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    1 Review
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      01.06.2012 15:01
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      A great mid-range option.

      First, a disclaimer; this monitor is capable of many things - it can be hooked up to a computer, play high-quality audio, be used with games consoles, play HDTV and remotely control Chinese satellites. I use few of these, however - for me it's an all-round office PC monitor, and it's in that capacity that I'll be singing its praises.

      Working in a small, poorly-lit office which is slowly turning me into a mole, I was growing pretty sick of the poky little monitor that was previously attached to my computer. I work with graphics and design a lot, and it was almost painful doing so on such a little screen. Hence this LG model came into my life. We have an LG television at home, and to date (touching wood) it's been comparable to the dog's proverbial nether regions, so I was confident that this monitor would be up to the job.

      It's easy as anything to set up, and while I've never tested it as a TV or attached to a games console, I have moved it between PCs, and it's a pretty idiot-proof, plug-and-play process. Despite its impressive 23-inch screen, it's a light, cleanly-designed piece of equipment that delivers without fuss.

      The screen is wonderfully sharp, bringing high-end graphics to glimmering life and doing justice to HD visuals. Personally, I also find it face-meltingly bright on its default session, but dialling it down to 20% makes for a nice balance. Maybe this is just another symptom of my cave-dwelling, sunlight-fearing weekday existence.

      The widescreen format is a positive and negative - browsing the internet, playing games and the like look great - and films and videos are perfect. However, when working with graphics, this has a distorting effect which makes it hard to judge the real dimensions. Naturally, the dimensions of the screen can be changed, so this isn't a real issue, but I prefer not to fiddle back and forth with the settings, and find widescreen to be the optimal mode all-round.

      I'm no expert on the technical side of these things, but I've no grounds for complaint about any aspect of the monitor's performance. Everything I've asked of it, it's coped with impressively - although admittedly, my demands are fairly basic.

      As designers, LG consistently produce great-looking products with a sleek, stripped-back style. What's more, models from across their range have this style in common - so my TV looks a lot like this monitor, with the same glossy blank surround and red lighting, the same transparent edge. If you've got a lot of LG items, this visual harmony is a nice touch.

      The monitor benefits from a clutter-free design, with the only additions to the basic shape half a dozen recessed buttons under the screen. Otherwise, it's a smooth, clean-looking monitor that's simple and restrained, but thoroughly modern-looking. It would look great whatever purpose you use it for.

      As a very basic user, I haven't begun to test the full capabilities of this product - however, I can endorse it as a high-quality computer monitor that stands up easily to the varied demands of a busy office. At around £180, it's a well-priced option - sure, you could pay a lot less, but this isn't amongst the highest-end monitors, either. As a mid-range option with some top-end capabilities, this is a great buy.


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