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Viewsonic VA2216w

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    3 Reviews
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      25.10.2009 18:42
      Very helpful


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      Stylish and big PC monitor for a very low price

      When my 19" widescreen Xerox PC monitor suddenly stopped working, I didn't hesitate to order a new and bigger screen to replace it. Before the Xerox LCD, I had owned a 17" Iiyama CRT and a 17" Neovo TFT LCD. I definitely prefer monitors that display rich colours, sharp images and have a large screen. I also think wide screens are a better design, in part due to my preference of stacking windows side to side and not on top of each other. Using 15" and smaller screens when I was younger, I was always impressed by 17" and 19" CRTs (which seemed huge to me before 2000). I like big screens but of course the price can increase steeply with the size variable.

      Looking through various online stores and at different models, I found the Viewsonic VA2216w on offer for about £110 including VAT. This seemed great value for a new 22" widescreen monitor, perhaps the quality would lack? Impressed by what what I'd seen, I ordered it promptly.

      Viewsonic are monitor specialists so one would imagine they make good quality products. Friends and family of mine are quality connoisseurs and prefer brands like Iiyama, Sony and perhaps Samsung, but I like to find the best mix of quality and price.

      Opening up the packaging, I was really impressed by the external design. The monitor is built with black and silver plastic and is quite thin and lightweight, the plastic border of the screen is narrow. The bezel stand is also black and is fairly sturdy yet inconspicuous, allowing up and down angle movement. I think the physical design looks great and is the best of any monitor I've owned, it also nicely matches the rest of my PC.

      Starting up the screen with my existing PC and windows installation and the handy 'auto-adjustment', I immediately thought the image looked very good, and loved the big screen size. As with most modern LCD screens, you will want to use the maximum resolution for all your applications, as it most suits the screen size and dimensions. In this case the fairly large 1680x1050, 16:10 aspect ratio, widescreen resolution. Continued examination lead me to think there is slight blurriness to the display, but this is very slight and not a bother. A more expensive monitor would surely bring a crisper image, but I'm happy with this compromise. The colour is quite rich, especially when I increase 'Digital Vibrance' under Nvidia 'Colour correction'. I like to do this to get richer shades of colour, but it might not be to everyone's taste. Another good thing is that there were no dead pixels on this monitor, when my Xerox had an annoying green pixel. Of course I can't guarantee others will be clear of dead pixels. Overall, I'm happy with the quality, in a way I thought it would be worse due to the almost dangerously low price!

      The specifications of importance are:
      Display area: 21.6 inch
      True resolution: 1680x1050
      Dynamic contrast ratio: 2000:1
      Brightness: 300 cd/m2
      Response time: 5ms
      Weight: 4.9kgs

      It is often recommended to ignore contrast ratio figures as they aren't standardised and the impressively high ones aren't visible to the human eye. Whatever the case may be, 1000:1 or higher should suffice for most people. Brightness in candela per square metre is actually to indicate how visible the screen is in bright conditions. It seems most monitors have 300 cd/m2, so this also seems fine. I think for monitors, the specifications alone don't give the true picture (literally and metaphorically!), and you need to see the image for yourself. There is also the slight annoyance of only VGA connectivity and not the newer DVI format. I use an adapter and it works fine, but be aware of this limitation.

      I just love playing games on a bigger monitor like this, you can see things further away, spotting details more easily and the whole experience is more immersive. I tend to play first-person shooters the most, and these are one of the most suited to a larger screen, allowing you to aim more precisely and see things more easily. I also now spend a lot of time multi-tasking in the way Windows was meant to be used, by having two windows side by side. Perhaps a Firefox window (on Dooyoo of course) on the right and Windows media player with a video playing on the left. This lets me be more productive and to just do more things, I recommend others try doing it! With a small monitor or resolution this is much less of an effective method.

      In the non-near future I would probably go for a 24" monitor of higher quality, but this is absolutely fine for my current use. I think that 24" is possibly the ultimate size for a desktop computer screen and any bigger would probably involve too much actual looking around and you would have to position yourself much further away.

      This is not the best monitor around for visual perfection, but the price is bordering on amazing. A great monitor for gaming or not, I highly recommend it.

      (review also at Ciao)


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        16.01.2009 15:16
        Very helpful


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        Excellent Montior and if you can get it for under £100 you have the best of everything.

        For years I have wanted a nice big flat screen monitor for my pc, I work from home on the same pc so I wanted something big that would be easy on the eyes as I found normal CRT monitors very sore after a few hour work.

        I found the VA2216w from ViewSonic on offer in PC world for an appealing £99.00 so popped along to my local store and had a look.
        (best price i can find it for is £104 from techbitsonline 27/02/09)

        Compared it to its big brother 24" monitor and to be honest I couldn't find any real reason to spend the extra £40 on the 2" bigger screen.

        Quality and resolution wise the 22" was excellent, the max resolution that the screen lets you run is 1680 x 1050 and that's what I run it at, this allows you to have 2 pages / windows open side by side, so if you are writing a letter and wanting to keep an eye on an auction or a movie you can watch both at the same time.
        Colour quality is excellent, picture quality and definition is also brilliant, and because it's a TFT screen there is no glare from lights / windows.

        I work on this pc for 15-18 hours a day and leave feeling tired but my eyes are not sore.

        Little spec on the monitor for those in the know.

        Video response time of 5ms
        contrast ratio of 2000:1
        brightness level of 300cd/m²
        22" Widescreen - 1680 x 1050 native resolution
        Integrated power supply
        Windows Vista approved
        ViewSonic Wizard included
        User-friendly Wizard software automates the setup process to deliver optimized screen performance.
        PC and Mac compatible
        TCO'03 and ENERGY STAR qualified

        Would highly recommend this screen for the gamer or general surfer, as its great at both.

        Full Specification can be found here

        Base Review from my ciao account, but i have expanded the review for dooyoo.


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        12.09.2008 20:25
        Very helpful


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        **** Viewsonic VA2216w****

        When i got my new computer it didn't come with a screen so instead of using the one that came with my old one (i say old but was about a year old)i decided to treat myself.

        The first place i looked was Tescos direct-as i figured with ecoupons ,staff discount and a few other offers being on that i would get a good deal and i think i did.

        This was very easy to set up ,just had to connect to the back of my computer and i was ready to go!!! It came with a quick start guide but i didn't need this as it was so easy.

        **First impressions**
        My first thought of this were good-this is an impressive 22 inch wide screen monitor ,which for a computer is perfect!!!It is also a flat screen so you can put it on the wall,or if its on a desk it wont take up much room.

        After using it for a while i can say that the graphics on this are excellence- nothing worse playing a game and the graphics aren't very good.Screen resolution is 1680 x 1050@60Hz which means nothing to me,but i have been told is good for the price.

        I paid about £90 for this and i think it is normally around £140.


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    • Product Details

      Boasting a dynamic contrast ratio of 2000:1, a high brightness level of 300cd/m² and fast video response time of 5ms, this large screen monitor displays sharp text and crystal-clear graphics with vivid colours. The native 16:10 aspect ratio lets you be more productive while working in multiple applications or viewing two documents side-by-side. The new eye-catching slim bezel design saves precious desktop real estate and affords every room an extra touch of style. The VA2216w is the perfect choice for education and government users, small and home office applications and those looking for a high-quality, good performance ratio widescreen LCD monitor.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: ViewSonic VA2216w - LCD monitor - 22"
      Device Type: LCD monitor - 22"
      Panel Type: TN
      Aspect Ratio: Widescreen - 16:10
      Native Resolution: 1680 x 1050
      Brightness: 300 cd/m2
      Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 / 2000:1 (dynamic)
      Response Time: 5 ms
      Colour Support: 16.7 million colours
      Input Connectors: VGA
      Display Position Adjustments: Tilt
      Screen Coating: Anti-glare
      Colour: Black
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 51 cm x 22.5 cm x 43.2 cm
      Weight: 5.1 kg
      Environmental Standards: ENERGY STAR Qualified
      Compliant Standards: TCO '03, FCC Class B certified, MPR II, UL, TUV GS, VCCI, C-Tick, BSMI, GOST, cUL, ISO 13406-2, NOM, SASO, CB, CCC, TUV Ergo, PSB, RoHS, WEEE