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Philips 190S7FG

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2008 17:03
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      As all us girls will tell you.... Size DOES matter (sorry guys)

      The Philips 190s7fg monitor came into my life on the 22nd of February 2007 and has just amazed me since. I always thought it didn't really matter which monitor you viewed your work or played your games on as long as it was big enough to see clearly, how wrong I was. Clearer images, faster response times and just simple good looks make this monitor well over 100 times better than my old dell tft.

      Philips design and build make this monitor look as good as it actually is, it performs brilliantly in every task I have thrown its way and just sits on my computer desk as a centre point of all conversations since I bought it. There isn't a person who has visited my home that hasn't commented on its size or its sleek looks. Ok I think you get the idea that I am impressed by it so I guess I should attempt to tell you why.

      The main specs

      Display size: 19" TFT Display
      Chassis: Ivory, Slim Format
      Resolution: 1280 x 1024
      Brightness: 300 cd/m2
      Contrast ratio: 700:1
      Refresh speed: 8 ms
      Input signal: Analogue / DVI
      Built-in power supply
      This monitor will work on windows platforms windows 98 and above.

      My uses and opinions.

      I mainly use my pc for work which includes a bit of web design, some writing and a lot of graph and spreadsheet work. For these tasks I guess any monitor could cope easily but not all could give me the clear precise images and the superfast response time of this one.

      Another use I have for my pc is one we all have I am sure, the simple act of browsing the web. Until I got my hands on this 19 inch monitor I honestly didn't realise just how bright and attractive some websites actually are. The fact that you can see the whole page in Chrystal clear colour rather than having to scroll to the side as I did with my 15 inch dell monitor which didn't display the colours nearly as well really makes a big difference. I also find that when I was viewing pages with video ads and the likes on my old dell monitor they could be very pixelated but no longer do I suffer that with this Philips monitor which I guess is again down to response time although I am no expert.

      Quite often especially during the football season my other half takes over the TV leaving me to watch TV or DVD's on my pc which up until now wasn't nearly as good as the TV itself however with this 19 inch monitor I no longer mind it as the screen is clearly big enough to enjoy the programme or DVD I am watching and the picture is nearly as good as the one I get from my 42 inch lcd Sony TV which really is saying something.

      On to probably my lowest use of my pc but still something I enjoy when I have the time, gaming. I only game on my pc maybe once or twice a week but now my gaming experiences have improved leaps and bounds with the new monitor. Believe it or not one of my favourite pc games is snooker, very relaxing and enjoyable but with my old monitor it sometimes looked like the balls were square and they even seemed to stop rolling at times, I put this down to the game having poor graphics I now know that it was in fact my poor monitor as all those problems have gone.

      To summarise.

      Over all I would have to say at the very low price of just £130 this was a great buy for me and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. It comes with a very useful manual, is so easy to install an idiot could do it (and he did) don't tell him I said that. Add that to the three years manufacturers warranty and I am sure you will agree you are on to a winner. This monitor can be found in many places both on line and on the high street and the price doesn't actually vary all that much. I bought mine from www.laptopsdirect.co.uk who I believe still have them in stock and they are a little cheaper still than what I paid.

      Thank you all for making your way through another of my reviews.

      ©2008 lynseyb


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