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Samsung Syncmaster BX2235 LED

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2011 17:49
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      A very cheap buy for what you are getting, defiantly worth a look

      I got this monitor a few months ago to act as a second monitor to my iMac, and was looking for something that would be around the same monitor shape so that I could get a dual 1920x1080 display setup. This monitor fitted the bill perfectly and fits in really nicely sitting beside the existing iMac.

      Its a very nice looking monitor which is black/brown in colour, the base station is a very nice shape and supports the monitor really well. It is also very easy to attach, firstly clipping into place and then securely screwing together.

      It is packaged very well, with clear plastic over the entire thing, and also a large amount of polystyrene to protect it during transport.

      Connectivity-wise, it isn't the best - but if you know exactly what it is that you are going to use it for then this wont be a problem. This particular model only comes with a DVI port, however there are other models that come with either VGA or HDMI (and also a model that comes with all of them). In my case, a single DVI port was perfect as this allows the full 1920x1080 resolution to be used by both my iMac and MacBook Pro.

      The menu system for the monitor is very indepth and lets you change the standard brightness/contrast etc. however, it also come with several 'eco' features that like to adjust brightness dependant on what you tell it you are doing. This may be handy for people that want to be energy conscious with their computer, however - as I was using this as a second monitor, I wanted it to look as close to the original display as possible so don't really play with these additional features.

      The model that I received also came with a DVI cable which was a nice surprise as these normally have to be bought separately. A further nice addition was the inclusion of a small cleaning cloth, I didn't think that I would use this as much as I do, but after realising that I have a tendency to touch monitor screens when I am working - it is another very welcome addition.

      Overall, I was very happy with this purchase, the 1920x1080 resolution looks really nice on this size of monitor - anything bigger and the pixels begin to look too large. The display is always very crisp and so far (touch wood) no dead pixels have appeared on it at all (amazing considering that there are over 2 million of them in total!). I would recommend this to anyone that is either looking for a replacement monitor for their existing setup or a second monitor to complement what they already have.


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