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Philips Brilliance 170B2M

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2003 06:01
      Very helpful



      So we've decided it's time to go with Flat panel LCD monitors. We have a small home business with three people/ and three PCs in the main office. Before we switched to LCD monitors, all day long, we are baked by three big 17" CRT monitors-- results are that I am easily fatigued, usually feeling the eye sore and tireness every time just about after one hour of staring at the monitors. I did some research online and found that this is a common syndrome for many pc users, that the CRT monitors do eminate "lots" of radiation, while the LCD counterparts do not, or emits very little to none. So in hope that we can feel better and healthier when we work, I bought the Phillips 170 B2 flat panel monitor. The only doubt that I had before purchase was that I've heard rumors that LCD monitors do not show the color and graphics correctly, and one of us is a web design graphic artist, so the quality of pictures is, of course, very important to us.... The results? excellent. Besides the little space that it takes on our desks, and the cool looks, we can work longer without getting tired so quickly !!! Being quite sensitive people, we can all feel, now in this room, with the 3 LCD monitors instead of the big 3 CRT monitors, much less radiation and heat, we are more relaxed, brains think and function better. And the color and contrast from the Phillips monitors are very good, we can not really detect the graphics differences between the LCD and the CRT monitors--- guess technology is improving! To summarize: some of the advantages · Smaller volume size · Less eyestrain · Less power consumption than comparably-sized CRT counterparts · Less heat generation · Lighter weight · Negligible emission of harmful radiation · Improved contrast Other Benefits In addition to the obvious energy and monetary savings that can be obtained through the purchase of an LCD monitor, th
      ere are additional benefits that are not so apparent at first glance. These include: · Less monitor heat generation-meaning lower air-conditioning bills in the summer months. · Less monitor bulk-meaning more desk space is left clear. For an office or business, this means more room for additional staff or storage. So I would definitely recommending anyone who spend a long time in front of computers-- upgrading to the LCD type monitors. Phillips are good ones.


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