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    1 Review
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      06.04.2012 20:03
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      One of the best 24 inch LED monitors out there

      I was sick of my small 19 inch 4:3 screen, I wanted something bigger, at least 23 inch. The monitors for sale that were 24 inch really spoke to me, it seemed the perfect size and it wasn't much more expensive than a 23 inch screen.

      This screen, the LG W2442PA-BF, got my attention because of the 16:9 aspect ratio (instead of the standard 16:10 aspect ratio), which I wanted because I watch a lot of movies, and 16:9 screens give you true full screen viewing, you still have black bars when using a 16:10 screen. It also had a good 2ms response time, good contrast, and all the connections I could ever want. So I went ahead and bought this monitor!

      The monitor was really easy to set up, just click the screen onto the stand and you're done. The monitor was very adjustable, you can turn it from left to right, tilt it up and down, and even turn it around, so it becomes a 9:16 screen instead of 16:9. This can be handy for working on long documents.
      The screen can also be adjusted in height. It can go up very high, mostly because it has to get high enough so that it can turn 90 degrees. It is great to be able to adjust the monitor exactly the way you want, and you can with this monitor.

      The amount of connections on the back is amazing. You got DVI, VGA, HDMI and a 3,5 inch jack. You can switch between all of these connections easily with the press of a button. I hooked up my PC and my Xbox360 and turned everything on. Colours were really vibrant and beautiful on both the PC and Xbox360, both with stock colour settings. Watching movies and playing games on both systems was a blast, even when it is dark in the game or movie, you can still distinguish little details, due to the dynamic contrast this monitor has.
      The monitor has built-in speakers, but these are of very mediocre quality. I didn't expect any better, most LCD monitors don't even have speakers at all!

      This monitor consistently shows a good quality picture. I would recommend this screen to anyone, it has great adjustability, good picture quality and plenty of connections. The 16:9 aspect ratio is very nice for movies, but it is also the recommended aspect ratio for most games. I really can't think of any bad things about this monitor, maybe the bezel around the screen could have been a bit smaller, but that's it. If you don't need the newest LED monitor, this can be the monitor for you!


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