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Samsung Syncmaster 943NW

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2009 04:08
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      Samsung SyncMaster 943NW is an excellent monitor but be careful with its delicate LCD screen.

      Samsung SyncMaster 943NW

      About a year ago, my Cathode Ray Tube monitor just stopped functioning. I sent it to my computer technician. He eventually told me that it would take about 5 days for him to repair it if it can be repaired. And even if he could have it fixed, he couldn't assure me that I wouldn't be having problems with it in the future. He advised me to get a new one.
      Since I couldn't stand a few days without the internet, I went to the nearby computer shop to look for a computer monitor. This Samsung SyncMaster 943NW quickly caught my attention. I easily fell in love with the design. I loved its all-black color. Its very slim body is simply superb. After almost an hour of testing it, I took it home without having second thoughts.


      Super Slim

      I definitely love this slim Samsung SyncMaster 943NW. It stands very nicely on my computer table and makes the table so spacious. My old CRT monitor ate up a very big space of the table. This monitor looks really stylish and classy.

      Glossy Black Color

      Though survey says that black monitors are more staining to eyes than white or gray monitor, I still preferred to buy this one. I really don't sit long hours in front of computers for I have a day job. The point is, I simply fell in love with the design of this monitor.

      5ms fast response time

      My old monitor just went blurry when I watch fast-paced videos. A video of a little girl swinging or a car running so fast can be blurry in my old monitor. But with Samsung SyncMaster 943NW, I can view those motions clearly . Everybody loves this feature in a monitor.


      When I was still using my old CRT monitor, there's a 'magnet-like' feel on my hand when I touched the screen after an hour of use (you can try touching your monitor screen now if you are currently using CRT monitor). However with Samsung SyncMaster 943NW, I get zero 'magnet-like' feel and that makes me personally feel that it is really safe to use this monitor.

      Crystal-clear images

      Samsung SyncMaster 943NW provides superior-quality images with its 8000:1 contrast ratio . Bright images appear to be awesomely brighter and dark images appear darker. This feature is excellent especially for gamers. I love viewing the full and rich color of 3D images with it. I can easily spot the details of the images with this monitor.

      Though Samsung SyncMaster 943NW monitor has a superior quality, precaution must be observed when using this one. When I tried to clean the screen with my index finger, the color had this 'bleeding' effect around the pressure-point where I put my finger. The bleeding went off quickly as soon as I removed my finger. It was just a light pressure from my finger, I swear. That made me realize that this screen is very vulnerable to damage when in contact with sharp objects (Oh, I forgot it is an LCD monitor).
      I have a toddler in my house. So even when radiation is not an issue with this monitor and it is not really necessary to put glass protector for the eyes on this one, I still put a protector glass on it; not to protect my eyes but to protect the monitor itself from possible damage. I guess I just have to hide the beauty of this monitor for now with a glass cover and remove it when my toddler grows older.

      To sum it all up, Samsung SyncMaster 943NW is an excellent monitor when it comes to its features. It puts my old Cathode Ray Tube monitor to shame. I have been using this monitor for a year now and I never have even a single problem with it. Just be careful that the LCD screen won't get in contact with sharp objects.

      (also posted in ciao.co.uk)


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