have been left having this non-adjustable monitor as my main screen. The only other fault I have with it, is the plastic looks a very cheap glossy black plastic, where as the 2409 is a matt black plastic that looks heavy duty and quality.

      However as a monitor it is perfectly good quality, just the same as my old one. It displays full HD 1920x108 with no problem, I can play games and videos and video editing application and have no refresh issues, so the quality I cannot fault. It is just a shame the build quality is not there.

      1920x1080 resolution
      2ms refresh rate
      1x DVI port
      1x VGA port
      24" screen

      High quality 24" full HD screen
      DVI and VGA port that are treated as separate sources so both can be plugged into at once

      No HDMI
      No inbuilt speakers
      Not adjustable by Title, Height or Twist

      The monitor is a great monitor at a fantastic price for a 24" full HD at a refresh of 2ms. But only if you know when the monitor placed on your desk will be a suitable fixed height starting at 2" from the top of the desk.

      I would buy a ProLite monitor again, but I would always make sure it included HDMI and was adjustable.

      I fully appreciate the monitor has VESA mounts, but that means buying a VESA adjustable stand or wall mount, which is additional cost and DIY work, which I don't really do well.


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