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Samsung S22C300HS LED Monitor

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    1 Review
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      07.12.2013 13:50
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      Nearly perfect...

      To go with my recently purchased new Desktop Computer I found myself in need of a new monitor. It wasn't my intention to buy a new one, my HP monitor was fine - or so I thought, but typically for me it threw a tantrum and refused to turn on once I connected it all up so it was quickly despatched to Appliance Heaven and a replacement was sought.

      I didn't want anything too expensive, monitor wise, as long as it had a decent size screen, was able to be connected to my new computer and would actually *work* then that was fine with me. I already have speakers so didn't need anything that had them included and ideally didn't want to spend more than £100.00. This Samsung monitor therefore caught my eye when I saw it on amazon, available at a reduced price of £94.99 from its original £124.99 price tag and having a choice of HDMI and VGA connectors it seemed perfect for my needs.

      With technology ever changing and advancing my new computer doesn't have a VGA monitor input instead it only offers HDMI and DVI - perfect for connecting to my large-screen TV in my living room but rather restrictive when looking at compatible monitors. Preferring to connect via HDMI given the fact I had a spare cable and didn't want to have to buy a DVI one this Samsung was able to be easily connected and I do have to admit that it's leagues ahead of my old HP monitor in terms of its picture display.

      Mine has a 21.5" visible screen, it's very thin in profile, has a glossy black outer frame and comes supplied with a stand. It's easy to put together, the upright part of the stand clicks into the back of the monitor and firmly into the base and once stood on a desk looks very appealing. I love how thin it is, it's very reminiscent of up-to-date televisions in appearance and it looks modern and stylish. The fingertip controls are located on the lower right hand side of the frame and are responsive to the touch allowing you to make whatever adjustments you want to the colour, brightness and contrast etc.

      This particular model has a "Samsung Magic Angle" function which when used allows you to clearly the screen wherever you might be - Samsung says that this allows you to see from different angles, you might be sitting at a low angle on the sofa for example or viewing the screen from above and it's supposed to allow you to clearly see what is on the display. As I generally view my monitor straight on from my chair when I'm sat at my desk I can't really comment on how effective this function is though I must admit it is very clear when viewed from the side or above so I would expect it to live up to its 'magic angle' claims.

      It isn't a complicated monitor to use, I switch mine on and off and pretty much leave its settings alone as the HDMI connection automatically adjusts my screen's resolution to its optimum best. It's incredibly clear benefiting from a 1920 x 1080 high definition display which is brilliant for watching television or films online and though it doesn't have internal speakers supplied I find that the ones I have really compliment the images displayed on-screen. It's a power-saving monitor, low wattage at only 25 watts and simply designed to be user-friendly and quietly efficient. It's quick to switch on, easy to turn off and has a good brand name so what's not to love? well, unfortunately there is just one minor niggle as far as I can see...

      It doesn't tilt. Amazon reviews says it does but I've tried many times to get mine to tilt back and it simply wont budge. This isn't a problem as such, there's no shadowing or blurriness when viewed from slightly above but I would have liked it to have tilted back a bit so that I could use it face on. I'm a tall bloke with long legs so sitting on a computer chair at a desk means that I sit quite high up, I find with this monitor that I'm looking down on it when typing or when using the internet and it's perhaps not as comfortable to view as it could be. I could of course raise the monitor a little from my desk but I don't really want to have to stand it on something when this 'problem' could have easily been rectified by a simple tilt-mechanism and I do think it's a shame that Samsung didn't incorporate this into the stand's design. As mentioned, some amazon reviewers say that it can be tilted but my stand is fixed upright so there are clear difference of opinions on this depending on what you read, it could be that there are different models available or a design change on older/newer models which happen to have the same model number - I can't say for certain but do maintain that this monitor doesn't tilt so do bear that in mind if it's one that's under consideration.

      Other than that minor complaint overall I'm very happy with mine, it is quite simply the best monitor I've ever owned with the clearest display and the nicest design. It fits in well in my home, doesn't look out of place on my desk and for less than £100.00 I think it has been a fantastic purchase that easily rivals the higher priced monitors that are available to buy. I do recommend the Samsung S22C300HS especially at the price that it's available for at the moment on amazon and although it doesn't get a perfect five star rating from me here it's still something that I rate very highly and would definitely say that it's one to consider should someone be looking for a new monitor that has a HDMI input connection.

      Four stars as a rating then, thanks for reading my review.


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