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    2 Reviews
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      20.07.2009 20:19
      Very helpful



      An average TV/Monitor combi

      Not a major fan of this TV/Monitor. Firstly there is the atrocious picture quality when watching freeview. No matter how much configuring you do, you'll simply be left with rubbish colours and blotchy, blocky images. As mentioned in the other review, when watching from a fair distance it isn't so bad but when sitting in close proximity to the screen, you're bound to notice.

      Another problem I had with this monitor was the fact that while in PC Mode when I decided to watch a movie or play a game that had dark scenes or backgrounds the monitor would annoyingly dim. I managed to sort this problem out by toggling with the graphical settings on my computer.

      The sound is canny and lacks clarity. I use the clear voice option which helps a little. I definitely recommend people to get a decent pair of speakers.
      It does have a few good things going for it such as a copious amount of input sockets. Two HDMI inputs, PC input (VGA, DVI), two scart inputs, audio in, headphone jack, and component input.

      If you're plan on getting a new TV/Monitor for films and games I'd advise you to stay well away from this one.

      LG are supposed to be good with electronics but they did a pretty bad job here. I guess I now know why it was so cheap.


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      10.01.2009 00:23
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A decent and solid 22" HD 'display' if thats exactly what you need.

      I purchased this screen in November to serve a few different uses.

      1) As a second display for my iMac as I'm a graphic designer by trade and often appreciate the extra screen real-estate. This seemed to fit the bill as it was about the same size (2" bigger than the iMac screen) and will run at the same maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050.

      2) I wanted a decent HD ready screen to plug in my xbox 360

      3) To watch crap TV

      The main reason I chose this screen over a Samsung was the price and features. Full 1080 input (though I assume this is scaled down to fit a 22" 1680 x 1050 display?) decent contrast ratio (20000:1) and offering a large number of connections.

      (2x HDMI, DVI, VGA, Composite, Composite RBG plus the usual analogue connections).

      I can have it set up for all 3 'uses' that I want at the same time without having to re-connect cables and there's still plenty of HD ready inputs spare should I ever need them!

      Out of the box, the impression I got was its certainly not the worst looking unit, a smart, shiny, black, plastic, dust magnet (like 99% of all the others) with a small unobtrusive blue LED indicating whether its powered on or not. The amusingly rubbish 'Flatron Digital TV' branding on the front cheapens the whole effect slightly but I've actually been too busy watching stuff to notice it until just now!

      Buttons on the lower right edge of casing give access to most of the units funtions... if and when they decide to work at all that is!

      The remote is your friend here, with all the features accessible (reliably!) via a reasonably intuitive layout of buttons.

      In use, the built in Digital TV reciever is by far the weakest aspect of the whole package. Assuming you can get a decent signal where you live, (mines actually ok).

      Switching channels can seem a bit clunky at times and notable features include a really handy programme information screen with text you requires you to be seated approxiametly a foot away from the screen in order to read it.

      (It may be possible to adjust this text size, I havn't actually thought to check before! I'll let you know if I try...)

      If you somehow manage to find a channel or programme you dont mind watching then the issue of non HD sourced picture quality is really a matter of opinion.

      If you've ever walked around the flatscreen TV department at an electical store recently you'll likely know how awful non HD terrestrial digital TV can look on a flat-screen when viewed at close proximity.

      The truth is, its actually a perfectly watchable TV picture from over a metre away and there's enough picture setting presets to make any show look nice in terms of colour, contrast etc.

      If you have a High Def TV source of some kind, such as skyHD, (I don't), then it's probably great. As with all flat-screens, it's only in use with proper HD sources that they can really begin to shine!

      My xbox 360 gaming display has never looked better and with a bit of tweaking (and thanks to that remote) I've managed to store a setting that almost exactly matches my iMacs display in terms of resolution, brightness, contrast and colour when running as an extended computer desktop.

      I havn't really looked at the built in audio here as its adequate enough for my own day to day TV use. Everything else fed into it (xbox, imac) is sent via my own amplifier anyway, should I ever want the best possible audio.

      I wouldn't have thought (though feel free to prove me wrong) that any display in price-range is going to struggle to match even the cheapest of cheapo home-cinema or hi-fi amplifier setups, so I guess it's really down to what you need from your display.

      The LG m2294d as a budget ,office/bedroom sized HD display and TV is very nearly, almost it. :)


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